Bissell 1132A Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1 Review

In this review, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the Bissell 1132A Symphony Vac And Steam. You’re going to learn all about what this machine has to offer, what makes it great, and what you can use it for!

Bissell 1132A Symphony Vac And Steam 2 in 1

The Bissell 1132A Symphony Vac And Steam is a vacuum cleaner, as well as a steam cleaner. It offers both a vacuuming feature, and a steam cleaning feature, and both of these features work incredibly well and allow for an easy, effective, and thorough floor cleaning process.

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When you first take this floor cleaner out of the box, you’ll notice that it isn’t very large, and that the overall design is simple and compact. This cleaner only weighs around thirteen-pounds, which is quite light, and within the entirety of the machine there is a powerful motor that allows for strong suction and heated steam.

Bissell 1132A Symphony Vac And Steam
Bissell 1132A

As a result of the simple and compact design, moving this machine across your floors is an easy and pleasant experience. This machine feels good to use, and it feels good to hold and move across your floors.

There is no discomfort when holding onto the handle and pushing the machine, and due to its light design you have access to plenty of mobility and flexibility, making it easy to clean larger spaces and areas.

In order for you to use this floor cleaner, you must first attach a mop pad. There are two different mop pads that Bissell has included, and these mop pads work very well for different mopping tasks.

With the washable soft mop pad, you have a mop pad that is designed for stains and messes that aren’t too thick or too dense.

Instead, these stains and messes are somewhat light, which allows you to gently mop across them, removing the stains from your floor. And then, when the stain/mess is gone, you can take the pad to the sink and wash it off.

Bissell 1132A Symphony
Bissell 1132A

With the washable scrubby mop pad, you have a mop pad that is designed for stains and messes that are somewhat thick and dense. These are stains that the soft mop pad isn’t designed for. This scrubby mop pad allows you to scrub out those stains and messes, and to completely eliminate them from your floors.

When you are finished using the mop pad, you can simply take it off of the mop and rinse it off in the sink.

When you have attached a mop pad, it’s time for you to pour water into the water tank. Once the floor cleaner is turned on, and a steam setting has been selected, all of that water will be heated and converted into steam. There are two steam settings you can choose from, one of these steam settings is “Low Steam”, and the other is “High Steam”.

These steam settings allow you to determine the amount of steam that is being used, allowing you to choose the right amount of steam for any particular steam cleaning task.

Right after you’ve set everything up, you can begin moving the floor cleaner across your floors. In doing this, the floor cleaner will steam clean and remove the stains and messes that are on your floors. But, it will also vacuum up things like dirt, dust, and small pieces of debris.

Bissell 1132A Symphony Vac And Steam 2 in 1 Review
Bissell 1132A

All of that gunk will be thrown directly into a small tank, which holds all of the dry material that has been vacuumed up. And, when you’re finished using the cleaner, you can simply detach the tank and dump its contents into the trash.

What is really nice about this floor cleaner is the fact that Bissell includes three bottles of cleaning solution, and eight Spring Breeze Freshening Discs. With the three bottles of cleaning solution, you’re able to enhance the strength of the steam that is coming out of the floor cleaner, making it easier to remove really thick and nasty stains.

The Spring Breeze Freshening Discs give the steam a nice scent, which makes your floors smell really nice.

While every feature and design trait of this floor cleaner is excellent, what must be mentioned is the fact that this is an expensive machine. Because of that, it’s ideal for people who are genuinely in need of its capabilities.

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Ultimately, if you need an excellent floor cleaner that offers strong vacuuming and steam cleaning, the Bissell 1132A Symphony Vac And Steam is a great choice!

Bissell 1132A Symphony Vac And Steam Review
Bissell 1132A

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