Best Vacuum for Wool Carpet

A carpet is not just about the design, it is also about the quality and material. Finding a carpet that will last you a long time and look great in your home is important. Wool is the material which will likely give you the best combination of style and durability.

Is wool easy to clean? Can a regular vacuum do the trick? In all honesty, if you want your rug to last you as long as possible, you will need to make sure you are properly equipped to clean it. This guide will help you find the perfect wool vacuum cleaner.

What to Look Out For When Choosing Your Vacuum

Vibration Technology
Traditional high-suction vacuum cleaners or hard-brittle brushes can sometimes hurt your wool rug when you are cleaning it. Vibration technology can help break away dirt, dust, and grime without damaging the material. This mechanism is not equipped on many vacuums, but one of the models in our guide is.

For your rug to last a long time, the vacuum cleaner you use needs to make sure it cleans it thoroughly without pulling it undone. This can happen if there is too much, harsh suction. When you are looking at different vacuum models, check to see if there are any with various suction levels. This feature can allow you to use higher levels on less fragile carpets, and a lower level for your wool one, or any rug with softer material.

Your wool rug will pull apart if you are using a brush which is too hard for its fibers. The last thing you want it a wool mess, so always look for soft brush options rather than hard ones.

Price Range
There is a wide spectrum of price and quality when it comes to vacuum cleaners. Definitely make sure you have given yourself a budget when shopping for the right vacuum cleaner. Just as with any household item, the more you pay the better quality your appliance is likely to be. That said, there are many inexpensive options for you to choose from if you’re on a tight budget.
It is also important to take into account the size and weight of the vacuum. If you live in a small apartment of have little storage room, try looking for a smaller one. The vacuums can also vary in weight, in which case you want to make sure you’re not getting one too heavy for you, especially if you have a lot of surface to vacuum.

Wool Carpet Maintenance
While suction level, brush type, and other features are crucial for your wool carpet to last, it is just as important for you to know when to use the vacuum and how. It is recommended you clean your wool rug an average of once a week.

If you clean it less than that, you risk having dirt and particle build up. If you clean it more than once a week, however, you risk pulling and damaging the wool’s fibers.

There are three methods of cleaning is it is discolored or soiled. These are the dry foam, dry extraction and spray extraction methods.

Dry Foam
If your carpet is exposed to too much water or humidity, it can result in mold. For a water-free cleaning solution, dry foam is a great option. First, spray an aerosol cleaner onto your wool rug. Next, with either a brush or a sponge, remove the excess dust. Once your wool carpet has dried, use your vacuum cleaner on the rug.

Dry Extraction
Another effective option is the dry extraction method. To do this, first pour some cleaning powder solution onto the wool rug. Next, using either a sponge or a brush, remove the excess dust and particles. You can immediately afterwards vacuum the carpet.

Spray Extraction Cleaning
If you have bad staining on your carpet, this method is ideal. That said, you should not overuse it because it uses water, and humidity can cause damage or mold in your rug. If you use this method too often your rug may not properly dry and can result in a shorter life span.

To use this method, warm water is mixed with a cleaning solution, and is seeped into the carpet using pressure. The fluid with lift the particles and dust build up, and a wet vacuum system can remove the excess easily out of the carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a particular way I should vacuum my wool rug?
Short answer, yes. First, begin vacuuming against the grain of your rug. Then, vacuum in the same direction as the grain. This will ensure the look of the carpet is not changed and is evenly flat. Afterwards, make sure to move the vacuum cleaner slowly to pick up anything that is left.

How many times a month can I use the wool vacuum cleaner?
As said previously, once a week is a good target to hit in terms of cleaning. Try to get in two to four vacuum cleanings a month to maintain the longevity of your rug’s quality.

Is vacuuming wool even a good idea?
Absolutely. It is ideal for limiting allergies, keeping the carpet dust-free, and looking great. If you follow our maintenance tips and do not vacuum more than four times a month, then your rug should be in top shape. To find the right wool vacuum cleaner for you, use our guide! We chose either Shark Navigator Vacuum as our favorite.

To conclude
It is essential for you to have the proper maintenance tools, techniques, and equipment for your home’s wool rug if you want it to last as long as possible. Make sure you use our guide to select the optimal appliance possible.

Your rug can be severely damaged if you do not care for it properly, and if you use the wrong vacuum cleaner, it may not last you long. We hope our guide has helped you know what to look out for when looking for a wool vacuum cleaner.


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