Best Humidifiers with Oils in 2021: Buying Guide

With a humidifier, you are able to spread moisture into a room that is lacking in moisture. When there isn’t enough humidity in the air, this can lead to colds, coughs, and sore throats.

Today, humidifiers aren’t just able to spread humidity into a room, they’re able to turn essential oils into a nice, soothing mist which has a therapeutic effect!

Best Humidifiers with Oils

In this guide, you’re going to learn about the best humidifiers that work with essential oils!

Best Humidifiers with Oils | Bestsellers

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What Are The Best Humidifiers That Work With Essential Oils?

The InnoGear Cool Mist Humidifier

Here, we have the InnoGear Cool Mist Humidifier. This is one of the most inexpensive humidifiers that you can buy, and despite its low price, it’s very well-designed and effective!

What’s really nice about this humidifier is that it has a simple and clean aesthetic design. On the front, there is a button that lets you change the color of the humidifier, allowing you to make it look however you would like!

Using this humidifier is simple. There’s a small water tank, and you just need to pour tap water into the tank, and then humidity will be produced. But, you can also add an essential oil, which allows a beautiful scent to flow into your space, along with the humidity that is being produced.

The ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser

Next up, we have the ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser. While this is an essential oil diffuser primarily, it’s also a humidifier, and both functions work very well.

You’ll notice that this device has a simple and clean design. There are seven different colors you can choose from for the main light, and you can access them by pressing a button.

When you pour the essential oil you want into the humidifier, you have access to a variety of different nebulizer modes. Each mode produces a different kind of mist, and you can choose the intensity of the mist and how intense you would like it to be.

Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

One cool thing about this device is that it uses ultrasonic technology to produce humidity. Instead of a fan, it uses ultrasonic sound waves to break apart the individual water droplets, producing the mist. Ultrasonic technology is much quieter than a fan, and other forms of humidification.

The Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser

Here, we have the Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser. What’s nice about this device is just how quiet it is. It makes very little noise, which makes it easy to run the device while you are sleeping or concentrating on something important.

Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser

On the front, there are a series of different buttons. Using these buttons, you can turn the device on, set a timer for however long you would like the essential oils to be diffused for, and you can also adjust the levels of mist that are being produced. That way, if you have a large room, there’s enough mist being produced to fill that room.

The ALOVECO Essential Oil Diffuser

The ALOVECO Essential Oil Diffuser has three different functions. You can access these functions by pressing the buttons that are on the humidifier, or you can use a nifty remote control.

ALOVECO Essential Oil Diffuser

These functions are as follows: cool mist humidifier, essential oil diffuser, and night light. Each function works very well, and provides a simple and pleasant experience.

What makes this a great humidifier, is the fact that it gives you access to those functions, and it also allows you to set a timer for when and how long the humidifier runs, along with various other settings. These settings give you control over how you use the device, which leads to a significant amount of flexibility.

Essential Oil Diffuser

The URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

From URPOWER, we have the URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser. From a design standpoint, this isn’t an especially unique device. It has a simple and clean aesthetic design, seven light colors to choose from, and it works well.

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

To use this humidifier, the only thing you need to do is pour the essential oils into a 100ML container. And then, you can turn on the mist, and adjust the amount of mist that is being produced, so it’s ideal for you.

What is, perhaps, the nicest thing about this humidifier is the fact that it’s quiet, well-designed, and very inexpensive. If you are looking for a very cheap humidifier that is still very good, then this is a very good choice.

When Searching For The Best Humidifier That Works With Essential Oils, What Questions Do You Need To Ask?

Cool Mist Humidifier with Oils

What Are The Functions Of The Humidifier?

As you’ve seen with the different humidifiers in this guide, some humidifiers are quite elaborate in the functions that they offer. Many humidifiers are also essential oil diffusers and night lights, while some can even serve as alarm clocks!

Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

When you’re looking at humidifiers, it’s always important to know which functions you want the humidifier to have. Not only does it make it a lot easier for you to find a humidifier that offers those functions, but it gives you a better idea as to what you actually intend to do with the humidifier.

What “Extra Features” Does The Humidifier Offer?

The term “extra features” refers to features that aren’t directly related to humidification or essential oil diffusion, but come in handy quite a bit.

Best Humidifiers with Essential Oils

A timer feature is really useful. What a timer feature does is it allows you to determine the period of time that the humidifier is running for. So, with a timer feature, you can allow the humidifier to run for one-hour, and then to stop right after that happens. If you would like to have that level of control over the humidifier, then a timer feature is essential.

Another feature that is quite common, is that of a light. Most humidifiers have some kind of light that is within the humidifier itself. And, you can adjust this light so that it is a different color. What’s nice about this feature is that it aids in creating a relaxing environment, but it also serves as a night light.

Some humidifiers give you a remote control. That way, you don’t always have to go to the humidifier and press the setting that you want. Most humidifiers don’t come with a remote control, but if you are looking for convenience, then a remote control is very useful.

You’ll find that there are various other extra features that humidifiers come with. When you look at those features, and consider your needs, it’s a lot easier to determine which extra features you would like to have, so that you can find a humidifier that offers them.

Best Humidifiers

How Big Is The Humidifier?

Size does matter. If a humidifier is small, that means it works well in smaller rooms and spaces. But, it might not be very good at humidifying a large space.

If a humidifier is larger, this means that it’s a little harder to move around, but it’s able to humidify a large space.

Here’s the thing about humidifiers, if you purchase a really big one that you intend to use in a smaller room, things might not work out too well. And, the reason for this is because all of the mist and humidity that is being produced will be pushed into that space, and there will be too much of it in there. Unless, that is, you are able to adjust the output.

Humidifier with Premium Essential Oil

As a result of that, you need to have a decent idea as to where you’ll actually be putting the humidifier. That way, you can find a humidifier that is the right size for that space.

How Fast Is The Humidifier?

With speed, it’s a matter of looking at the size of the water tank, which is where the humidity comes from, and how fast that humidity is produced by the humidifier. Most of the time, this information is available on the store page.

If you are looking to humidify a large space, then a fast humidifier is essential. But, if you are humidifying a smaller space, then a super fast and speedy humidifier isn’t quite as essential.

Cool Mist Humidifiers

Speed can be hard to parse. But, if you read the info page of the humidifier, you’ll be able to figure that out, since manufacturers mention those traits and attributes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Essential Oils?

Essential oils are soothing and relaxing, due to their powerful scent. For many people, the scents are therapeutic, and they aid in good feelings and relaxation. Plus, they smell good, and this means that your home will smell nice, too!

What Is “Cool Mist Humidity”?

“Cool Mist Humidity” is humidity that is in the form of a nice, cool mist. Humidifiers produce this cool mist, and since this mist is cool, it doesn’t cause your home to feel stuffy or hot.

How Much Does The Average Essential Oil Humidifier Cost?

Prices vary, but for $20, you can purchase an excellent humidifier that works very well with essential oils. If you spend $40 or $50, you can purchase a humidifier that is even better, offering more settings and functions.

Humidifier with Oils


Humidifiers are great because they add moisture to the air in your home, which fights against dry air and the problems that it creates. But, if you add essential oils to that humidity, you allow your air to feel even more soothing and relaxing, while also enhancing the aroma of your home!


A humidifier is a device, primarily an electrical appliance, that increases humidity (moisture) in a single room or an entire building. Dry sinuses, bloody noses and cracked lips — humidifiers can help soothe these familiar problems caused by dry indoor air.

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