Upright vacuums have been some of the most powerful vacuum cleaners on the market, for a long time. This is because they were some of the first vacuum cleaners available, and since then, they’ve improved and developed in a variety of new and powerful directions.

Black+Decker BDASL202 Review

While there are plenty of great upright vacuums available, a lot of people find that most upright vacuums are a little too bulky for their purposes. Sure, they’re powerful vacuums, and incredibly affordable, but just a little too big. So, instead of purchasing a decent upright vacuum, people end up purchasing a different kind of vacuum, one that doesn’t deliver the power that they need.

In this buying guide, you’re going to learn about two upright vacuums. These two upright vacuums are the Black+Decker BDASL202 and the Dirt Devil Endura. What makes them great is the fact that they are incredibly affordable, as well as very mobile. Instead of being expensive and clunky, these vacuums are inexpensive and easy to move around.

Dirt Devil Endura Review

To start off, you’re going to be learning about the Black+Decker BDASL202, and the different features and attributes that it offers. And then, you’re going to learn about the Dirt Devil Endura, and the different features and attributes that it offers.

What Does The Black+Decker BDASL202 Have To Offer?

The Black+Decker BDASL202 weighs around 8.8-pounds. For an upright vacuum, that’s very lightweight. Most of the upright vacuums available weigh at least 12-to-20-pounds. Since the BDASL202 weighs so little, it’s extremely easy for you to move the vacuum around, from place to place, and it’s also really easy for you to store it, even if you’re living in a home where there isn’t that much space available.

Black+Decker BDASL202

What’s quite nice about the Black+Decker BDASL202, aside from how lightweight it is, is the fact that it’s well-designed and has a couple of great design features that make it easy-to-use. When you’re moving the vacuum around, you can swivel the handle and the cleaner head, due to the swivel steering feature. If you’re vacuuming in a smaller room where space is quite limited, then having this feature is great, since it makes it a lot easier for you to move the vacuum into tighter and more cramped corners and spaces. Along with that, the design is ergonomic, so it’s comfortable and pleasant to use.

When it comes to the overall suction power of the Black+Decker BDASL202, it’s quite good. Now, you aren’t going to have access to the same suction power that you’d find in a larger and more expensive upright vacuum. But, what you do have access to is enough suction power for most vacuuming tasks, whether they’re on hard floors, or soft floors.

Black+Decker BDASL202 Upright Vacuum

Vacuuming on carpets, rugs, and hard floors is not a challenge. Instead, it’s an easy and relatively effortless process. While you’re vacuuming, suction picks up all of the dirt, dust, and debris that happens to be on the surfaces you’re vacuuming. A brush is also used to loosen up that material, making it easier for the vacuum to suck it up.

If you need more flexibility, there are two tools that you can use. One of these tools is a crevice tool, which is good for those smaller crevices, nooks, and crannies. And then, the second tool is a small brush, which is great for removing dust from smaller spaces where it’s clumped up.

Black+Decker BDASL202 vs. Dirt Devil Endura

In the end, the Black+Decker BDASL202 is a fantastic upright vacuum. What makes it fantastic is the fact that it costs very little money, but offers an incredibly convenient and efficient vacuuming process.

What Does The Dirt Devil Endura Have To Offer?

The Dirt Devil Endura costs around the same amount as the Black+Decker BDASL202. There isn’t a significant price difference, so you’ll be paying around the same amount for the Dirt Devil Endura, as you would the Black+Decker BDASL202.

Dirt Devil Endura

With a weight of around 9-pounds, the Dirt Devil Endura weighs around the same as the Black+Decker BDASL202. It doesn’t have a swivel steering feature, though, but it’s quite easy to move around thanks to the overall design, which is quite comfortable.

To use this upright vacuum, you’ll just be pushing it around, across the different surfaces that you would like to clean. These might be hard floors, or they might be soft floors. Regardless of which kind of surface you’re vacuuming, the experience will be very simple and easy.

Dirt Devil Endura Upright Vacuum

While the Dirt Devil Endura isn’t the most powerful upright vacuum on the market, it’s not lacking in power, either. Instead, it’s a very powerful upright vacuum that is fantastic at vacuuming on a variety of different types of flooring surfaces. It doesn’t matter what kinds of surfaces you’re vacuuming, because the vacuum can vacuum on all of them.

The reason for this is due to something known as “CleanPath Technology”, as well as a brushroll that has been designed for different flooring surfaces. What CleanPath Technology does is it concentrates suction within a specific suction path, making it easier for you to vacuum the dirt and dust that is right in front of the vacuum. And, having a multi-surface brushroll only enhances that process, since it allows the brushroll to more effectively move across a variety of different surfaces, and to loosen the dirt, dust, and debris from off of those surfaces.

If you need some more mobility and flexibility, then you can use the crevice tool, which is provided. This crevice tool works the same as just about every other crevice tool, but it’s still great at vacuuming in those tight spaces. You also have access to a ten-foot extension wand, which you can use to vacuum in hard-to-reach spaces, as well as up on ceilings and spaces that are higher up.

Dirt Devil Endura vs Black+Decker BDASL202

Ultimately, the Dirt Devil Endura is an excellent upright vacuum! What makes it truly excellent is the versatility it offers, when it comes to the vacuuming process, as well as the cleaning power and the very affordable price!