Best Heaters with Timer in 2021: Buying Guide

When it’s cold outside, a heater is an absolute necessity. Today’s heaters come with a variety of unique features that make it easier to control the heat that is being produced, and to determine when that heat is on, and when it’s off.

Today, we are going to look at the five best heaters that come with a timer. And then, we’re going to look at the questions you must ask, so that you can find the right heater for your needs!

Best Heaters that come with a Timer

Heaters with Timer | Bestsellers

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What Are The Best Heaters That Come With A Timer?

The PELONIS Space Heater

The PELONIS Space Heater is a simple heater. It looks nice, and it’s great for heating living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and other spaces that aren’t too big, but aren’t too small, either.

PELONIS Space Heater

On the side of this heater, there is a control console. Using this console, you have access to different settings and features. You can adjust the temperature – the range is forty-degrees, to ninety-five-degrees – change the heat setting, and, of course, set the timer. This timer works in twenty-four-hour increments, which means you can set it at any time, and for any period of time.

What’s really nice about this heater, besides the fact that it works well, is the fact that it’s energy efficient. It doesn’t use a lot of oil, and the oil that you put into it is used properly, without any waste. Plus, while the heater is running, it’s nice and quiet!

The PELONIS Electric Space Heater

From PELONIS, once again, we have the PELONIS Electric Space Heater. As the name implies, this is an electric heater, which means that it doesn’t rely on oil or gas, it relies on electricity.

PELONIS Electric Space Heater

Setting up this heater, and maintaining it, is very easy, due to that fact. You have three different heating modes that you can choose from, which use different amounts of electricity, and there are five different temperature settings that you can choose from. These settings are 65-degrees, 70-degrees, 75-degrees, 80-degrees, and 85-degrees.

Of course, you have access to a timer. It’s easy to use this timer, thanks to the remote and control console. Using the timer, you can determine the amount of time that the heater runs for, and when it turns off. It’s a nice way of automating the heating cycle.

The Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Next up, we have the Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater. If you are looking for an inexpensive heater, then this is not a bad choice. It’s a very basic heater that uses a ceramic heating element to regulate the temperature and to ensure that the heat is conducted properly.

Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Using this heater, you are able to heat a space that is 300 square-feet. For small living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, it’s perfect.

On the control panel, you have access to different heating settings, the temperature, as well as a timer. With the timer, you can create a schedule for when the heater is on and when it’s off. This allows you to automate the heating process, ensuring that the heater is on when you want it to be on.

The Stiebel Eltron Electric Fan Heater

From Stiebel Eltron, we have the Stiebel Eltron Electric Fan Heater. To use this heater, you need to mount it to a wall, due to the design. Fortunately, it’s not a very large heater, so it doesn’t take up much space. When you have mounted it to the wall, you have access to a powerful electric fan heater that is nice and quiet, but very efficient.

Stiebel Eltron Electric Fan Heater

Right on the side of this heater, there is a thermostat. Having quick access to this thermostat makes it easy to adjust the temperature to your desired heating preference. And then, there is another dial that you can use, and this dial is for setting the timer. This timer only works in sixty-minute increments, which isn’t as convenient as some of the other timers that are available.

Most of what makes this a great heater is the fact that it has an easy-to-setup design, and it makes very little noise!

The Comfort Zone Space Heater

To end this section of the guide, we have the Comfort Zone Space Heater. What this heater does, is it oscillates, and this allows the heat to be pushed into every space and corner within the room that’s being heated.

Comfort Zone Space Heater

What really makes this a great heater is the fact that it has a beautiful design that looks nice, and feels nice. But, it doesn’t just have that, it’s also incredibly energy efficient, and can save you a decent chunk of change on your monthly bill.

Through the use of a remote control, you have access to all of the features you would expect a heater to have. Features such as being able to adjust the temperature, changing the heating mode, and setting the timer. The timer is an eight-hour timer, which means that it works within eight-hour increments.

What Are The Main Questions To Ask, When You Are Searching For The Best Heater With A Timer?

What Kind Of Heater Do You Need?

To start off, it’s important that you understand what kind of heater you actually need. There are a lot of different heaters available, and some of these heaters rely on different sources of fuel/power.

Heater With A Timer

Space heaters are very popular these days, and that’s because they are able to heat a smaller space with ease. And, you can move them around with ease.

Fan heaters are similar, in terms of mobility and ease-of-use. But, with fan heaters, a fan is used to project air across a distance, and this is done through the use of a fan.

Of course, there are many other heaters available, such as tower and ceramic heaters. But, one of the things that you need to consider, beyond the specific type of heater, is whether the heater uses electricity, or gas.

With an electric heater, a lot of heat is produced, but not as much as a gas heater. But, and this is important to note, there’s significantly less maintenance. However, since electricity tends to be a bit more expensive than gas, you will need to spend a bit more.

Portable Oil Heater

With a gas heater, more heat is produced, and the overall cost is a bit lower. But, there’s a lot more maintenance that’s required, and gas heaters have a tendency to take up a decent amount of space.

In the end, it depends on the heating needs that you have, as well as the convenience that you are looking for.

What Rooms Do You Need To Heat?

As a general rule, it’s wise to know which rooms you intend to heat, before you purchase the heater. It’s wise to do this, because when you consider the rooms that you’ll be heating, you are able to determine the type of heater that is right for you.

Timer Heater

Rooms vary in size, and size is an important aspect. There are some heaters that are great at heating larger rooms and spaces, but there are a lot of heaters that aren’t very good at heating large spaces.

Not only are you able to figure out the rooms that you need to heat and the size requirements of those rooms, but also the type of heater that is ideal. For example, you may realize that a space heater is ideal, due to the mobility that it offers, since you have a lot of rooms to heat.

What Kind Of Timer Settings Do You Need Access To?

With a heater timer, you are able to determine when the heater turns on, and then when it turns off. Being able to do this is useful, since it allows you to automate the heating process, to an extent.

Space Heater

Most heaters allow you to set the timer within a six-hour increment. Some timers are shorter, and some are longer. It does vary, but not by too much.

If you are fine with an eight-hour timer, then you don’t need to search that much. But, if you are looking for a timer that offers a larger increment of time, you can find it. With a timer that works in larger increments, you have the ability to further automate the heating process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is A Timer Useful?

A timer is useful, because it allows you to automate when the heat is on, and when it’s off. If there are specific times you want the heat to be on, and specific times you want it to be off, then a timer allows you to automate that.

Steel Cover Portable Oil Heater

What Is The Most Mobile Heater?

For mobility, space heaters are the best. They’re designed to heat a single space, and most of them are small and easy to pick up and move around.

What Heater Is Best For Large Spaces?

Tower heaters can be great for large spaces, since they are often designed for larger spaces. Many tower heaters are oscillating, which means that they are able to push heat throughout a larger space, ensuring that the entire space is heated.


When Winter comes, a heater is a necessity. Today’s heaters are a lot better than yesterday’s, and with the right heater, you’re able to ensure that your home is nice and warm. But, with a timer feature, you can also automate when the heater is on and off, making it easier to use your heater and to save time and energy keeping your home toasty.

Oscillating Space Heater

Heaters with Timer | Bestsellers

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