Best Steam Cleaners with Attachments in 2022: Buying Guide

Today, there are a lot of really great steam cleaners available. Some of these steam cleaners come with attachments, which give you the ability to remove different kinds of materials, from a variety of different spaces and surfaces.

Steam Cleaners with Accessories

In this buying guide, you’re going to learn about the five best steam cleaners that come with attachments. And then, you’re going to learn how you can find the best steam cleaner, with attachments, for your needs!

Best Cleaners with Accessory Kit

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What Are The Best Steam Cleaners With Attachments?

5) COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

COSTWAY 2000W Multipurpose Steam Cleaner with 19...
  • 🏠【Efficient Cleaning】The 2000W steam cleaner features high steam temperature up to 226°F for deep...
  • 🏠【Uninterrupted Cleaning & Large Tank】The steam cleaner need pre-heating 5 to 6 minutes before using ....
  • 🏠【Automatic Power Off】The steam cleaner with built in child lock which is designed to protect children...

4) The Steamfast SF-370WH Steam Cleaner

To start off, we have the Steamfast SF-370WH Steam Cleaner. It’s not a huge steam cleaner, and it works well if you are looking for mobility.

Steamfast SF-370WH Steam Cleaner

When it comes to steam power, this steam cleaner is able to clean just about any surface, and any type of stain/material. It has a forty-five ounce tank that provides forty-five minutes of steam power.

What makes it a great steam cleaner, though, is the fact that it comes equipped with a variety of different attachments. One of these attachments is a steam mop attachment, which allows you to use this steam cleaner as a steam mop. And, there are different brushes and tools that give you a lot of flexibility and choices, when it comes to what you clean, and how you clean it!

Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner with 15...
  • MAXIMUM PORTABILITY — Designed for ease of use with a 15-foot power cord with integrated cord wrap, wheels,...
  • 15 VERSATILE ACCESSORIES — Equipped for steam cleaning jobs in and around your home including mop pads,...
  • LARGE CAPACITY TANK — The 48-ounce water tank heats up in 8 minutes and provides up to 45 minutes of steam

3) The McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Cleaner

The McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Cleaner has a nice, clean design. It looks nice, and it feels nice to use. It offers forty-five-minutes of steam, and a significant amount of steam cleaning power. Plus, it offers a bunch of different attachments that you can use for whatever steam cleaning purposes you have.

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Cleaner

If you need to mop, there is a floor mop attachment. This attachment works on any stain that you are dealing with. There is a jet nozzle you can use, which focuses the steam into one point, making it easy to remove tight and confined stains. With scrub pads, you can scrub out really nasty stains that are on a hard surface. And there are plenty of other attachments you can use.

When you combine those attachments with the excellent design and fantastic steam power of this machine, you get an excellent steam cleaner!

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner with 18...
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Backed by a 2-year hassle-free warranty and supported by a customer service team...
  • CHEMICAL-FREE CLEANING - Naturally deep clean without the use of harsh chemicals using hot, pressured steam to...
  • LARGE CAPACITY TANK - The 48-ounce water tank heats up in under 8 minutes and provides up to 45 minutes of...

2) The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner has a unique cubic design. It’s a simple design that isn’t always the easiest to move around, but it does look nice and you can easily understand what goes where and what does what.

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

When you fill up this steam cleaner, you have access to fifty-minutes of steam. This steam is heated at a temperature of 275-degrees, which is very hot, and great for steam cleaning just about anything.

With the accessories and attachments, you can steam clean just about anything. There is a mop attachment that works very well, even if it isn’t as large as other mop attachments. And, there are plenty of brushes, hoses, and nozzles that you can use to guide and direct the steam, so that it’s easy for you to use the steam cleaner.

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Powerful Multipurpose...
  • POWERFUL STEAM CLEANER: up to 275°F/135°C. Best multi purpose steamer for home, cars and more.
  • HEAVY-DUTY & LARGE CAPACITY: Up to 50 minutes of cleaning time per fill up.

1) The Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner

The Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner is the last steam cleaner we’re going to be looking at. It’s one of the most expensive steam cleaners available, and that’s due to the intensity of the steam it produces, which is 303-degrees.

Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner

If you are looking for power and efficiency, this is a great steam cleaner to choose. If you are looking for attachments and flexibility, then this is also a great steam cleaner to choose.

When it comes to attachments, this steam cleaner offers quite a few. Most of them are related to brushing and scrubbing. But, there are attachments for nozzles and hoses that allow you to steam clean in precise and concentrated areas, or underneath/within spaces that are hard to reach.

You have a lot of flexibility with this steam cleaner, and this flexibility comes from the attachments, as well as the sheer amount of steam power that you have access to!

Dupray One Steam Cleaner- Portable, All-Purpose,...
  • Up to 50 minutes of cleaning time per fill up.
  • QUALITY ACCESSORIES : 16-piece kit.

When You’re Looking For The Best Steam Cleaner With Attachments, What Do You Need To Consider?

What Kinds Of Attachments Are You Looking For?

To start off, it’s important to consider the attachments that you need. Most of the steam cleaners we just looked at come with a lot of different attachments, and these attachments serve a variety of different needs.

