In 1901, a man named Hubert Cecil Booth, and a man named David T. Kenney, invented the very first vacuum cleaner. If you go back and look at the pictures of that first vacuum cleaner, you will notice that there are various design choices that you can find in the vacuum cleaners released today.

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Vacuum Review

While there are certainly design similarities, the vacuum cleaners from that era were very different from the vacuum cleaners that would be invented a century later. In those days, for example, vacuum cleaners were significantly less powerful than they are today. If anything, they were more of a supplement to the process of sweeping and mopping the floor.

Today, though, vacuum cleaners aren’t a supplement for the floor cleaning process; they are the process! Using a vacuum cleaner, you can remove all of the dirt, dust, and debris that is on your floor. Sweeping is still something that you should do, but you don’t need to. Instead, vacuuming makes it very easy, and since the floor cleaning process is so much easier, you have a lot more time to focus on the things that are truly important to you.

As vacuum cleaners have evolved, they’ve gone from being big, bulky machines, to smaller machines that pack a lot of power, into a small frame. Even the largest vacuum cleaners – upright vacuum cleaners – are getting smaller and smaller. This allows more people to use them, even if they live in smaller homes and don’t have a lot of space to maneuver a vacuum cleaner.

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Upright Vacuum

We’re going to be looking at four different vacuum cleaners, in this guide. These are all upright vacuums, but these upright vacuums are smaller than most other upright vacuums, and they exemplify the unique features and attributes that are being developed for vacuum cleaners.

First, you’re going to learn about the Bissell Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Vacuum. And then, you’re going to learn about the Shark NV501, Shark NV360, and then the Shark NV752.

What Does The Bissell Cleanview Swivel Offer?

For simplicity, we’ll be referring to this vacuum as the “Bissell Cleanview”. And, the Bissell Cleanview is an upright vacuum that emphasizes mobility, convenience, and versatility. Traits that aren’t always associated with upright vacuums, since upright vacuums have an unfortunate tendency to be large and bulky, making them difficult to maneuver.

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel

While this is a more mobile, and easier-to-use, upright vacuum, you are still bound by a power cord. This power cord is twenty-seven-feet long, however. You can plug this power cord in and then begin to use the Bissell Cleanview, and even if you are in a big space, you shouldn’t have any issues or difficulties with movement.

One of the qualities that makes the Bissell Cleanview a very easy vacuum to move, is the fact that it has a swivel steering feature. So, swivel steering is a feature that, in this case, allows you to adjust the cleaner head of the vacuum. By adjusting the cleaner head, you can then move the vacuum out of alignment with the handle. Doing this gives you the freedom to move the vacuum cleaner behind a couch, even while the handle is facing the other direction. If you live in a small apartment, then this feature will probably come in handy more times than you can count.

Within the cleaner head, there is a Triple Action Brushroll. This brushroll is paired with Scatter-Free Technology. What Scatter-Free Technology does is it prevents what you are vacuuming up from scattering everywhere, or being blown away, during the vacuuming process. And, the brushroll is great, because it picks up all kinds of dirt, dust, pet hair, and all kinds of different debris, as well.

If the vacuum doesn’t have good suction, though, then no matter how good the brushroll is, it doesn’t matter. Fortunately, though, the suction power is quite strong. You have more than enough suction power for vacuuming on just about any surface. When this suction power is paired with the Triple Action Brushroll, it’s even more powerful, and you can use it to great effect!

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Vacuum

The Bissell Cleanview is an upright vacuum that gives you a very pleasant and convenient vacuuming experience. It’s powerful, very easy-to-use, and quite affordable!

Bissell 2254 Vs. Shark NV501

The Shark NV501 is a Lift-Away Upright Vacuum. Now, a Lift-Away Upright Vacuum is a lot like a canister vacuum, but it has the design of an upright vacuum. The handle, dust container, and the motor are part of a canister, and this canister is attached to the cleaner head. But, you can remove the canister from the cleaner head, and use it as a handheld vacuum, of sorts.

Bissell Cleanview Vs. Shark NV501

Using the Shark NV501 is a pleasant experience, due to the mobility that the design gives you. Moving the vacuum around is easy, and so is storing it. But, the Lift-Away feature is what shines, because it gives you so many more ways of vacuuming your space, and so much more freedom to vacuum in all kinds of areas.

Just as the Bissell Cleanview gives you a swivel steering feature, so does the Shark NV501. There aren’t any notable differences between the two, and there use of the feature, but what is nice about the Shark NV501 is that, since it’s a smaller upright vacuum, swiveling it is a lot easier and a far more fluid experience.

Due to the smaller size of the Shark NV501, though, it doesn’t give you as much suction power as the Bissell Cleanview. You still have a lot of suction power, but not as much as the Bissell Cleanview. This can make it harder to vacuum on certain kinds of surfaces, namely thick rugs.

Shark NV501

For a mobile and easy vacuuming experience, the Shark NV501 delivers! And, it does offer some great cleaning power, too, even if it isn’t quite as powerful as the Bissell Cleanview.

Bissell 2254 Vs. Shark NV360

You’ll notice that the Shark NV360 isn’t very different from the Shark NV501. It’s a Lift-Away, and it has the same basic design attributes. But, one thing that is different is the fact that the Shark NV360 is a bit smaller, and it gives you a little bit more mobility.

Bissell Cleanview Vs. Shark NV360

Using the Shark NV360 is the same as using the Shark NV501. You have access to swivel steering and you can lift-away the canister on the cleaner head to clean other spaces. There aren’t any differences in that aspect. But, there is a little less suction power, and the experience can take a bit longer, too, since the vacuum is smaller.

In the end, though, the Shark NV360 provides the same general experience as the Shark NV501. But, if you want to save some money, and you want something a bit more compact, then the Shark NV360 is not a bad choice!

Shark NV360

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Bissell 2254 Vs. Shark NV752

Out of all of the Lift-Away Upright Vacuums that Shark has manufactured, the Shark NV752 is the most powerful. It’s also one of the largest, but it’s still smaller than the Bissell Cleanview.

Bissell Cleanview Vs. Shark NV752

Using the Shark NV752, you have access to fantastic cleaning power and performance. This is a powerful upright vacuum. You aren’t going to find anything new or unique, in comparison to the other Shark vacuums that we’ve looked at. Instead, you’re going to find an excellent vacuum that gives you mobility, convenience, and fantastic suction/cleaning power!

Shark NV752

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