We live in a marketplace where there are so many different products and options, that it can be very difficult to figure out which product is the best one for us.

BISSELL Proheat 1887 vs BISSELL Turboclean 2085 Carpet Cleaners

You can see this abundance of choice when it comes to things like food, toys, and, especially, devices. Devices of all sorts, whether they’re tablets, computers, phones, vacuum cleaners, or even carpet cleaners.

Over the past decade or so, the carpet cleaner market has become significantly larger. There are all kinds of different carpet cleaners available now, and if you need a good carpet cleaner, it’s not always easy to find the right carpet cleaner since there are so many different choices.

If you’re looking for a good carpet cleaner, though then you’ve come to the right place! In this buying guide, you’re going to learn about the BISSELL Turboclean 2085, and then you’re going to learn about the BISSELL Proheat 1887 Carpet Cleaner. These are both great carpet cleaners that come equipped with some excellent features and attributes that do make things a lot easier!

BISSELL Turboclean 2085 vs. BISSELL Proheat 1887 Carpet Cleaners

What Does The BISSELL Turboclean 2085 Have To Offer?

The BISSELL Turboclean 2085 is an upright carpet cleaner. It looks a lot like an upright vacuum cleaner, but unlike most upright vacuum cleaners, it’s a lot lighter. The BISSELL Turboclean 2085 only weighs twelve-pounds, which is quite light for a carpet cleaner of this size and design.

BISSELL Turboclean 2085

Since this carpet cleaner doesn’t weigh that much, you won’t have any problems moving it around or squeezing it into smaller spaces. Instead, it works just like a smaller upright vacuum, and you can move it around and store it with ease. If you need to pick it up and move it from one area to another, you can do that too.

For you to use the BISSELL Turboclean 2085, you need to fill up a small tank with water. By filling up this small tank with water, the carpet cleaner can use that water to loosen up the dirt, dust, and gunk that is in your carpet. But, if you want a more efficient carpet cleaning process, then you can also put some cleaning solution into that tank.

BISSELL Turboclean 2085 Review

When the water tank is filled up with water – and a little bit of cleaning solution, if you want – then you can turn on the BISSELL Turboclean 2085 and begin to clean your carpets. To do this, just move the carpet cleaner around like you would an upright vacuum. Move it across the surface of your carpet, and the brushes within the cleaner head will remove all of the dirt, gunk, and grime from the carpet, and the water will be used to loosen that up.

When this is happening, suction will come out of a small set of suction pathways, and these gather up the dirt, gunk, and grime, and throw it into another tank that is designed to hold the dirty water that is sucked back into the machine.

What’s especially nice about the BISSELL Turboclean 2085 is that it has been designed to clean up after pets. More specifically, there are certain features that make it good at removing pet messes and stains.

BISSELL Turboclean 2085 Carpet Cleaner

These are features such as the brushing system, which is incredibly strong and powerful, as well as the different cleaning solutions that you can use with this carpet cleaner. Having these features makes it a lot easier for you to clean up after your pets.

If you are looking for an excellent carpet cleaner that is lightweight, super easy to use, affordable, and incredibly efficient, then the BISSELL Turboclean 2085 is an fantastic choice!

What Does The BISSELL Proheat 1887 Carpet Cleaner Have To Offer?

The BISSELL Proheat 1887 Carpet Cleaner is a bit larger than the BISSELL Turboclean 2085, and it weighs just under twenty-pounds. While it is larger, it’s still easy for you to use and move around, and this extra size contributes to a more thorough and efficient carpet cleaning process.

BISSELL Proheat 1887

When you’ve filled up the tank with water, and are starting to move the BISSELL Proheat 1887 Carpet Cleaner across your carpet, HeatWave Technology is used to keep the water at a nice, hot temperature. This heat makes it easier for the water to loosen up all of the dirt, gunk, and grime within the carpet. Then, the strong brushes – and this is a big brushing system – remove what’s within the carpet. After that, suction is used to gather all of that stuff up into another tank, so that you can then dispose of it once you’re done vacuuming.

BISSELL includes an eight-ounce bottle of cleaning solution with this carpet cleaner. Using this cleaning solution can make the carpet cleaning process a little quicker, if you’re dealing with some thick stains.

While the BISSELL Proheat 1887 Carpet Cleaner is a great carpet cleaner on its own, what makes it great is the fact that it includes two extra tools. These tools are attached to the carpet cleaner, and they enhance the mobility and versatility of the carpet cleaner.

BISSELL Proheat 1887 Review

If you need to vacuum in small crevices, corners, and nooks, then you can use the spraying crevice tool. This spraying crevice tool is nice and small, making it great for those smaller areas and spaces that just can’t be cleaned.

If you are dealing with really tough stains and messes, then the tough stain tool is great! You can use this tool to remove really difficult stains, but since it’s small and a lot like a handheld vacuum, you can use it on couches, curtains, car interiors, and plenty of other surfaces and spaces that the BISSELL Proheat 1887 Carpet Cleaner is, on its own, unable to reach.

In the end, the BISSELL Proheat 1887 Carpet Cleaner is more expensive than the BISSELL Turboclean 2085, but it offers a great deal of power and efficiency, while also giving you the mobility and versatility that the BISSELL Turboclean 2085 lacks.

BISSELL Proheat 1887 Carpet Cleaner

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