If you’re looking for an excellent upright vacuum, then you’ve come to the right place. In this buying guide, we’re going to dive into three fantastic upright vacuums, all of which are from BISSELL.

BISSELL Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, 2486

To start the guide, you’re going to learn about the BISSELL 2486. And then, you’re going to learn about the BISSELL 2489, and, after that, the BISSELL 24899.

You’re going to learn about the different features, and design attributes that these upright vacuums offer. While they’re all quite similar, in various ways, they each bring some new features and design attributes to the table, making for a unique vacuuming experience.

When you’re done reading this guide, you will know all about these three upright vacuums. You’ll know all about the features they offer, the different design attributes that they consist of, and, most importantly, which one of these upright vacuums is the best upright vacuum for you.

BISSELL Cleanview Rewind Pet Deluxe Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 24899, Green

Right before we dive into the vacuums, though, it’s important to define what an upright vacuum is. What an upright vacuum is, is a vacuum that stands tall and upright. Most upright vacuums are a bit bulkier, and this is because they require large motors, so that they can produce a lot of suction. They are some of the most powerful vacuums around, due to their large motors and slightly cumbersome designs.

What Does The BISSELL 2486 Have To Offer?

The BISSELL 2486 looks a lot like most of the other upright vacuums that are available. It doesn’t have the most unique or special design, but it looks nice enough, and when you are moving it around and using it, it feels good. There isn’t anything clunky or annoying about the design of the vacuum, and that’s important to note.

BISSELL 2486 vs. 2489 vs. 24899 Cleanview Upright Vacuums

When you’re using the BISSELL 2486, you’ll be relying on a 25-foot power cord. Just plug it in, and the vacuum cleaner can be turned on and used. What’s nice about this 25-foot power cord is the fact that it’s quite long.

So, you can move the vacuum around freely, in a larger and more elaborate space. Some upright vacuums have power cords that are quite short, which inhibits the amount of freedom and mobility that you have. Fortunately, the BISSELL 2486 is not one of those upright vacuums.

Moving the upright vacuum across your floors is an incredibly easy experience. As mentioned earlier, the design is simple and effective, which leads to a very easy vacuuming experience. Part of what makes the design so effective is the different technology that’s used to create an easy vacuuming experience.

OnePass Technology is the main technology that’s used, during the vacuuming process. This technology involves you moving the vacuum across whatever surface you’re cleaning, and then plenty of suction being used, in conjunction with a strong brushing system. Those two key elements allow for you to move the vacuum across whatever surface you’re cleaning just once – in “one pass” – and then whatever’s on that surface is vacuumed up.


In conjunction with this, Scatter-Free Technology is used to prevent the dirt, dust, and debris from scattering everywhere, during the vacuuming process. And, Multi-Cyclonic Suction is used to maintain steady and consistent suction at all times, while also ensuring that everything that gets vacuumed up stays within the vacuum.

If you need some more flexibility, you have access to a couple of different vacuuming tools. The TurboBrush Tool, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, and an Extension Wand. These are tools that allow you to vacuum in smaller and harder-to-reach spaces.

Ultimately, the BISSELL 2486 is a fantastic upright vacuum. It’s affordable, super easy-to-use, and gives you a ton of vacuuming power!

What Does The BISSELL 2489 Have To Offer?

The BISSELL 2489 is a lot like the BISSELL 2486. Many of the same features and design attributes that were found in that vacuum, are found in this one. But, there are also a couple of very specific differences that make this upright vacuum very distinct from the BISSELL 2486.

BISSELL Cleanview Rewind Pet Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, 2489

One of the most important differences to take note of is the fact that this upright vacuum is designed for pets. Naturally, you can use it on all kinds of other surfaces and for all kinds of other materials, not just pets, but it was designed with pets in mind. And, what this means is that the brushroll it uses, as well as the suction, has been designed to vacuum up pet hair. There is also a special tool that this vacuum comes with, which has been specifically designed for pets.

When it comes to the basic features and attributes, they aren’t unlike those found in the BISSELL 2486. You have a 25-foot power cord, Scatter-Free Technology, and Multi-Cyclonic Suction. But, you also have a Triple Action Brush Roll, which is a special brush roll that has been specifically designed for this vacuum.

BISSELL 2489 vs. 24899 vs. 2486 Cleanview Upright Vacuums

The reason this brush roll is called a “Triple Action Brush Roll” is because it loosens, lifts, and then it removes dirt, dust, and debris that’s on your floors. It’s especially good at removing pet hair from hard and soft floors, and making sure that the pet hair can then be disposed of.

What the BISSELL 2489 offers is efficiency, convenience, and affordability. It’s not a very large upright vacuum, and it has a very concise design, so using it is easy. Since it has a great brushing system, paired with excellent suction, it’s also an incredibly powerful vacuum, and it’s great for removing pet hair. But, what also makes it great is how little it costs!


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What Does The BISSELL 24899 Have To Offer?

The BISSELL 24899 is a direct continuation of the features and design traits that were started with the BISSELL 2489. If you look at the two vacuums, and compare them to each other, you aren’t going to notice too many differences.

What you will notice is that, if you are looking for an upright vacuum that’s great for cleaning up after pets, the BISSELL 24899 is the better choice.

BISSELL 24899 vs. 2486 vs. 2489 Cleanview Upright Vacuums

What the BISSELL 24899 offers, in terms of pet cleaning capabilities, is quite simple. It offers a Triple Action Brush Roll, just like the BISSELL 2489, and it also offers a Pet TurboEraser Tool and a Pet Hair Corner Tool. Those tools are very useful, when pet hair is confined to one smaller area, and it’s difficult for the main vacuum to properly remove it.

As for the overall vacuuming performance, it’s excellent. Just like the BISSELL 2489, you aren’t going to have any issues with this vacuum. It works incredibly well, and is excellent at vacuuming on all kinds of different surfaces, and in a variety of different spaces.

Having access to some different vacuuming tools helps, too, and you won’t have any problems using this vacuum.


One interesting change is that the BISSELL 24899 has a 27-foot power cord whereas the previous two vacuums had a 25-foot power cord. Now, two extra feet isn’t anything particularly noteworthy, but it does add a little bit of flexibility and versatility to the vacuuming experience.

In the end, the BISSELL 24899 isn’t that much different from the BISSELL 2489. There are a few little additions that make the vacuuming experience a bit easier, especially if you’re vacuuming up pet hair, but other than that, there isn’t any particularly notable differences.

With that being said, since the price difference is quite minimal, if you want an excellent upright vacuum that’s great for cleaning up after pets, then this vacuum is a great choice!

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Shark ZU62 Bissell 2252 Shark NV360
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 • 2,6L Dirt tank
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 • 15 lbs
 • -
 • 25″ Cord Length
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