Bissell MYair Purifier Review (2780A Model)

For a good air purifier, you can’t go wrong with the Bissell MYair Purifier. That is why, in this buying guide, you are going to learn all about this air purifier, and what makes it great.

Bissell MYair Purifier Review (2780A Model)

The Bissell Myair Purifier is simple and affordable. It doesn’t offer the same variety of features as the more expensive air purifiers that are on the market, and it doesn’t offer the same strong design qualities and unique aesthetics as those other air purifiers.

What it does offer is convenience, as well as a simple and useful air purification experience that cleans up the air in your home, ensuring that your breathing in nice, clean air.

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Every air purifier has a Maximum Area Coverage. What a Maximum Area Coverage – or “MAC”, for short – is, is a way of measuring the amount of space that the air purifier is able to fully purify.

Bissell MYair Purifier 2780A
Bissell 2780A

With this air purifier, it’s capable of purifying 100 square-feet, of any particular space. If your bedroom is 100 square-feet, then it can easily purify the entirety of that space. If it is smaller than that, it can also easily purify the entirety of that space.

If your bedroom is larger than that, then it won’t be able to purify that entire space, but it will be able to purify 100 square-feet of that space.

When the air purifier is running, it makes very little noise, but runs quickly and is able to purify a space in a very quick and speedy manner. This lack of noise is incredibly nice, because this air purifier is designed to be used in bedrooms and offices, which are spaces that definitely don’t benefit from an excess of noise.

As the air purifier runs and purifies the air that is within your space, it grabs air and pushes it directly into three distinct air purification mechanisms. These air purification mechanisms are quite basic and simplistic, but they work very well at keeping your air nice and clean, and ensuring that it is free of germs and other gunk.

Bissell 2780A air Purifier
Bissell 2780A

For the first air purification mechanism, air passes through a Pre-Filter Layer. What this Pre-Filter Layer does, is it eliminates all of the larger particles that won’t be able to pass through the other purification mechanisms.

These are particles such as pet hair and thick clumps of dust, among various others. With those particles out of the way, the rest of the air purification process flows a lot smoother, and there aren’t any problems that will arise.

With the next air purification mechanism, air passes through an Activated Carbon Filter. This filter eliminates bad odors and smells, which is very useful if you live in a home where bad smells are more common than they should be.

Bissell 2780A
Bissell 2780A

What’s nice about this filter is that it’s combined with a High-Efficiency Filter, which makes the overall air purifier smaller, and the air purification process faster.

With the High-Efficiency Filter, all of the really small particles are completely removed from your air. And, these particles include things like germs, spores, small dust particles, pollen; along with many others. These are nasty particles that can easily lead to sickness or allergies, and by removing them, your air is cleaned up significantly.

Once all of that air has flown through the air purifier and all of those bad particles have been eliminated, it flows out of the air purifier and back into your space. It is a simple process that is incredibly effective.

Bissell MYair Purifier Review
Bissell 2780A

To control the air purification process, you have access to three different fan speeds. Using these fan speeds, you are able to control how fast the air flows through the air purifier, and how much air is purified.

This is useful if you want the air purifier to run at a slower pace, because the air is quite clean.

A big part of what makes this air purifier excellent, is its simple and compact design. This design looks great, is very easy to set up and use, and it’s perfect for smaller spaces, such as bedrooms and offices.

This small design also means that the air purifier isn’t as powerful as some of the others that are available, so keep that in mind.


In the end, the Bissell MYair Purifier is a great air purifier for small air purification tasks. If you have an office or a bedroom that needs to be purified, then this is a great purchase!

BISSELL MYair Air Purifier with High Efficiency...
  • Captures indoor smoke and outdoor smoke that gets indoors.
  • 3-in-1 filter includes pre-filter layer and a combination of an activated carbon and high efficiency filter...
  • Activated carbon captures common household odors, pet odors and volatile organic compounds.

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