Best Upright Wet/Dry Vacuums in 2020

In this buying guide, you are going to learn all about upright wet/dry vacuums and how to find the best one for your needs. Right after finishing this guide, you will know all you need to know about upright wet/dry vacuums, and how to find the one that’s right for you.

Best Upright Wet/Dry Vacuums
Upright Wet-Dry Vacuum

Upright Wet/Dry Vacuums | Bestsellers

Buying Guide For The Best Upright Wet/Dry Vacuum

To begin the buying guide, we are going to look at what an upright wet/dry vacuum is, what it does, and the advantages that it offers. When we are finished looking at those qualities, we will go through the five main qualities that you must consider, when searching for an upright wet/dry vacuum. To end the buying guide, we will cover the most frequently asked questions.

What, Exactly, Is An Upright Wet/Dry Vacuum?

In essence, an upright wet/dry vacuum is an upright vacuum cleaner that offers wet/dry functionality. But, in order for that to make sense, we need to define what an upright vacuum is, and what a wet/dry vacuum is.

Best Upright Wet Dry Vacuums
Upright Wet-Dry Vacuum

If you go to just about any store or marketplace that sells vacuum cleaners, you will see quite a few upright vacuums. This is because they are the most affordable and most powerful. As such, they can be used for just about any vacuuming task, while costing very little to purchase.

Just as the name implies, an upright vacuum is a vacuum that stands upright. Most upright vacuums are a few-feet tall, slightly wide, and concise. To use an upright vacuum, all you need to do is tilt it and push it. By doing this, you can move an upright vacuum all across your floors, vacuuming up whatever happens to be on those floors.

A wet/dry vacuum is a vacuum cleaner that can pick up dry material – which every vacuum cleaner can pick up – as well as wet material. Most vacuum cleaners, with the exception of wet/dry vacuum cleaners, can’t pick up wet material. But, wet/dry vacuum cleaners can, which means that they can remove water, spilled milk, soda that’s fallen on the ground, ice; along with many other liquids.

To enhance the overall experience, most upright wet/dry vacuums offer a mopping system. This mopping system allows you to mop your floors, as you vacuum them.

So, essentially, an upright wet/dry vacuum is an upright vacuum that can vacuum up wet and dry material. Because of this functionality, they are some of the most powerful and versatile vacuum cleaners on the market!

Wet-Dry Vacuums
Upright Wet-Dry Vacuum

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Upright Wet/Dry Vacuum?

A good upright wet/dry vacuum offers several key advantages. These key advantages transform the entire vacuuming experience, allowing for greater convenience and efficiency.

The main advantage, naturally, is that you can vacuum up wet material. If you spill some water, for example, then you can vacuum it up. But, you can also vacuum up larger quantities of liquid, which is useful if you spill a lot of liquid.

DID YOU KNOW. Traditional wet/dry vacuums are often used to clean out flooded basements and to remove thick, dense objects from work sites – nuts, screws, and bolts; to name three examples.

To go along with that, upright wet/dry vacuums offer plenty of suction power. By having this suction power, you can easily vacuum your hard and soft floors. That way, you can thoroughly vacuum those floors, ensuring that they are as clean as they can be.

Most upright wet/dry vacuums are also quite affordable. Even if they are more expensive than a standard upright vacuum, they still don’t cost that much, which makes them a great choice if you need something powerful, efficient, and inexpensive.

Ultimately, upright wet/dry vacuums offer versatility, efficiency, and affordability. These three advantages allow for a truly excellent vacuuming experience!

Wet Dry Vacs
Upright Wet-Dry Vacuum

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Finding The Best Upright Wet/Dry Vacuum For Your Needs

What Is A Reasonable Price For An Upright Wet/Dry Vacuum?

The first quality that must be considered, when searching for an upright wet/dry vacuum, is your budget. If you do not consider your budget, before beginning the buying process, it is likely that you will either spend too much, or purchase an upright wet/dry vacuum that doesn’t offer what you need.

For you to set your budget, though, you will need to know how much upright wet/dry vacuums cost and a reasonable price for an upright wet/dry vacuum. But, this question is dependent on the exact upright wet/dry vacuum that is being offered, and the various features that the device offers.

If you go online, you can find upright wet/dry vacuums that offer very basic vacuuming and mopping features. These upright wet/dry vacuums may only cost around $80 to $120.

For basic vacuuming tasks, they work very well. For basic mopping tasks, they also work very well. But, they aren’t designed for especially thorough vacuuming or mopping, and they aren’t always able to remove especially thick and dense stains or to vacuum on thick rugs and carpets.

If you look a little deeper, though, you can find upright wet/dry vacuums that offer a more elaborate set of features. Features such as a thicker and stronger brush, greater suction power, and even a larger tank for holding the material that has been vacuumed up. Each one of these features allow for a far more thorough and effective floor cleaning process, making it easier to thoroughly vacuum and mop floors of all sorts.

As you would expect, though, an upright wet/dry mop that offers those features costs more than ones that don’t. You will most likely end up paying $200 to $300 for an upright wet/dry vacuum of that sort.

If you choose to purchase a cordless upright wet/dry vacuum with those same features, the price will go up. It is not unreasonable to pay $350 for a cordless upright wet/dry vacuum that offers those capabilities.

Best wet and dry vacuum cleaners
Upright Wet-Dry Vacuum

How Light/Heavy Does The Upright Wet/Dry Vacuum Need To Be?

The majority of upright wet/dry vacuums that you can purchase are quite light. This is especially true when you compare them to regular upright vacuums. Due to this lightness, weight isn’t a significant issue, but it is worth thinking about.

Most of the upright wet/dry vacuums that you can purchase are around eight-to-twelve-pounds. For an upright vacuum, that is pretty light, so you shouldn’t have any problems moving the vacuum around and picking it up.