Heavy Duty Steamer for Floors

You need to think about the attachments that you really need. These are the attachments that are the most important to you, based on what it is that you need to steam clean and the kinds of things that you want to be cleaning.

If you want to use the steam cleaner as a steam mop, then a good steam mop attachment is essential. If you plan on steam cleaning garments or upholstery, then a brush or nozzle specifically designed for that will be very important for those needs. If you plan on steam cleaning really small, but thick, stains, then some kind of small, but concentrated, nozzle will be very helpful.

Steam Cleaner with Accessory Kit

It all depends on what you need and what you are planning to do with the steam cleaner. Some attachments will be a lot more useful for you than others, and there are some attachments that won’t be useful for you at all.

Make sure you know what attachments you need, so that you can find a steam cleaner that has them. That will make using the steam cleaner, for your purposes, a lot easier.

How Much Steam Power Do You Need?

The next thing you must consider is the amount of steam power that you need. But, this is a tricky thing to think about, because it isn’t always easy to determine how much steam power you need, or how much steam power a steam cleaner actually gives you.

Cleaner with Complete Accessories

If you need a lot of steam power, then 290-degrees, or higher, will work very well for you. If you don’t need a lot, but want a decent amount, then 245-degrees, or more, will be perfect. And, if you just need a bit of steam power, anything over 200-degrees is perfect for that!

Of course, it’s very important that you determine how much steam power you actually need. If you are going to be steam cleaning on really dirty surfaces with lots of gunk and grime, surfaces that other steam cleaners have had problems with, then a more powerful steam mop is ideal – 300-degrees. But, if you are just steam cleaning on surfaces that are quite dirty, but not to any extremes, then 245-degrees, or more, will work perfectly. And, if you just need to do some light cleaning of stains and messes, then 200-degrees, or more, will give you no problems.

Heavy Duty Cleaner with Accessories

How Long Do You Want The Steam To Last?

If you have a big steam cleaner, then the steam will last for a longer period of time. But, if you have a steam cleaner that is smaller, then the steam tank is smaller, and that means the steam doesn’t last as long.

Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

If you want to steam clean for a long period of time, without any interruptions, then you can find steam cleaners that last for ninety-minutes. And, you can also find steam cleaners that last for only thirty-minutes.

On the store pages for different steam cleaners, you’ll see how long the steam lasts. And, you can make a judgement call as to whether that amount of time is right for you, based on the convenience you are searching for.

Best Steam Cleaners

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A Steam Cleaner Work?

A steam cleaner works by taking water, and then using a heating mechanism to turn that water into steam. It’s heated at a very high temperature. And then, that steam is funneled through a mechanism that allows it to be used with a mop, nozzle, scrub brush, etc.

Multi-Purpose Home Cleaner

What Are Some Of The Most Common Attachments?

Most steam cleaners come with a mopping attachment that turns the steam cleaner into a mop. That is the most common attachment. But, a lot of steam cleaners come with several nozzles and brushes, as well as a scrubbing attachment.

How Much Does The Average Steam Cleaner With Attachments Cost?

On average, you’ll spend around $150. But, you can spend less and get a steam cleaner that’s really good, and you can spend more and get one that’s even better. But, $150 is the sweet-spot, and the average price.

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner

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A steam cleaner is truly an invaluable tool. It makes quick work of all kinds of different stains and messes, and they provide a level of efficiency that no other mop offers. When you combine those qualities with attachments, you get even more versatility and efficiency!

Overall Recommended Canister Steam Cleaners
Best of the Best!Best SellerAlso Great
Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer for Floors, Cars, Home Use and MoreMcCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner with 20 Accessories, Extra-Long Power Cord, Chemical-Free Cleaning for Most Floors, Counters, Appliances, Windows, Autos, and More, 1-(Pack), BlackWagner Spraytech C900053.M SteamMachine Multi-Purpose Home Steamer Steam Cleaner, 53, Blue
Dupray NeatMcCulloch MC1375Wagner Spraytech
 • 7 min Heat Up
 • 54 oz. Water Tank
 • 50 min. of cleaning
 • 7 ft. Steam Hose
 • 16 x 15 x 14 in
 • 9 pounds
 • 10 min Heat Up
 • 48 oz. Water Tank
 • 90 min. of cleaning
 • 10 ft. Steam Hose
 • 15.6 x 12.1 x 10.5 in
 • 11 pounds
 • 8 min Heat Up
 • 40 oz. Water Tank
 • 45 min. of cleaning
 • 6 ft. Steam Hose
 • 18.5 x 11.5 x 10.5 in
 • 12 pounds

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Previous Recommended In Our List

The Wagner Spraytech Multi-Purpose Home Steamer

Next up, we have the Wagner Spraytech Multi-Purpose Home Steamer. This is a very powerful steam cleaner, and it produces some very hot and very intense steam, which lasts for forty-five-minutes. Steam that you are then able to harness using a variety of different attachments.

While the main steam cleaner is small and mobile, if you add certain attachments, it becomes bigger. And, this is a good thing, because it enhances your reach with the steam cleaner, making it easier to steam clean various surfaces and areas.

Wagner Spraytech Multi-Purpose Home Steamer

There are various attachments and accessories that you have access to. With different brushes and nozzles, it’s easy to steam clean certain surfaces, and to remove stains that are especially thick or difficult to remove.

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