Best Jewelry Steamer in 2021

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Well, actually, not only for girls but this hold true for anyone who likes jewelry. It’s not even limited to diamonds but this includes gold, silver, semi-precious stones, pearls…JEWELRY! Like any friend though, jewelry pieces need to be cherished and maintained if they are truly your friends. What kind of friend would you be if you won’t keep your jewelry looking as good as it did when you first bought it? Jewelry doesn’t, after all, come cheap.

Best Jewelry Steamer

In order to maintain your jewelry pieces, you definitely have to clean them. Some will polish them using jewelry polish. Others will leave them in solutions. Those, however, may abrade your beloved pieces, There is a better way to maintain your jewelry. In fact, this is also what is being used in jewelry stores when you bring them in for cleaning. As an alternative, you can try looking into jewelry steamers.

What is a Jewelry Steamer

You’ve probably heard by now of steam cleaners used in homes for cleaning floors or furniture. Steamers are basically machines that make use of heated water to produce steam used to clean or disinfect household items.

Jewelry steam cleaners operate under a pretty similar system as well. They are portable machines which use pressurized water in the form of steam to clean jewelry. A water tank that is installed on the machine is filled up and the water is heated up by a heating element.

After the water reaches boiling, blasts of steam are then produced. The jewelry pieces are then placed in a compartment on the machine so as to expose them to the steam for cleaning. This method is usually used in jewelry shops, but machines for personal use are available as well.

Jewelry Steamer

The Advantages Of Using A Jewelry Steam Cleaner


There are many available methods that can be used to clean jewelry. There are chemical solutions and soaks. There are polishes and pastes as well. Most of these, however, make use of chemicals which may be quite abrasive. They might cause damage to your pieces, especially if your pieces contain semi-precious stones. Jewelry steam cleaners eliminate the need for chemicals since they make use of heated water alone.

Swift Process

If you’ve ever tried cleaning your jewelry using more common methods, you will notice that it takes a lot of time and effort to clean jewelry. For soaks and solutions, you will need a couple of hours to soak your jewelry pieces to get satisfactory cleaning. For polishes, time is also needed for you to rub your jewelry pieces to restore their shine.

For jewelry steamers, it only takes a couple of minutes inside the compartment and your jewelry pieces come out as if you just bought them yesterday!

Old Can Once Again Become Gold!

The reason why you bought that piece of jewelry is because of the way it sparkled and shined. It, somehow, turns out to be disappointing when you bring them out of safekeeping just to see them dull and unattractive. Jewelry steamers bring back the sparkle to your stones and the shine to your metals!

It Keeps You Healthy

Constant exposure to chemicals, even if they pose as simple cleaners, will have some impact on your health. For jewelry cleaners, you also have residue which may be transferred to your body when you wear your piece. Jewelry steam cleaners don’t make use of chemicals thus removing chances of you getting exposed to chemicals in other types of jewelry cleaners.

It Keeps Your Surroundings Healthy As Well

This, again, all boils down to chemicals and their residues being, most probably, disposed into the drains and into our environment. With jewelry steam cleaners, the only thing that you need to dispose of is water since this is the only thing that this machine will use.

Buying Guide

Steam cleaners are slowly becoming popular these days because of its many uses. There are steam cleaners for furniture, for floors and now, even for jewelry. But with the many kinds of steam jewelry cleaners available in the market these days, how can you decide what actually can meet your needs?

Should I Switch To Steam Cleaners?

If you have many pieces of jewelry that you regularly bring to professional cleaners, you might want to consider buying a steam cleaner for your personal use. It is the same machine that professional cleaners actually use when you pay them to pay parts of your collection. Buying your own cleaner can eventually lead to more savings after being spared from paying of those cleaning fees.

Does It Keep Jewelry Looking Like New?

Jewelry, after some use, will actually accumulate dust and dirt. This buildup will eventually make your jewelry pieces look dull and tarnished. Steam cleaners release pressured steam which can dislodge dirt from all surfaces of your jewelry pieces even if they are intricately designed. This process keeps your jewelry looking new all the time!

Is It Safer And Chemical-Free?

Steam cleaners use only one thing and that is water. Aside from water which gets heated up inside the steam cleaner, you can be assured the process is chemical-free, making it very safe to use, protecting your jewelry from any damage or discoloration.

Jewelry Cleaning

What To Look For In A Jewelry Cleaner

Cleaning Mode

There are actually different kinds of jewelry cleaners. Ultrasonic cleaners make use of vibrations which mechanically dislodge dirt and debris from your jewelry pieces. Jewelry polish make clean your jewelry pieces make use of the rubbing motion which you do in order to bring your jewelry back into its sparkly state. Steam cleaners make use of steam to bring your jewelry pieces back into their original state without much effort in the quickest time possible,


Steam jewelry cleaners come in different sizes. Consider how big a collection you have in order to decide on how big your jewelry cleaner should be. The larger the collection, the larger your steam cleaner should be. It would be best to assess how big your pieces are as well. Make sure that your biggest piece can actually fit inside the steam cleaner.

Cleaning Solution

Most steam cleaners do not make use of cleaning solutions, although there are some that do include cleaning solutions with the unit. Although most steam cleaners use only water, you may add a small amount of soap to the water in the steam cleaner. This is, however, optional. For those who prefer to add cleaning solution, all-natural solutions may be used as well.

Jewelry Steamer Guide

Using A Jewelry Steamer

All steam cleaner will include a manual of instructions and it would be best for you to familiarize yourself with your cleaner by reading the instructions provided by the manufacturer. There are, however, basic instructions in the use of jewelry steamers,
1. Fill the tank of the jewelry cleaner.
2. Heat up the machine.
3. Place the jewelry in the compartment provided. This usually comes in the form of basket. Place this under the steam nozzle of the unit.
4. Leave your jewelry inside the cleaner until the cleaning cycle is completed.
5. Remove your jewelry from the unit and leave them out to air dry.


1. Do jewelry steam cleaners do a better job than cleaning jewelry by hand?
Definitely. Jewelry steam cleaners use pressurized steam making it easy to reach crevices and areas which would be difficult to clean by simple rubbing.

2. Is it safe to use steam cleaners for all kinds of jewelry?
It is safe to use for most kinds of jewelry since steam cleaners make use of plain water so you won’t have to worry about chemicals being too harsh or abrasive. However, it would still be best to read all warnings and instructions in the operating manual to make sure you are using your machine properly.

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