What you should consider, though, is where you will be using the vacuum. If you intend to clean tight and narrow spaces – perhaps, you live in a studio apartment, for example – then the lighter and smaller the upright wet/dry vacuum is, the better your experience will be. Ideally, then, the upright wet/dry vacuum will be no more than twelve-pounds, and quite slim.

If you will be using the upright wet/dry vacuum in spaces that are a decent size, then weight and size won’t be a significant issue for you. But, even then, finding an upright wet/dry vacuum that is under fifteen-pounds will be ideal, since it allows the overall cleaning experience to be comfortable and easy.

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What Type Of Surfaces Should You Clean With An Upright Wet/Dry Vacuum?

Since upright wet/dry vacuums can vacuum up dry and wet material, they can vacuum on nearly any surface. But, even though they can do that, some upright wet/dry vacuums are better on certain surfaces than others.

If you purchase a less expensive upright wet/dry vacuum, it is likely that vacuuming hard floors will be an effortless task. All of the dirt, dust, and debris on those surfaces will flow into the vacuum without effort. But, vacuuming on thicker surfaces – carpets and rugs – won’t be so easy. Most of the inexpensive upright wet/dry vacuums that are available offer less suction power than their more expensive counterparts, which can make the process more difficult.

As this is the case, if you intend to vacuum on soft surfaces, spending the extra money is ideal. To go along with that, looking for an upright wet/dry vacuum with an especially thick or strong brush will also make the experience much easier.

The majority of upright wet/dry vacuums are perfect for mopping hard surfaces. Due to their brushes and the ways in which they use water and detergent, they can easily remove stains and liquid messes of all sorts.

Regardless of the upright wet/dry vacuum that you purchase, cleaning hard floors will be extremely easy. But, if you are looking to clean soft surfaces, it’s best to spend the extra money on an upright wet/dry vacuum that offers the suction power and brushing system that’s needed.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners
Upright Wet-Dry Vacuum

What Size Tank Should You Look For?

Just about every single upright wet/dry vacuum has two tanks. One of these tanks is for holding clean water, which is often mixed with cleaning solution. Then, the other tank is used to hold the material that’s been vacuumed up, including the water that was used for the mopping process.

Most of the tanks that upright wet/dry vacuums use are quite small. This is because most upright wet/dry vacuums don’t need to use a lot of water, and they don’t need a lot of space to vacuum up the liquids that are being removed. But, since these are vacuums, they will be vacuuming up dust, dirt, and small pieces of debris. Because of that, vacuuming up those materials and having to empty the dirt tank so frequently can be very annoying.

For the easiest and most pleasant experience, purchasing an upright wet/dry vacuum with a tank that can hold at least 12-ounces is ideal. If the upright wet/dry vacuum is smaller than that, you will have to empty it out more often, which can become annoying.

If you intend to use your upright wet/dry vacuum on surfaces such as carpets and rugs, where there is lots of dust and dirt, then a larger tank is the best choice. Most of the 24-ounce tanks work quite well, and you can vacuum for longer periods of time without needing to empty them constantly.

Should You Go With A Corded Or Cordless Upright Wet/Dry Vacuum?

If you go online or to a store, you will find corded and cordless upright wet/dry vacuums. Most of the corded upright wet/dry vacuums are less expensive than the cordless. This is because cordless upright wet/dry vacuums offer greater mobility and versatility. But, at the same time, every cordless upright wet/dry vacuum relies on a battery, and this battery usually doesn’t offer a lot of battery-life.

A corded upright wet/dry vacuum is far less versatile and mobile than a cordless one. By having a corded upright wet/dry vacuum, you can’t move the vacuum anywhere you want, and if you need to go to another room, you will have to unplug the device. But, you aren’t reliant on a battery that only has a certain amount of battery-life.

A cordless upright wet/dry vacuum is quite versatile and mobile. The thing is, though, most cordless upright wet/dry vacuums only have thirty-minutes of battery-life. That isn’t a lot, and it isn’t ideal for long or thorough cleanings.

As such, if you are looking for mobility and versatility, cordless is better. But, if you need reliability and want to perform thorough cleanings, corded will be the best choice.

CAUTION. Leaving dirt, grime, and moisture on the brush after cleaning is a bad idea. Make sure to clean the brush off after every cleaning session or else it will begin to fall apart.

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Upright Wet/Dry Vacuums: F.A.Q.

How Do You Clean The Brush Of The Upright Wet/Dry Vacuum?

Most upright wet/dry vacuums allow you to clean the brush in one of two ways. The first way consists of detaching the brush, soaking it in water, and wiping it down. The second way consists of using an included tool that allows you to clean the brush automatically. This is, of course, more convenient than the former.

Do You Have To Use A Cleaning Solution For The Mopping System?

No, you don’t. But, adding some cleaning solution into the water will make the mopping process more effective. Removing thick and dense stains will be much easier, and so will removing things like dirt and dust.

How Long Is The Average Power Cord For An Upright Wet/Dry Vacuum?

The average power cord for an upright wet/dry vacuum is around twenty-feet. For most people, this is ideal. But, you can also find upright wet/dry vacuums with power cords that are longer than that. Extension cords are, of course, also available, and they can be very useful.

FOR YOUR SAFETY. Even though upright wet/dry vacuums can remove liquids, there power cords should be as far away from liquid as possible.

Upright Wet & Dry Vacuum
Upright Wet-Dry Vacuum


In the end, a good upright wet/dry vacuum makes cleaning your floors a very easy task! If you follow this guide and consider the information we’ve outlined for you, you won’t have any problems finding the upright wet/dry vacuum that is right for you.

Upright Wet/Dry Vacuums | Bestsellers

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