Dolphin Advantage Ultra Robotic Pool [Vacuum] Cleaner Review

For a good robotic pool cleaner, you cannot go wrong with Dolphin. That is why, in this review, you will learn all about the Dolphin Advantage Ultra Robotic Pool Cleaner.

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Fairly Affordable

Right away, you should know that most of the robotic pool cleaners Dolphin offers are quite expensive.

Just as the title of this section implies, though, this robotic pool cleaner is, actually, fairly affordable.

You won’t need to break the bank to purchase this device. You can, instead, spend a smaller amount of money, and receive a fantastic robotic pool cleaner that will work wonders for your pool cleaning needs.

Meant For Smaller Pools

You can use this robotic pool cleaner to clean pools that are either in-ground or above-ground.

Regardless of what type of pool you own, this robotic pool cleaner can clean your pool.

Of course, there is a size limit. And, this size limit prevents the robotic pool cleaner from cleaning pools that are beyond a certain size.

The size limit, in question, is 33 square-feet.

So, if your swimming pool is larger than 33 square-feet, in total size, then this robotic pool cleaner is not a good choice.

If your robotic pool cleaner is, however, smaller than 33 square-feet, then this robotic pool cleaner is a good choice.

Unique Scheduling System

The remote control this device comes with gives you a couple of useful settings.

One of the most useful settings is a unique scheduling system.

You can use this scheduling system to determine just how often/frequently your swimming pool is cleaned with this device.

You can set the pool cleaner to clean your pool every single day.

You can set the pool cleaner to clean your pool every other day.

You can set the pool cleaner to clean your pool every third day.

Regardless of what you choose, the pool cleaner will perform a thorough and efficient cleaning. That way, there’s no dirt, gunk, or grime on the various surfaces within your pool.

A Fast Pool Cleaning

The Dolphin Advantage Ultra Robotic Pool Cleaner can clean your swimming pool in just two-hours.

For a robotic pool cleaner, that’s a fantastic speed.

You can activate the pool cleaner, and in just two-hours, the entirety of your pool will be as clean as it can possibly be.

For those who swim a lot, in their own swimming pool, this is a feature to be aware of, since it ensures you can swim regularly, with ease.

Strong Suction & Scrubbing

To clean the floors and walls within your swimming pool, this robotic pool cleaner relies on a strong suction system, as well as a strong set of scrubbing brushes.

Both of these systems work together, to thoroughly remove dirt, gunk, and grime from the various spaces and surfaces within your swimming pool.

By the time the pool cleaning process is finished, you can swim in your pool freely, without any need to worry about what you’re breathing in or swimming within.

A Useful Filter

Every single bit of dirt, gunk, and grime this robotic pool cleaner removes flows into a large filter basket.

You can take this filter basket out of the robotic pool cleaner with ease.

Once you do so, you can then empty its contents into the garbage.

After that, just attach the basket to the robotic pool cleaner. And, well, that’s it!

The simple nature of this filter makes the pool cleaning process easy, and ensures that you can clear the filter without any problems.

Conclusion: A Fantastic Robotic Pool Cleaner

In the end, if you need a fantastic robotic pool cleaner, the Dolphin Advantage Ultra Robotic Pool Cleaner is a wonderful choice.

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