Best Portable Carpet Cleaners for Spots in 2022: Buying Guide

We have researched some of the range of hand-held carpet spot cleaners that are available for you this year. We have personally delved in to all the features and will talk about those models that are the most cost efficient, as well as rated online as the best performers by customers.

Ultimately, those listed below are all a very good choice, however there was a clear winner from our research. Let’s take a look.

Best Portable Carpet Cleaners for Spots

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Our Recommended Portable Carpet Cleaners For Spots in 2022

5) Hoover FH11300PC Spotless Portable Carpet Cleaner

A simple, lightweight design makes this one of the best portable carpet cleaners for spot cleaning.

Hoover FH11300PC Spotless Portable Carpet Cleaner
Hoover FH11300PC Spotless Portable Carpet Cleaner

Regardless of where this portable carpet cleaner is situated, you have easy access to a cleaning wand. You can use this cleaning wand to spray and scrub nearly any surface. By spraying and scrubbing any surface, you can remove the dirt, gunk, grime, and stains on that surface.

All of the dirt, gunk, and grime you remove can flow into the portable carpet cleaner. Just hold the suction nozzle, point it at the wet/loose material, and that’s it. Then, you can empty the carpet cleaner, and finish the process.

Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Achieve ultimate portability with this lightweight design to reach and remove stains virtually...
  • CONVENIENT DEEP CLEAN: Spray, scrub, and remove anything from pet messes to everyday mishaps
  • LONGER REACH: Easily reach spots and stains on carpet, upholstery, stairs and more with the 5feet hose

4) RugDoctor 93390 Pet Portable Spot Cleaner

Just as the name suggests, this portable cleaner is meant for pets. Because of this, Rug Doctor has crafted a special “pet formula” that you can use to remove nasty pet stains with greater ease than other formulas.

RugDoctor 93390 Pet Portable Spot Cleaner
RugDoctor 93390 Pet Portable Spot Cleaner

Beyond the pet formula, though, this cleaner offers fantastic suction and brushing capabilities. You can use both of these capabilities to remove nasty pet stains, chunks of dirt, bits of grime, as well as any other stains that are on your carpet.

Since this is a small device – as are the tools this device relies on – you can clean nearly any spot or surface.

Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner, 2X Suction...
  • 2X SUCTION POWER* (compared to leading comparable portable spot cleaners). The Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot...
  • HANDHELD DUAL ACTION PET TOOL with rubberized bristles removes pet hair, tough stains and odors. Easily...
  • PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT design features carpet-friendly wheels and a retractable handle. Perfect for...

3) The Bissell SpotBot Pet 33N8A

This particular model boasts a hand-held scrubber too. It isn’t comparable to that of the SpotClean Pro, however the automatic scrubber tool for the SpotBot Pet NBA ensures that it is well equipped to easily cope with small messes on the floor without any additional effort.

The Bissell SpotBot Pet 33N8A
The Bissell SpotBot Pet 33N8A

It’s very much like a smaller version of a street sweeper. All you need to do is place the vacuuming unit directly over the stain you want to remove and the machine will do all the rest. We found it particularly ideal for those nasty little dog messes or cat vomit.

Our testing also showed that the automatic scrubber efficiently removed stains such as red wine, egg batter, grease and black ink from white carpet. Ideally, it should be used on the ground surface, however it is also effective for furniture or cushions on the proviso that it’s flush against the fabric.

SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with...
  • Every BISSELL purchase helps save pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to...
  • Get rid of messes without getting your hands dirty. This hands free portable carpet cleaner does all the...
  • Preset cleaning cycles that automatically spray, brush, and suction to permanently remove both surface and...

2) Bissell 2694 Portable Spot/Stain Cleaner

The Bissell 2694 Portable Spot/Stain Cleaner comes with three tools. These tools are as follows; the Tough Stain tool, the Deep Reach tool, and the Self-Cleaning tool.

Bissell 2694 Portable SpotStain Cleaner
Bissell 2694 Portable SpotStain Cleaner

You can use the Tough Stain tool to remove stains from any surface. You can use the Deep Reach tool to reach deep into carpets and rugs, removing the gunk, grime, and stains within those surfaces. You can use the Self-Cleaning tool to clean this device’s water tank.

Each one of these devices allows for a pleasant and effective cleaning process. Due to the size of this device, you can clean nearly any spot, with ease.

Bissell SpotClean ProHeat Portable Spot and Stain...
  • Every Purchase Saves Pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save...
  • Permanent Stain Removal with the Power of OXY. Take on your toughest spots and stains with the power of...
  • Heatwave Technology. Helps maintain water temperature throughout the cleaning process as you loosen and remove...

1) The Bissell SpotClean Pro 3624

This spot cleaner uses hot water, a hand-held suction brush and a cleaning formula. When we tested it, the Bissell SpotClean Pro 3624 efficiently used these features to remove tough stains from a white rug.

