If you’re looking for a good robot vacuum, then both the Eufy 11S (Slim) and the DEEBOT 500 could be great choices for you. That’s why, in this guide, you’re going to learn about both of those robot vacuums and the features that they offer.

deebot 500 vs Eufy 11S

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Difference Between the Deebot 500 and Eufy 11S

Model Ecovacs Deebot 500 Eufy 11S
Suction Power 1000 Pa 1300 Pa
Сleaning Area 1292 ft2 1292 ft2
Dust Container 520 ml 600 ml
Barrier-cross Height 0.39 in 0.63 in
Noise 65 db 55 db
Battery Capacity 2600 mAH 2600 mAh
Run-time 110 min 100 min
Charging Time 240 min 300 min
Rated Power 25 W 15 W
App yes no
Weight 7.28 lbs 5.51 lbs
Width 12.99 in 12.99 in
Height 3.07 in 2.83 in
Release Jul, 2019 May 2018
Price Check here Check here

What Does The Eufy 11S (Slim) Offer?

Just as the name implies, the Eufy 11S is a very slim robot vacuum. It’s slim, lightweight, and it has a nice, simple design. This design allows you to use the robot vacuum with ease, and it allows the robot vacuum to move across your floors, without any issues or problems.

Eufy 11S (Slim) vs Deebot 500

Eufy 11s (Slim)

On a single charge, this robot vacuum gives you 100-minutes of battery-life. That’s a decent amount of battery-life, and due to the speed of this robot vacuum, that’s more than enough time to vacuum most houses.

While this vacuum is moving across your floors, it makes use of a 1300Pa motor to generate suction. This is a decent amount of suction power, but it isn’t ideal for most carpets and rugs. Instead, with the 1300Pa motor, this robot vacuum is able to vacuum on just about any hard floor.

While moving across those hard floors, it’s capable of vacuuming up the dirt and dust that is on those floors, as well as small pieces of debris.

Eufy 11S (Slim)

Eufy 11s (Slim)

There are various cleaning modes that you can choose from, while using this robot vacuum. These are cleaning modes such as Standard Mode and Max Mode, as well as Spot Clean Mode.

With Max Mode, you have access to more vacuuming power, which does allow you to clean on some carpets and rugs. And, with Spot Clean Mode, you’re able to direct the vacuum to clean in specific spots and areas.

To use this robot vacuum, you’ll be relying on a small remote control. With this remote control, you have access to all of the different cleaning modes that this robot vacuum offers, as well as a scheduling feature. This scheduling feature allows you to automate when the robot vacuum is vacuuming, and when it’s not.

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Ultimately, the Eufy 11S (Slim) is a very nice robot vacuum for simple and quick vacuuming. For vacuuming on carpets and rugs, this isn’t a very good robot vacuum, though. Instead, it’s great if you want convenience and simplicity.

Eufy 11S (Slim) Review

What Does The Deebot 500 Offer?

With the Deebot 500, you have a robot vacuum that is slightly larger than the Eufy 11S, yet more powerful and more elaborate in its features and systems.

Deebot 500 vs Eufy 11S (Slim)

Deebot 500

Ecovacs Deebot 500 Main Specs
Suction Power 1000 Pa
Сleaning Area 1292 ft2
Dust Container 520 ml
Battery Capacity 2600 mAH
Run-time 110 min
Charging Time 240 min
Noise 65 db
Weight 7.28 lbs
Height 3.07 in
Release Jul, 2019
Price Click here

On a single charge, this robot vacuum gives you 110-minutes of battery-life. Most of the time, that’s enough battery-life for a single vacuuming of your entire house. But, this is dependent on the size of your home.

While using this robot vacuum, you’ll have access to different cleaning modes and settings. These are cleaning modes and settings such as “Spot Clean Mode” and “Auto Mode”. With the different cleaning modes that you can use, you are able to tailor the overall vacuuming process to the vacuuming needs that you have.

As for the other settings that you have access to, there is a scheduling feature which allows you to determine when the robot vacuum is vacuuming, and when it’s not. And, you can tell the vacuum to turn on and off, no matter where you are.

Deebot 500

Deebot 500

This is because, unlike the previous robot vacuum, DEEBOT 500 has smartphone support. By using the smartphone app that Eufy has designed, you’re able to access all of those settings and features, no matter where you are. And, if you have an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device, you can use voice control for those same features!

As for the performance and efficiency of this robot vacuum, it’s great at vacuuming on hard floors and some rugs and carpets.

For thick rugs and carpets, it doesn’t work very well, because it isn’t able to brush the depths of those surfaces, or to conjure the suction that’s needed to loosen up the dirt, dust, and debris that is within those surfaces. But, for hard surfaces, it works very well and provides an easy and pleasant vacuuming experience.

Deebot 500 Review


Ultimately, the Eufy 11S (Slim) and DEEBOT 500 are both great robot vacuums. If you are looking for a simple and easy vacuuming experience, the Eufy 11S (Slim) is a great choice. But, if you want something that is a little more powerful, and a little more elaborate in its features, settings, and functionality, then the DEEBOT 500 is the best choice.

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