Coredy Robot Vacuum Review (R650)

If you’re looking for a good robot vacuum, you can’t go wrong with the Coredy R650! That’s why, in this review, you’re going to learn all about what it offers!

Coredy Robot Vacuum Review (R650)

When you take a look at this robot vacuum, you’ll notice that it looks not unlike most other robot vacuums. This is because the design isn’t emphasizing aesthetics or uniqueness, instead, it emphasizes practicality and usability. As a result of this, the design is simple and easy-to-understand, if not particularly memorable.

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To use this robot vacuum, you’ll be relying on a remote control. Using this remote control, you have access to a variety of different settings and features, all of which allow you to control this robot vacuum, and to tailor the vacuuming experience to the exact needs that you have.

When using the remote, you’re able to create a custom schedule for the robot vacuum. This allows you to determine when the robot vacuum is vacuuming, and when it’s not. That way, you can automate the entire vacuuming process.

Coredy Robot Vacuum
Coredy R650

On the remote control, you also have access to the different vacuuming modes – Spot Mode, to give you one example – and an arrow-pad. Using this arrow-pad, you are able to take direct control of the robot vacuum, and by doing this, you are then able to directly maneuver the robot vacuum towards where it needs to be, and what it needs to vacuum.

This is very useful if the robot vacuum is missing areas that you need vacuumed.

While using this robot vacuum, you’ll notice that the vacuum cleaner makes very little noise. This is one of the most notable features of this robot vacuum, as there are plenty of other robot vacuums that make a lot more noise.

As the robot vacuum moves across your home, you won’t be bothered by the sounds that emanate from its motor and suction pathway.

Coredy R650 Robot Vacuum
Coredy R650

What’s really nice about the suction power that this robot vacuum offers is the fact that it uses something known as “Intelligent-Boost Technology”, which is a really interesting technology that allows you to automate the vacuuming process even further.

Using Intelligent-Boost Technology, this robot vacuum is able to detect when it moves onto a carpet/rug. And then, when it detects that, it adjusts the amount of suction that it is using, so that it’s using the suction power that it needs to vacuum on that carpet.

As for the suction power that this robot vacuum offers, it offers 1600Pa of suction power. This is quite a bit of suction power, and it allows this robot vacuum to vacuum on hard floors, as well as soft floors.

Coredy Robot Vacuum)
Coredy R650

Using the suction power that this robot vacuum offers, you’re able to vacuum up dirt, dust, and debris. This dirt, dust, and debris can be found on hard and soft floors. But, it’s important to note that for thick carpets and rugs, this isn’t the ideal robot vacuum.

The reason for this is because the motor isn’t strong enough to remove the dirt and dust that’s lodged within the depths of that carpet.

To aid in the vacuuming process, there’s a very nice brush system that consists of a main brush, and several side brushes. What the side brushes do, is they remove all of the dirt, dust, and debris that is to the side of the vacuum cleaner.

It pushes all of that dirt, dust, and debris into the suction pathway of the vacuum, where it’s sucked into the vacuum. The main brush does that, too, but it removes what’s right underneath the vacuum cleaner.

Coredy Robot Vacuum R650
Coredy R650

What sets this robotic vacuum apart from many others, is the fact that it comes with magnetic boundary strips. These magnetic boundary strips can be laid out in front of doors and other spaces, and the strip tells the robot vacuum not to cross.

That way, you are able to control where the robot vacuum goes and what it cleans, and where it doesn’t go and what it doesn’t clean. This is one of the coolest features that this robot vacuum offers, and you won’t find many other robot vacuums at this price-point that offer that feature.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Overview

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If you are looking for a robot vacuum that is affordable, feature-rich, and very efficient, then the Coredy R650 Robot Vacuum is a wonderful choice! It’s a very inexpensive robot vacuum, yet for the price that you pay, it gives you plenty of power, efficiency, and a bunch of awesome features!

Coredy Robot Vacuum Review (R650)

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