The Bissell SpotClean Pro 3624
The Bissell SpotClean Pro 3624

The unit is also effectively cleaned both car upholstery and couch cushion covers. With a removable lid, it makes it easy to empty the dirty water after cleaning. Particularly if you have children or pets that will vomit, urinate or soil your carpet and other household items, car interior or furniture in any variety of ways.

The Bissell SpotClean Pro 3624 is a durable and effective cleaner. If you are looking for a model that will cover a living room’s entire area, then I would suggest an upright washer for that purpose.

This model also doesn’t deep clean or disinfect carpets or upholstery. However, those that we interviewed with expertise in furniture, appliance specialists and pro cleaners all agree that only industrial cleaning specialists have the type of machinery needed for this purpose.

Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Professional Portable...
  • Every Bissell purchase helps save pets. Bissell proudly supports Bissell pet foundation and its mission to...
  • Our most powerful portable spot and stain cleaner for carpets, stairs, upholstery, auto interiors, and more.
  • Combines superior suction, scrubbing action and professional cleaning solution to remove stubborn pet stains,...

Buying Guide

Portable Carpet Cleaners for Pets

If your main purpose for buying a new carpet cleaner is to remove pet hair and other unavoidable messes from pets, a small carpet cleaner may just be what you need. They are compact and available in a range of sizes and for many purposes. It is particularly useful if you do not have a lot of storage space, and aren’t able to lug around too many heavy cleaning tools.

Portable Carpet Cleaners for Pets

Compact spot carpet cleaners have the advantage of being easily stored in your cupboard, whilst also being able to get into those hard to reach areas. We all have our different ways of cleaning, and unique ways of lifting the dirt and stains in our homes. The best part about a portable spot cleaner is that it can be easily assembled and once done, will directly target the stain. They are particularly useful for when you have little emergencies or gatherings in your home.

All of us have had many experiences with spillages of powder or liquid and have needed to remove it quickly. This creates the risk of permanently damaging our carpets as well as the expense it adds to replacing them. This is why a hand-held carpet cleaner is such a flexible and efficient machine to have in your home. It’s easily moved around as it does not weigh a lot, in comparison to some of the heavier models on the market. I’m sure we can all remember the older models that were so awkward to move around! It is also more cost efficient and makes removing grime and dirt so much easier to manage.

Here are some suggestions for you to think about prior to purchasing your next portable shampooer for your home or business.

Purpose and Scale of the Job

The type and size of the cleaning job you require is the first factor you will need to consider. It really doesn’t matter what machine you pick, as long as it is suitable for the job. For those of you who have wall-to-wall carpeting in your home, a larger sized model would be a more appropriate machine to handle the job. It can be physically demanding, may hurt your back, and be very time consuming.
Additionally, if it is portable, you can hurt your knees as you kneel down to address every stain you have on your carpet. You should utilize the hand-held, portable shampoo model to remove the stains on your stairs, or under your furniture, as this is what it is designed to do

Portable Carpet Cleaner

Additionally, consider what your cleaning job is. It could be a large mess that is obvious on your carpet, or your darling pooch left an unpleasant surprise behind the couch. This kind of job doesn’t require a large model to remove a small mess. A hand-held option is much more convenient and will produce outstanding results.


Even at the best of times, cleaning can be an onerous task; complicated further by having to lug around a big machine with every step you take. This is where a more compact and easy to carry machine is a much better option, and having a portable shampooer has the bonus of making your cleaning job so much easier; especially for those with larger homes. Not everyone can lift heavy machinery, so a smaller machine is something to suit one and all. If your daily job is cleaning, you need to be quick and versatile. Luckily most larger models have wheels to glide along thick carpet and make your job easier.

Generally, most machines will be balanced by a handle that you can use to control its movement. This is another coside5ration you will need to make when you are looking at purchasing a machine. Ensure that the grip is sturdy and doesn’t slip out of your hands as this will only further frustrate the cleaning process.

A portable steam cleaner is another option for some of your other cleaning requirements.


Your portable spot cleaner for your carpet should come with a warranty. Make sure you don’t leave the store without it. Check the fine print to see what faulty parts are covered as these machines are much different to other purchases you may make. Generally, a standard warranty will only cover between one and two years of your entire machine. A;so see if transporting your more compact machine is covered in the warranty. Unfortunately, a lot of people discover that they are required to cover the costs for damages when it is too late.

Don’t forget that warranties don’t cover the attachments that come in the box when you purchase the machine. If you don’t read the fine print you will be frustrated to find that the motor is the only part of the machine that is covered. Cover all bases, and phone the company, contact the manufacturer online or call their support line if you are unsure about the terms of the warranty. It’s important that you know which parts of your machine are covered if your product breaks, otherwise it may be too late to do anything about it.


Most compact carpet cleaners come with a tank attached. This gives you the convenience of being able to freely move around each room in your house. Without a tank, it would be cumbersome carrying around your cleaner and make an unpleasant task even worse. The larger models are fitted with large tanks making their capacity to carry water much better. Depending on the size of the tank, you may either need to fill it up frequently or just sporadically. This can be difficult if your water source is not close.

