Bissell 2117A SpotBot Pet Portable Deep Cleaner Review

If you’re on the market for a good deep cleaning machine, the Bissell 2117A SpotBot Pet Portable Deep Cleaner may just be right for you! By reading this review, you’ll learn all about the deep cleaner, and what it has to offer.

Bissell SpotBot Pet 2117A

The Bissell 2117A SpotBot Pet Portable Deep Cleaner is, essentially, a portable carpet cleaning machine. With this machine, you can easily clean your carpets, removing all of the dirt and grime that happens to be on the carpet, but you are also able to easily clean rugs, couches, bed sheets, and a variety of other surfaces.

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To use this cleaning machine, you must first plug it in, and then, when you have plugged it in, you need to fill up its water tank. When you fill up the machine’s water tank, this allows you to begin cleaning whatever soft surface you need to deep clean.

Without the water, it’s harder for the machine to deep clean certain surfaces, because the water is used to loosen up and scrub off stains, gunk and grime.

Bissell SpotBot Pet 2117A Review

When you have set the cleaning machine on the right spot – this could be a stained spot on your carpet or on your rug, to name two examples – you can then press a button that is on the top of the cleaning machine. There are two cleaning modes that you have access to, and these cleaning modes work very well for particular cleaning situations.

If you are working on a carpet that is incredibly dirty, with lots of gunk and grime, then you can press the “Deep Clean” mode. What this mode does, is it does a nice, thorough, deep clean of whatever spot the cleaner is currently on.

If you are working with a surface that isn’t too dirty, and there’s no need for a longer and more intensive clean, then you can select the “Quick Clean” mode, which provides a far quicker and far easier cleaning experience.

Bissell 2117A SpotBot Pet Portable Deep Cleaner Review

What is especially great about this deep cleaner is the fact that, when you select a particular cleaning mode, there’s nothing else that you need to do. Instead, the cleaning machine gets to work, and it begins thoroughly spraying, scrubbing, and vacuuming up the dirt, gunk, stains, and grime that are all being cleaned up. There is no need for you to manually operate the machine, or to hold down any buttons.

When the entirety of a particular spot has been cleaned, and all of the stains and grime have been removed, you can then move the cleaning machine towards another area on the surface that needs cleaning. Just pick it up and move it to that area or, if the surface isn’t that far away, you can gently push it to the area that you need to clean.

As for the cleaning process itself, it consists of three individual stages, each of which is designed to make the overall cleaning process as easy and as efficient as it can possibly be. For the first stage, water comes out of the water tank and is sprayed onto the spot that is being cleaned.

This water can be mixed with a cleaning solution, which enhances the overall effectiveness of the water that comes out of the machine. This water helps to loosen up the gunk and grime that is being cleaned, as well as breaking down stains, so that they can come off of the surface with far more ease.

Bissell 2117A SpotBot Review

For the next step of the cleaning process, the surface is thoroughly brushed. This brushing is accomplished using a simple, but effective, brushing system that is able to thoroughly scrub off any stains, as well as things like gunk and grime that might be located within the surface that’s being cleaned. This is a great brush for keeping the entirety of the surface as clean as it can be.

To end the cleaning process, all of the loose gunk and grime, as well as the water that’s on the surface, is sucked into the cleaner. Then, you can simply dump that stuff out when you’re done, and that’s the end of the cleaning process!

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In the end, the Bissell 2117A SpotBot Pet Portable Deep Cleaner is an excellent spot cleaning machine that offers plenty of power and efficiency, for just about any cleaning task. If you have to clean up pet stains, gunk and grime, or even just simple, light stains, this is an excellent cleaning machine!

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