In this guide, you are going to be learning all about the Bissell ICONpet 22889, and the Bissell ICONpet Pro 2746A.

Bissell ICONpet 22889

Bissell 22889

These are both great stick vacuums, but one of them is the right one for you, and in this guide, you’re going to learn which stick vacuum that is.

What Does The Bissell ICONpet 22889 Offer?

To start off, the Bissell ICONpet 22889 has a sleek and clean design. Every feature and setting is easy to see and easy to understand. This makes it easy for you to pick up and use the stick vacuum, without having to fumble with any settings.

Since this is a stick vacuum, it’s quite lightweight. With a weight of around seven-pounds, moving the vacuum around your home is incredibly easy. But, along with that, this is a cordless stick vacuum, so you have complete freedom and mobility when it comes to the spaces that you use the stick vacuum within.

Bissell ICONpet 22889 Stick vacuum

Bissell 22889

What makes this stick vacuum excellent, and quite unique, is the fact that it offers an exceptional amount of cleaning power. Much of this cleaning power comes from the digital motor, which spins at up to 420 miles-per-hour.

That is an insane amount of speed, especially for a stick vacuum, and because of this motor and the suction power that it generates, you can easily use this stick vacuum on just about any surface.

While using this stick vacuum, you’re able to use it as a regular stick vacuum, or as a handheld vacuum. When using it as a regular stick vacuum, you can push the vacuum across your floors, and all of the dirt, dust, and debris on those floors will be vacuumed up. More often than not, you’ll probably be using this mode.

There will be times, though, when you need to vacuum in tight and narrow spaces, or on surfaces that are inaccessible with the main stick vacuum. To vacuum on those surfaces, you can turn this stick vacuum into a handheld vacuum. Using the handheld vacuum, you can vacuum on tables, chairs, couches, and many other surfaces.

Plus, you can also turn this vacuum into a high-reach vacuum, to vacuum on ceilings and shelves that are high-up.

For an exceptionally efficient and convenient vacuuming experience, the Bissell ICONpet 22889 is a fantastic stick vacuum! It is expensive, though, but for what you get, it’s totally worth it!

Bissell ICONpet 22889

What Does The Bissell ICONpet Pro 2746A Offer?

With the Bissell ICONpet Pro 2746A, you have a stick vacuum that offers many of the same features and systems as that of the Bissel ICONpet 22889. But, there’s one major difference, and this difference is the fact that this stick vacuum comes with several other tools. These tools allow you to vacuum in different areas and different spaces, that the other stick vacuum is unable to vacuum in.

Bissell ICONpet Pro 2746A

Bissell 2746A

As for the overall design and aesthetic of this stick vacuum, it’s the same as the previous Bissell vacuum. Which is to say that it looks very nice, and that every feature and setting is outlined with clarity and conciseness. Because of this, using the stick vacuum is very easy, and the overall experience is quite pleasant.

The motor offers the same overall speed and power, and it’s able to spin at up to 420 miles-per-hour. With the speed and efficiency that comes from the motor, you are able to use this vacuum on any surface, and you can vacuum up just about anything that is in your path.

Just as with the other Bissell stick vacuum, this vacuum can be turned into a handheld vacuum, and a high-reach vacuum. Using those two vacuuming modes gives you more mobility and flexibility, enabling you to vacuum in a variety of different spaces and areas.

Bissell ICONpet Pro 2746A Stick Cacuum

Bissell 2746A

What sets this stick vacuum apart from the others is the myriad of tools and attachments that Bissell has included. In the box, you’ll find a Motorized Turbo Brush Tool, a Crevice Tool, a Dusting Brush, a Pet Dusting Brush, and a Flexible Crevice Tool. Each one of these tools is easy to attach to the stick vacuum, and very easy to use.

With these tools, you are able to vacuum on surfaces such as chairs, tables, curtains, bed sheets, couches; along with many others. Along with that, you are able to vacuum within tight and narrow spaces that would, normally, be inaccessible.

In the end, if you are looking for a stick vacuum that offers excellent power and convenience, as well as an elaborate set of very powerful tools, then the Bissell ICONpet Pro 2746A will do you no wrong!

Bissell ICONpet Pro 2746A Review

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