For a good commercial dehumidifier, you can’t go wrong with COLZER. In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at the COLZER 140 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier, and what makes it such a great commercial dehumidifier.

COLZER 140 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier Review

To start off, this is a commercial dehumidifier. And, what this means is that this dehumidifier doesn’t offer many of the same specifications and features that a traditional dehumidifier you would use in your home offers.

Instead, it offers features that are far more advanced than that, because it’s designed for more intensive dehumidification. So, as such, this may not be a good dehumidifier for you if you aren’t in need of some very powerful dehumidification technology.

As the name implies, using this dehumidifier, you’re able to dehumidify 140-pints of moisture from your air, within a single day. That is a great deal of moisture, and being able to remove that much moisture in a single day ensures that almost any space you use this dehumidifier in, will be free of humidity.

Every dehumidifier has something known as a “Maximum Area Coverage”. And, what a Maximum Area Coverage is, is an amount of space that a dehumidifier is capable of dehumidifying.

COLZER 140 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier

There are some dehumidifiers that are only capable of dehumidifying 450-square-feet, for example.

With this dehumidifier, you’re able to dehumidify 6,000 square-feet. That is a lot of space, and what this means is that this dehumidifier is capable of dehumidifying really large spaces, and due to the 140-pints-a-day dehumidification speed, it’s capable of dehumidifying those spaces in a very quick and efficient manner.

It is this power and efficiency that defines this dehumidifier. This is an exceptional dehumidifier that is excellent for people who are looking for something that is genuinely very powerful, very efficient, and very useful, when it comes to dehumidification of all sorts.

In order for you to use this dehumidifier, there are various features and mechanisms that you will have to rely on. These are simple features and mechanisms that allow you to use this dehumidifier, and to access all of what it offers.

On the top of the dehumidifier, there is the control panel. Using this control panel, you have access to all of the different features and settings that this dehumidifier offers.

COLZER 140 Pints

You’re able to choose the amount of time that the dehumidifier runs for, and when it turns off, and you can also set the speed of the fan, which allows you to determine how fast the dehumidifier runs and how much air is sucked into the dehumidifier.

Those are just two of the features that are on this control panel. There are other features, too, such as different dehumidification modes.

What’s really cool, though, is the fact that you’re able to determine the exact humidity percentage of the space that you’re in.

If you want to remove fifty-percent of the humidity that’s in your space, then you can set that on the humidity percentage read-out. Or, alternatively, if you want to remove ninety-percent of the humidity that’s in the space, then you can do that, too.

You have complete control over the amount of humidity that is within the space that is being dehumidified, which is exceptionally useful, especially if you have specific humidity needs.

All of the dehumidified moisture goes into one of two places. It either goes into a moisture tank, which is on the bottom of this dehumidifier, or it flows into a water line. If you rely on the moisture tank, you’ll have to empty the tank out on a fairly regular basis.

COLZER Dehumidifier Review

This is because the moisture tank can only hold around 17-pints of moisture. But, alternatively, if you use the water line, then all of that moisture flows through the line and into a pipe or a faucet or wherever the line is connected to.

Because of that, if you are looking for convenience, then using the water line is definitely the ideal choice.

While all of those features are excellent, part of what makes this dehumidifier very nice is the fact that it has an excellent design.

It’s an aesthetically pleasing design that looks good, is simple and easy to use and understand, and it lends the dehumidifier a sense of elegance!


In the end, the COLZER 140 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier is an exceptional dehumidifier that offers power, efficiency, and convenience.

It’s very expensive and since it’s a commercial dehumidifier, it may not be ideal for you if you don’t need the power and functionality that it offers.

COLZER 140 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier Review

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