Best Floor Polishing/Buffing Machines in 2020

In this buying guide, you are going to learn all about the top six floor polishing/floor buffing machines. You’re going to learn what they offer and why they’re the best.

Best Floor Polishing

When we’re done looking at those machines, you’re then going to learn about how you can find the best floor polishing/buffing machine for your needs, and the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about these machines.

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What Are The Best Floor Polishing/Buffing Machines?

Budget Options

BISSELL BigGreen BGFS650 Hercules Scrub And Clean Floor Machine

To start off this guide, we have the BISSELL BigGreen BGFS650 Hercules Scrub And Clean Floor Machine. Right off the bat, you’ll notice this is a fairly lightweight floor machine, which makes it easy for you to move the machine across your floors.

Inside the machine, there’s a powerful motor that spins the floor pads you are using at 2200 RPM. This makes it very easy to thoroughly polish and buff you floors.

What’s really nice about this floor machine is that BISSELL includes two brush pads, two washable microfiber buffing pads, and two polishing pads. These pads allow you to buff and polish your floors to perfection!

BISSELL BigGreen BGFS650 Hercules Scrub and Clean Floor Machine

Boss Cleaning Equipment B200752 Scrubber Gloss Boss:

From Boss Cleaning Equipment, we have the Boss Cleaning Equipment B200752 Scrubber Gloss Boss. With a weight of seven-pounds, this is one of the most lightweight, mobile, and versatile floor machines on the market.

While this floor machine is running, it runs at a speed of 470 RPM. This isn’t as fast as other floor machines, which allows for a more precise and thorough floor polishing and buffing.

Inside of the box, you’ll find scrub brush pads, felt pads, carpet bonnets, and microfiber pads. With these different pads, it’s very easy for you to thoroughly scrub, buff, and polish your hard floors.

Boss Cleaning Equipment B200752 Scrubber Gloss Boss

BISSELL BigGreen BGFS5000 Portable Two Brush Floor Scrubber:

From BISSELL, once again, we have the BISSELL BigGreen BGFS5000 Portable Two Brush Floor Scrubber. Just as the name implies, this is a portable floor machine, which means it’s lighter than many of the others that are available.

Inside of the box, you’ll find scrub brushes, tan polishing pads, green scrubbing pads, as well as felt buffing pads. Each one of these pads allows for thorough floor scrubbing, polishing, and buffing.

What is really great about this floor machine is that it can scrub just about any floor material. It doesn’t matter if your floors are made of concrete, wood, tile, slate, etc; this machine can scrub it.

BISSELL BigGreen BGFS5000 Portable Two Brush Floor Scrubber

Commercial Options

Mercury Floor Machines PRO21 Floor Machine:

For the first commercial floor polishing/buffing machine, we have the Mercury Floor Machines PRO21 Floor Machine. With this floor machine, you have access to a motor that generates 175 RPM of polishing/buffing power, which allows for a thorough and precise buffing/polishing.

Along with that, however, you also have access to a fifty-foot power cord and a handle that can be adjusted, to accommodate different heights. These features allow you to tailor the entire floor polishing/buffing experience to your needs. But, you will need to buy the floor pads separately, as this machine doesn’t come with any.

Mercury Floor Machines PRO21 PRO-175-21 Floor Machine

Prolux Core Floor Buffer:

The Prolux Core Floor Buffer is a very powerful floor buffer that allows you to buff, strip, and wax your floors. To do this, you’ll be relying on the motor, which generates 150 RPM of power, as well as the various pads and floor tools that Prolux has included.

Inside of the box, you’ll find a very nice scrub brush that attaches to the floor machine. This scrub brush is excellent for removing dirt and dust from the floor. Using the different pads that Prolux has included, you’re able to buff out scratches and to make your floors look especially nice and neat.

Prolux Core Floor Buffer

Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine:

For our final floor machine, we have the Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine. With this floor machine, you have access to a speed of 175 RPM, as well as the ability to clean, buff, polish, scrub, strip, and wax your floors.

What sets this floor machine apart from the others, and makes it truly great, is the fact that it offers all of that functionality. This floor machine can be used for just about any floor-related task.

To make the entire process of working with your floors even easier, this is a lightweight and mobile floor machine. It weighs only twenty-four-pounds, and has an easy and simple design.

Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine

What Are The Questions You Must Ask, To Find The Best Floor Polisher/Buffer?

What Is The Speed Of The Floor Polisher/Buffer?

To start off, the question that you must ask first has to do with the speed of the floor polisher/buffer that you are purchasing.

Floor Polishing Cleaners

Most of the floor polishers/buffers that are on the market display this information on their store page, but not all of them do. But, nevertheless, it’s important to look for it and to see how many RPM the motor allows the floor machine to run at.

With higher RPM, you’re able to more quickly polish and buff your floors. With a lower RPM, you can be a bit more thorough and precise. Make sure to take that into consideration when looking at the speed of different floor machines, because faster doesn’t necessarily mean better.

What Pads Does The Machine Come With?

Most of the floor polishers/buffers that are available come with different floor pads. With these pads, you’re able to scrub your floors, sand your floors, buff your floors, polish your floors; along with various other functions.

Floor Cleaning

If you are looking to polish and buff your floors, and you just want something that’s simple and works well right out of the box, then find a machine that comes with pads. Make sure to read the reviews to see if they’re durable and of decent quality.

If you have very specific floor polishing/buffing needs, then you’re probably going to be purchasing your pads. In that case, make sure you know what those are before buying the machine, so that you can purchase a machine that allows you to use those pads.

What Surfaces Is The Machine Designed For?

For the final question, you must think about the surfaces that the floor polishing/buffing machine you are looking at is designed for. Is it designed for hard floors, in general? What about carpets? Does it work well on floors that are made of stone or tile?

Best Floor Scrubber

Make sure that you know what surfaces you’ll be using the machine on, so that you can find one that works well on those surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The Purpose Of Buffing A Floor?

Buffing a floor removes scratches, debris, and gunk from a floor. This keeps it looking nice, and allows it to last for a long time.

Best Floor Buffer

What Does A Polished Floor Look Like?

A polished floor looks very clean, free of gunk, and very shiny. Polished floors are quite pretty, on an aesthetic level.

What Is The Difference Between A Commercial Floor Polisher/Buffer And A Residential Floor Polisher/Buffer?

Most commercial floor polishers/buffers are larger, tend to have longer power cords, and many of them offer more functionality than residential floor polishers/buffers. Residential floor polishers/buffers are smaller and sometimes less powerful, but they cost less and offer greater mobility.

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With a good floor polishing/buffing machine, you’re able to get your floors in tip-top shape. Using this guide, you’ll have no problems finding the right floor polishing/buffing machine for yourself.

Floor Polisher

Overall Recommended Floor Cleaning Machines
Floor BufferBudget OptionCommercial
Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor MachineBISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, Green SpinwaveBISSELL BigGreen Commercial Easy Motion Floor Machine, Industrial Orbiter, Buffer, Polisher, BGEM9000
Oreck ORB550MCBissell SpinwaveBissell BGEM9000
 • Floor Buffer/Scrubber/Polisher
 • 1 Pad
 • 24 Pounds
 • 50 ft. Power Cord
 • Floor Scrubber
 • 2 Pads
 • 9.5 Pounds
 • 22 ft. Power Cord
 • Floor Buffer/Scrubber/Polisher
 • 1 Pad
 • 27 Pounds
 • 30 ft. Power Cord

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