Portable Carpet Cleaner Tank

The only benefit of walking through your house with a larger machine is the exercise it gives you; but you could also create further stains by doing so. Thus, you will have to get used to constantly filling up the tank with a water source close by, or fill up a bucket. Portable cleaners use water heaters for your more inground stains, so produce far better results.


Consider how much you would like to spend on your hand-held carpet cleaner. There are varying price ranges, so if you have a tight budget, it would be best to look at those that do the smaller tasks and are more cost effective. The purpose of your cleaning needs, and how often you will use it are also important considerations. Most people don’t want to be left without money when purchasing a product, so doing your research about the features of the smaller cleaning products you are looking at buying is very important.

Paying large amounts of money for any cleaning machine does not guarantee that it is a superior product. Thus, comparing the products on the market and taking the time to test them in-store will allow you to better understand their features and how easy they are to operate. Hopefully you will find a more compact cleaner that can remove the smaller stains on your carpets. And how convenient to be able to quickly get it out to clean up small stains at a party!


It is important to also consider the path of a hand-held cleaner. Considering that industry requirements are three inches, looking at the area the attachments can clean in one cleaning session will help you see if your machine has a good flow. Make sure you avoid the machines that don’t have the suction to consistently suck up items and repeatedly get stuck when you are trying to pick up dirt or dust. Who has time to waste on such unnecessary tasks?

It is much easier to get to get those hard to reach places, such as your stairs or couch if you have a wider path. This way you are more easily able to focus and have more control over those troublesome areas that you’re trying to clean. When you have a path that will pick up more than just one area of mess, you will save a of time as you clean. I’m sure that I’m not the only that has returned home to find a plant spill, or a dropped salt container. These kind of spills spread quickly and can create much more work. The advantage of having a portable cleaner, with a wide directional path is that it will be cleaned up effortlessly without creating further work.


Having a machine with no power is pointless. You can actually hear the machine struggling to remove your stains or spillages, with little impact. The other concern is that if you continue to use them. you may just burn hem out or they may catch fire. Definitely consider the strength of the motor prior to purchasing, as you will need something that effectively removes spills and stains, as well as some of the larger cleaning jobs you will need it for.

Portable Carpet Cleaner(POWER)

You want a machine that consistently has a solid performance for your cleaning. It should therefore instantly remove dirt without you having to wait around for an inferior model that doesn’t match the description. If you look at the number of amps for your intended purchase, it will be a good indicator of how solid its performance will be.

The Not So Important Features

We found that these had very minimal impact when using the cleaners.

How Many Attachments Come with the Machine?

All upholstery and carpet cleaners came with at least one attachment, although we found that some had several varying sized cleaning tools for the purpose of cleaning hard to reach areas, or stairs. In our testing, they all worked well, and it really made no difference how many came with the machine.

Cleaning Formula

Each cleaner we researched had cleaning formula (a trial sized 8 ounce bottle) that came with the product. This is more than an adequate enough amount of product to fill an average sized water tank two times. Depending on how often you use your machine, it could last up to a year, particularly if you have low usage. For frequent use, the 32 ounce bottle of cleaning formula is also very cost effective at only $10. It is really up to you to find the cleaning formula that best suits your individual needs. Ensure that you really consider whether the one you choose for your upholstery or carpet doesn’t adversely impact the fabric, and that they are able to rebound well from water based cleaning formulas.

Portable Carpet Cleaner(Formulas)

Power Rating

It would be easy to assume that a higher powered motor would mean that it has a better performance, however we found that this was not necessarily the case. Of those we tested, we found that the top performers averaged 4-5 amps. Furthermore, one of the worst performers had a very strong sounding motor which ran at 10 amps.

Cord Length

It is unlikely that you will find a cleaning machine with a cord less than 14 feet long. Most are usually around the 20 foot range. These were both more than adequate for the average cleaning scenarios. With that range, you would have no problem getting around your car and getting entangled. We could only find one cordless model for our testing, and while it worked amazingly well for us, the reviews posted by other owners were largely complaining about leakage.

Heating Elements

There are some cleaners that have a ‘keep warm’ function which is said to keep your cleaning formula hot to enable optimum cleaning from your machine. We found, however, that a reduction in the temperature of your extraction machine really didn’t seem to effect the performance of your cleaning machine. This is particularly the case as most people will aim to complete their clean in a half an hour time-frame, so there is really no impact. There are much more important things to be concerned about, such as the strength of the cleaning formula, the stain you are trying to remove, the power suction and the type of upholstery or carpet fabric you are working with.

To Wheel or not to Wheel?

While some may find it easier to have wheels as opposed to carrying around a cleaning machine weighing 13 pounds, they also add extra weight and bulk to a machine that is already lightweight and easy to pick up. It really is a personal preference.

Portable Carpet Cleaner(2)

Capacity of the Water Tank

While using a good portion of cleaning formula will produce the best results. most machines are used for spot cleaning. Therefore, a smaller tank with a capacity of 35 ounces is more than enough to do the job. Size really doesn’t matter in this case.

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