If you are looking for a good robot vacuum that comes with plenty of great features, but doesn’t cost too much, you’re at the right place!

Coredy R700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

In this review, you are going to be learning about the Coredy R700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. You are going to learn about the features and attributes that it offers, and what makes this robot vacuum great!

To use this robot vacuum, you have a couple of choices. You can use your smartphone, or you can use a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device. Each one of those choices works very well, and provides a very enjoyable and easy experience.

If you are using your smartphone, you have instant access to the features and settings of the robot vacuum, at all times. But, with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa devices, you can use your voice to command the robot vacuum.

Regardless of which device you use, you have access to a couple of very useful features. One of these features is that of being able to control and direct the robot vacuum to wherever you want it to go.

So, if you want it to move into your kitchen and to vacuum one very specific spot in your kitchen, you can do that! Or, if you want the robot vacuum to go underneath your couch, you can do that, too.

Coredy R700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

You also have access to features that allow you to create a custom schedule for the robot vacuum, and to adjust the cleaning mode. None of those features are particularly unique, but they do come in handy and they give you control over the vacuum, and how you use it. That way, you have complete control over the vacuuming process, and all that it entails.

When the robot vacuum is, well, vacuuming, it makes use of 1600Pa of suction power. For a robot vacuum, that’s a decent amount of suction power, and it can handle most surfaces.

Hard floors are very easy for this robot vacuum to clean up, and so are thin rugs and carpets. But, for especially thick rugs and carpets, this robot vacuum won’t do as well, simply because the suction power isn’t enough to loosen up the dirt, dust, and debris within those dense surfaces.

Used in conjunction with the suction, there is a simple brush system. What this brush system does, is it loosens up everything that it comes into contact with.

So, if there is dirt or dust underneath the vacuum, or right by, it uses the brush to loosen that stuff up. Then, it can be pushed into the suction pathway, which is underneath the vacuum, where it’s sucked into the vacuum and put into the dustbin.

Once the vacuuming process has finished, you can go and take the dustbin from out of the vacuum. Then, just take the dustbin over to your trash bin and dump all of its contents out. That’s all you need to do.

Overall, the vacuuming experience is very easy, thanks to the different features you have access to, as well as the excellent brush system and suction power. Those are essential components of any vacuum, and this robot vacuum makes great use of them. But, there is one another feature that truly makes this robot vacuum stand out.

In the box, you’ll notice that there are two small devices that have been included. These devices are known as “Virtual Boundaries”. Virtual Boundaries are useful devices that allow you to close off certain spaces and areas. You just need to set up the device, and it emits a signal that tells the robot vacuum to go back.

If you would like the robot vacuum to stay outside of your bedroom, then you can set up the Virtual Boundary and the Virtual Boundary will tell the robot vacuum to stay out of your bedroom.

Or, if you want the robot vacuum to stay in your bedroom, for a more thorough vacuuming, then you can set up the Virtual Boundary. It’s an incredibly useful tool that gives you more control over the vacuuming process.

Coredy R700

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Ultimately, the Coredy R700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent robot vacuum. What makes it excellent is the efficiency that it gives you, as well as the convenience and affordability.

Plus, it comes with two Virtual Boundaries, which are excellent tools that make the vacuuming process so much easier, and so much more precise.

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