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Purchasing an air purifier may be one of the best decisions that you ever make. With a good air purifier, you can take all of the contaminants that are in your air – things like germs, bacteria, and allergens – and then you can remove all of those things in a very efficient and concise manner.

By using an air purifier, you ensure that your air is nice and clean, and without all of the nasty things that are often in the air. Things like bacteria and allergens, which often lead to things like coughs, colds, and even fevers. If this air is left untreated or continues to flow in and out of your home, it can continually lead to various health difficulties.

Using an air purifier is especially important if you are working in an indoor space where there are lots of other people. Lots of other people that are, of course, bringing in their germs and bacteria. When all of this stuff is being spread around, it leads to many other people getting sick and having to deal with the issues that arise from that.

With a good air purifier, though, you’re able to clean your air, to purify it, and to remove all of the germs, bacteria, and allergens that are in your air, which will make your life significantly easier, and prevent you from dealing with the various health complications that often arise from you breathing in dirty air.

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Here’s the thing about air purifiers, though: they often require a lot of maintenance. As far as machines go, while they serve a very simple purpose, this purpose is often fulfilled in a manner that is considerably less simple.

Usually, the air purifier is using various filters and filtration mechanisms to get rid of things like bacteria and allergens from the air, and while these mechanism are incredibly effective, they often require a decent amount of maintenance on your part.

More specifically, you’re going to need to replace the filters, or to clean the filters, and to do other small tasks that, while not particularly time-consuming, can become very annoying. Especially if you are using the air purifier a lot and, since you’re using it so much, it requires more and more of your time and energy to purify your air adequately.

Today, though, there are completely filterless air purifiers. These are known as “filterless air purifiers”, which is not a very creative name. With filterless air purifiers, you aren’t relying on a set of filters that need to be carefully maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, instead, you are relying on some very interesting technologies that have undergone a series of very interesting developments, within the past decade.

The technology has advanced quite a bit, and as a result of this, filterless air purifiers are now just as effective, and just as thorough, like air purifiers that use filters.

Today, you’re going to learn all about filterless air purifiers. You’re going to learn how they work, the advantages that they bring, and what you need to think about and consider when searching for the very best filterless air purifier for yourself.

How Does A Filterless Air Purifier Work?

To answer this question, we need to dive into how a regular air purifier – one that uses filters – works, to illustrate the differences more clearly.

With a regular air purifier, the air is sucked in, usually using some fan, and then this air passes through a series of individual filters. Each filter is a mechanism, in of itself, that is designed for a specific purpose. Some of these filters are designed to remove the odors from the air, and some of these filters are designed to remove the smallest particles, which are things like germs and allergens. Each filter is designed to do one particular thing, and each filter contributes to the overall filtration process, which allows your air to be purified.

Along with that, however, is the fact that each filter needs to be maintained regularly. Every single filter is an individual component within a larger system, and it’s important that each component of this larger system is in tip-top shape, which requires you to clean the filters on a fairly regular basis, to ensure that the air purifier continues to work well.

In contrast to that, a filterless air purifier purifies your air using a very different set of mechanisms. There are three types of purification mechanisms that the majority of filterless air purifiers tend to use.

The first mechanism is that of using UV light to burn up the nasty particles that are in your air. Now, UV light has the potential to cause cancer and to burn your skin, among many other things. And, it has the same effect on particles such as germs and bacteria. With a filterless air purifier that uses UV light, air is sucked in and then contained with a smaller chamber that shines UV light onto those particles, destroying them.

Then, you have ionizers, which is a type of filterless air purifier that uses the power of ions – charged both positively and negatively – to destroy those particles. Without getting too deep into the specifics, ions can bond to one another, and they can then bond to the particles within the air, and as they do this, they destroy the nasty particles that were within your air.

Finally, the third most common type of filterless air purifier is that of the electrostatic air purifier, which is a type of air purifier that uses the power of electrostatic magnetism to, essentially, pull the particles away from the air. There’s a lot of physics involved with these, so we’re not going to dive too deeply into it.

What Are The 3 Main Advantages Of Using A Filterless Air Purifier?

Using a filterless air purifier, you no longer need to clean or replace any filters. For some air purifiers, this is a big pain, because the filters cost a lot of money to replace, or you need to clean them often.

Most filterless air purifiers are a bit more effective than regular air purifiers that use filters, because the mechanisms for the purification process are a bit more thorough, and they can actively destroy these particles, rather than simply filtering them out. But, it must be said, they are sometimes a little slow.

Finally, using a filterless air purifier is a great choice, because they are very inexpensive. They don’t cost that much money, and they work very well.

When Searching For A Good Filterless Air Purifier, What Do I Need To Consider?

In this section of the buying guide, we’re going to be looking at three things you need to consider, during the buying process. By following this and considering these things, you will know what filterless air purifier is the best one for you.

What Type Of Filterless Air Purifier Do You Intend To Buy?
Right off the bat, the first thing you need to consider is the type of filterless air purifier you’ll be using.

Are you going to be using a filterless air purifier that uses UV light to destroy the particles? Or, are you going to be using an ionizer? What about an electrostatic air purifier?

Which one of those air purifier types is the best one for you? Keep in mind, too, that there is no “right choice” with this, and it does depend on your needs and wants.

How Much Space Can The Filterless Air Purifier Cover?

Every air purifier has what’s known as a “MAC”, and this stands for “Maximum Area Coverage”.

If you want to purify a larger space, then you’re going to need a filterless air purifier that can accommodate that larger space. And the same goes for a smaller space, but a larger MAC will have no problems accommodating that space.

If you’re going to be using the air purifier in different spaces, then find one that has a larger MAC, which will give you more flexibility.

What Types Of Things Does The Filterless Air Purifier Eradicate/Remove?

Here’s the thing about this, it’s completely dependent on the type of filterless air purifier you buy, with regards to the method of purification.

With that being said, however, you can find filterless air purifiers that can remove things like allergens from your air, as well as things like odors and larger germs and bacteria, among various other types of substances.

If your air is full of nasty germs and allergens, then find one that focuses on that. But, if you want something to remove odors, as well as those things, then find an air purifier that has that capability, as well. It’s all dependent on your needs.


Filterless air purifiers are a great alternative to the more traditional air purifiers that are on the market. Using this guide, you aren’t going to have a single problem finding the ideal filterless air purifier for yourself!

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