Coredy Robot Vacuum Review (R500+)

Coredy is an excellent robot vacuum manufacturer that has put together some great robot vacuums. That’s why, in this review, we’re going to be taking a look at the Coredy R500+ Robot Vacuum, and what it has to offer.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Review

To start off, you’ll notice that this robot vacuum has a clean and elegant design. For the price you pay, this robot vacuum has a surprisingly excellent design that looks nice, and feels nice.

On the top of the robot vacuum, there is a power button, and a button that sends the robot vacuum back to the charging bay. These two buttons are useful and nice to have, because they give you easy access to two very useful modes that this robot vacuum offers.

To use this robot vacuum, you’ll be relying on a remote control, rather than just those two buttons.

Coredy Robot Vacuum
Coredy R500+

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With the remote control that Coredy has provided, you have access to all of the different features and settings that this robot vacuum offers.

These are features and settings such as being able to turn the robot vacuum on and off, telling the robot vacuum to go back to the charging bay, and being able to change the cleaning mode and creating a custom schedule for the robot vacuum.

What’s nice about being able to create a custom schedule is the fact that it allows you to determine when, exactly, the robot vacuum is on and running, and when it’s not. If you want the robot vacuum to turn on at three o’clock in the afternoon, and to stop running at four o’clock in the afternoon, then you can do that.

By using this feature, you’re able to automate much of the vacuuming process, so that you no longer have to directly use and engage with the robot vacuum.

Coredy R500+ Robot Vacuum
Coredy R500+

As for the different cleaning modes that you have access to, there are four different modes. And, all four of these modes serve different purposes and functions, but they all work very well and are great for specific types of vacuuming.

Most of the time, you’ll be using “Auto Mode”, which is when the robot vacuum moves across your floors and determines where it needs to go and how it needs to get there. This is the easiest vacuum mode to use, and you’ll probably be using it the most.

Then, there’s “Edge Mode” and “Spot Mode”. These are both very useful modes, because they clean specific areas. With “Edge Mode”, the robot vacuum targets the edges that are within your home, such as the edges of walls.

Coredy R500+ Robot Vacuum Review
Coredy R500+

With “Spot Mode”, the robot vacuum targets a specific spot on the floor and vacuums it extra thoroughly.

The final vacuuming mode that you can use is that of “Low Noise Mode”. Low Noise Mode is less powerful than the other vacuuming modes, but as the name implies, it makes less noise.

This is great if you just need a quick and light vacuuming session.

Each one of those modes works very well, but they wouldn’t be very useful if the motor didn’t offer adequate suction power. But, fortunately, the motor offers more than enough suction power for most vacuuming.

On hard floors, this robot vacuum works very well and is great for vacuuming up dirt and dust, as well as things like food crumbs and other small pieces of debris. If that is what you’re going to be using this robot vacuum for, then this is an excellent robot vacuum for you.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Review (R500+)
Coredy R500+

Here’s the thing, though, it doesn’t work very well on soft floors. Much of this is due to the 1400Pa motor, which isn’t very powerful. While vacuuming on soft floors – such as rugs and carpets – the robot vacuum isn’t very good at removing the dirt and dust that is contained within those thick surfaces.

This is because the dirt and dust is often buried deep within those surfaces, and the suction power isn’t always adequate for removing those things.

What must be said, though, is that on thin carpets and rugs, this robot vacuum does work fairly well. So, if you have hard floors and thin soft floors, this is a great robot vacuum!

Coredy Robot Vacuum
Coredy R500+

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In the end, the Coredy R500+ Robot Vacuum is a very nice robot vacuum. It’s affordable, easy-to-use, and it offers more than enough power for basic vacuuming.

If you want something that is more powerful and efficient, then this may not be the right robot vacuum for you.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Review (R500+)

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