In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at the Bissell 2254A CrossWave Wet-Dry Vacuum, and what it has to offer. By the time you’re finished reading this review, you’ll know whether or not this is the right wet-dry vacuum for you!

Bissell 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max Wet-Dry Vacuum Review

Right off the bat, it’s important to define what “Wet-Dry” means, in the context of this vacuum. Using this vacuum cleaner, you’re able to vacuum your floors, and while you’re vacuuming them, you’re also able to wash them, using water and cleaning solution. But, along with that, the vacuum is able to pick up any wet debris that it comes into contact with, such as spilled water.

Most wet-dry vacuums are quite large and cumbersome. But, this vacuum isn’t. Instead, it’s lightweight, thin, and extremely easy to maneuver. You just need to grab onto the handle, and push the vacuum towards what you need to clean. And, since this is a cordless vacuum, you don’t have to worry about the cord being too short, or the cord becoming tangled.

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In order to use this vacuum, you’ll need to fill up a small tank with water and cleaning solution. There are two tanks on the front, and one of these is used to hold all of the dirty water that is sucked back into the machine, while the other tank is for the clean water and cleaning solution. That way, the two don’t get mixed up.

Bissell 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max Wet-Dry Vacuum

Bissell 2554A

When you’ve done that, you can turn on the vacuum, and begin using it. On hard floors – such as those made of hardwood or tile – this vacuum works exceptionally well. It’s great at removing all of the dirt, dust, and debris that is is on those surfaces, and it’s great at washing them and ensuring that they are free of stains and dirt.

While this vacuum cleaner works very well on hard floors, it also works very well on soft floors, such as carpets and rugs. Since the vacuum cleaner doesn’t use that much water, and since it vacuums up all of the water it uses, there’s no risk of mold forming on your carpet. Plus, when it comes to the vacuuming performance, it’s excellent at removing all of the little bits of dust and dirt that are lodged within the depths of your rug or carpet.

As you maneuver the vacuum across your floors, you’ll notice that it handles very well. The entire design is very well-crafted, and using the vacuum is an effortless experience. Plus, it works very well at vacuuming edges, such as those of your walls or even large pieces of furniture. This is something that a lot of other vacuums struggle with, but this one does very well.

Bissell 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max

Bissell 2554A

Once you’re finished vacuuming, you can turn off the vacuum and take out the water tank that holds all of the dirty water. Then, you can take that tank of dirty water and dump it out in the sink.

Right after you do that, you’re going to want to attach the vacuum to the docking station, which Bissell provides. While at this docking station, the vacuum will recharge, and it will also run the Self-Cleaning Cycle. This is a very useful feature that allows the vacuum to push out all of the dirt, dust, and hair that has attached itself to the brushroll.

When the vacuum is done charging, and when the Self-Cleaning Cycle is finished, all you need to do is pour some water into the tank! Then, you can begin using the vacuum cleaner, once more.

Bissell 2554A Wet-Dry Vacuum Review

Bissell 2554A

Each one of those features and design qualities leads to a very convenient and pleasant vacuuming experience. This is one of the best wet-dry vacuum cleaners on the market. It does, however, have two small design traits that could be considered flaws, depending on what you’re looking for.

For one thing, this vacuum cleaner only lasts for thirty-minutes, per charge. And, that’s not a lot of time. If you’re looking to vacuum a large space, without waiting for the battery to recharge, that may not be ideal.

The other design trait that could be problematic, is the fact that this is a small vacuum cleaner, so it takes a while for you to clean large spaces. If there are large spaces – or even just large stains – that you want to clean, it may take longer than it should, due to the design of this vacuum cleaner.

Bissell 2554A Review

Bissell 2554A

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In the end, the Bissell 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max Wet-Dry Vacuum is an exceptional wet-dry vacuum that offers a fantastic design, excellent features, and a very pleasant and convenient vacuuming and washing experience! If that’s what you’re on the market for, then this is a great wet-dry vacuum to own!

Bissell 2554A CrossWave

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