BlueDri vs Dri-Eaz Commercial Dehumidifier Comparison

In this guide, we’re going to be looking at the BlueDri Industrial Commercial Dehumidifier, and then the Dri-Eaz 1200 Commercial Dehumidifier. You are going to learn all about what these two commercial dehumidifiers have to offer, and which one of them is the right one for you!

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What Does The BlueDri Industrial Commercial Dehumidifier Offer?

The BlueDri Industrial Commercial Dehumidifier is a unit that, as the name suggests, is designed for industrial purposes.

BlueDri Industrial Commercial Dehumidifier
BlueDri BD-BD-130-BL

While you can certainly use this dehumidifier for more residential purposes, such as dehumidifying a bedroom or an office, it has been designed for industrial purposes.

These industrial purposes are things like dehumidifying large basements and underground work sites where there is a lot of humidity that needs to be removed in as short a period of time as possible. Due to the power and efficiency that this commercial dehumidifier offers, it’s more than capable of doing just that.

With this dehumidifier, you are able to dehumidify a space that is up to 4,000 square-feet. That is a lot of space, and because of this, you are able to use this commercial dehumidifier in nearly any basement or work site.

In the span of twenty-four-hours, this dehumidifier can remove up to 225 pints of moisture from a space that is, as mentioned, up to 4,000 square-feet.

That is a lot of moisture in a very short period of time, and it is this speed and efficiency that serves as one of the defining characteristics of this dehumidifier.

While this dehumidifier is rather heavy, the design is simple and easy enough to understand and use. BlueDri has included all of the different tools and features that you need to set it up, including a water pump that allows for the dehumidified moisture to flow out of the dehumidifier.

That way, there won’t be a challenge when setting this dehumidifier up.

What is really nice about this dehumidifier is the fact that the design is incredibly strong and very sturdy. This is a durable dehumidifier that will last you a long time. And, because of that, it’s a great tool to use in work sites where things are less stable and where durability is a necessity.

Ultimately, if you are on the market for a good, high-quality dehumidifier that offers durability, convenience, and power, then the BlueDri Industrial Commercial Dehumidifier is excellent!

BlueDri Dehumidifier

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What Does The Dri-Eaz 1200 Commercial Dehumidifier Offer?

From a design standpoint, the Dri-Eaz 1200 Commercial Dehumidifier looks, and feels, a lot like the BlueDri Industrial Commercial Dehumidifier.

Much of that is because they’re both designed for the same general purposes – that of dehumidifying incredibly humid spaces. And, because of this, both of these dehumidifiers are excellent for intensive dehumidifying.

Dri-Eaz 1200 Commercial Dehumidifier

With this commercial dehumidifier, you are able to dehumidify spaces that are up to 12,000 cubic-feet. That is only around 525 square-feet, which is considerably less than the previous dehumidifier. But, that’s because this dehumidifier is designed for smaller work spaces where there is a great deal of humidity packed within one, compact area.

While this dehumidifier is running, it’s capable of removing a total of eighteen gallons of moisture, from a space that is 525 square-feet, in just twenty-four-hours. Eighteen gallons is, when converted, 144 pints. That is a lot of moisture, especially from a space of that size, in a very short period of time.

As for the design of this dehumidifier, it’s incredibly durable and very strong. This dehumidifier is capable of sustaining some very low temperatures, thanks to its reliance on Hot-Gas Bypass, which allows the dehumidifier to defrost itself.

Along with that, the overall design is made of sturdy and durable materials, which allows it to last for many years, without suffering any genuine issues.

Dri-Eaz 1200 Commercial Dehumidifier review

Unlike the previous dehumidifier, this dehumidifier is designed for smaller spaces. These are spaces such as small basements and even crawlspaces. It isn’t, as mentioned, ideal for dehumidifying particularly large spaces, but it’s incredibly useful for dehumidifying smaller spaces that are filled with humidity.

To aid in making the overall dehumidification experience easier, the design is both compact and very simple. Dri-Eaz includes all of the tools and attachments that you need to properly set up the dehumidifier, and each of the features and settings are clearly outlined and delineated on the dehumidifier.

In the end, if you are looking for a dehumidifier that offers a great deal of power and efficiency, and is very useful in small areas, then the Dri-Eaz 1200 Commercial Dehumidifier is an exceptional purchase!

Dri-Eaz 1200 Commercial Dehumidifier

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