Coredy Robot Vacuum Review (R3500S)

If you’re looking for a good robot vacuum, the Coredy R3500S Robot Vacuum might just be the one for you! In this review, you’re going to learn all about what it offers, and how it works.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Review (R3500S)

When it comes to the design of this robot vacuum, it has a clean color scheme, and a very simple lay-out. This design and lay-out allows you to understand all of the features and settings that this robot vacuum offers, so that you’re able to use this robot vacuum without any problems or issues.

To use this robot vacuum, you have two choices. You can use a remote control, or you can use a Smart Device. Most people will use a Smart Device, because it’s more convenient and it gives you access to the robot vacuum at all times; but with the remote, you must be within a certain radius of the robot vacuum to access its features.

As for the Smart Devices that this robot vacuum supports, you can use your smartphone, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you’re able to command the vacuum cleaner using your voice, which is a very nice and convenient feature. But, if you’re using your smartphone, you have immediate access to all of the settings and features, laid out on the app’s screen.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Review
Coredy R3500S

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On the application – or any other device – you have access to a variety of different features and settings. One of the most useful settings is simply being able to adjust the cleaning mode that you’re using.

You’re also able to tell the robot vacuum to recharge, to turn on a feature that allows you to find the robot vacuum if it’s lost, to create a custom schedule for the vacuum, and to directly control the robot vacuum. That last feature is very useful if the robot vacuum is missing certain spots and areas, while moving across your home.

There are three different cleaning modes that you have access to. More often than not, you’ll probably be using “Auto Mode”, which is the mode that allows the robot vacuum cleaner to detect where it is, and where it needs to go, so that it can vacuum the entirety of your home.

The other two cleaning modes are “Spot Mode”, and “Edge Mode”. With Spot Mode, the robot vacuum focuses on one particular spot in your home, and vacuums that spot thoroughly. This is a very useful mode if there’s one particular spot in your home that is really dirty.

Coredy Robot Vacuum
Coredy R3500S

Edge Mode is used to vacuum across the edges of your home, which usually consists of the edges that are along the walls and furniture within your home.

With the suction power that this robot vacuum offers – 1700Pa – you’re able to vacuum on any hard surface, and most soft surfaces. These are hard surfaces such as hardwood floors – to name one example – and soft surfaces like carpets and rugs. But, the thicker the rug/carpet is, the harder it’s going to be for this robot vacuum to thoroughly clean.

What is really nice about this robot vacuum is the fact that it’s capable of detecting when it has moved onto a thicker surface. If it moves from a hardwood floor to a carpet, it detects this. And then, when it detects that movement, it adjusts the amount of suction that it is using.

Coredy  R3500S Robot Vacuum Review
Coredy R3500S

That way, you don’t have to manually adjust the suction, instead, the vacuum does that for you.

One of the coolest features of this robot vacuum is the fact that it includes Boundary Strips. Boundary Strips are a unique tool that allow you to determine where the robot vacuum isn’t able to cross.

You can set one of the included Boundary Strips in front of a doorway or some other space, and it will emit a magnetic signal that tells the robot vacuum not to cross that Boundary Strip, and to go somewhere else. That way, if you want the robot vacuum to stay out of a room or space, or to stay within a particular area or space, it will do just that.

Coredy  R3500S Robot Vacuum
Coredy R3500S

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In the end, if you’re looking for an excellent robot vacuum that allows you to easily automate the vacuuming of your home, then the Coredy R3500S Robot Vacuum is a fantastic choice! It’s very affordable, super easy to use, and offers a plethora of great features and design traits! But, it isn’t that great for vacuuming on carpets, so make sure to keep that in mind.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Review (R3500S)

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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