Best Electric Power Washer 3000 PSI

For most of us it might be a difficult task to try and work out which 3000 PSI pressure washer is best for how much we pay for it. The main reason for this is because there are numerous options available to people with all the different washers that are currently on the market.

When it comes to cleaning up and around the house, a good pressure washer can be a vital part of your arsenal. The 3000 PSI is the most popular out of the numerous washers that were rated, and it was the most popular simple because of one thing, its ridiculous power. Because of the power that it possesses, this washer can virtually clean any surface and rid it of dust and dirt and basically anything else in between.

As I mentioned before, the 3000 PSI has a ridiculous amount of power and honestly it is mind blowing. Because of its raw power you will need to take some extra care when you are using it. If this is really the power washer that you want to buy and want the best one that has good value for money, then continue reading.

In this article we are going to give you some help for you to try and work out which one will suit your cleaning needs.

Will you need the 3000 PSI?
Having a pressure washer that possesses this much power can be a superb tool to have at your disposal. Because of its power, it can clean even the hardest parts of your house that gather dirt and dust and wash it away with ease. It can even get rid of paint so if you are looking at redecorating then you can use it that way too.

Other nuisances like oils, grease and even mold will be no match for this washer. If you have had dirt or dust accumulate over the years, using this washer, it will come off with ease.

Having a pressure washer that has this much power can have a downside, and that is because it is so powerful it does have the potential to harm some of the items around your house. For example, if you want to use this washer on your car, you can, however you will need to be extra careful when using it as there is a very real chance that you could rip some of the paint right off your car. If you are keen to use it on your car then we suggest that you stand as far away as you can while getting it clean or even use a fan spray instead.

Other items around your house would need similar care if you chose to use it on them. Things like your kid’s bikes, outdoor furniture and others can easily be damaged with this pressure washer so make sure you are careful when using it, so you do not damage your household items.

Is having the 3000 PSI pressure washer viable?
For some of us, having a pressure washer with this much power is not something that we need. Usually a washer of this caliber and power is reserved for pro’s who clean for a living or if they need a large surface to be cleaned in a certain time frame. Therefore, many people will have a hard time trying to find a washer with this much power as it is mainly for professional use.

The pressure washer that is more suited to the everyday person is the 2000 PSI washer and it will be good enough for just about everything you need it for around your house. Be on the look out for the best available 2000 PSI washers for other options that will not break the bank.

Most importantly if you do decide that buying the 2000 PSI washer is best for you, then you are in safe hands. This is because it can handle anything you want to clean in your home, even the smallest areas are easy to clean and all you have to do is alter the spray and you are good to go.

Features to look for
If you do decide that you need a 3000 PSI washer for your home and you want to find out which is the best available, then there are a few things that you should consider first. By doing this it will help you in finding out what features are most valuable to you. Let us look at them now.

Electric washers v Gas washers
Now this is probably the first thing that you will need to look at, deciding if you want a gas washer or an electric washer. Gas washers in general are have more power, you will not be plugged into the wall to use it, you will need to have some extra supply of gas in case it runs out, the only downside is that is a little bit dirty to use. When you look at the electric version however, it never runs out of power if you have a long extension cord, and it is a lot cleaner to use then the gas version.

Does it have a quick attach nozzle for easy use?
Nowadays nearly every single pressure washer will have a quick attach nozzle however for some reason if it does not then you might be best served to look for one that does. Having these quick attach nozzles are great because they are easy to put on and will keep you cleaning for longer. You can also get numerous nozzles for your washer so you can get many different types of power with your cleaning.

Does the washer have a Detergent tank?
By having a detergent tank in your washer, that means that you can put detergent or even soap into your washer and then use it on whatever you like. By doing this it will help with getting the harder areas where dirt and mold has built up over the months. In addition to that, some pressure washers even come with more than one detergent tank so you can fill both up and clean a bigger area without having to refill them as often.

What is the warranty for the product?
When looking at the warranty on a product, it simply means that which ever company built it, will have great faith in it for the number of years the warranty is and the longer the warranty, usually the better the product is.

As well as that, it also means that if for some reason there is a problem with your washer, then all you have to do is contact the company that made it and they will be more than happy to try and fix the problem.

Summing up
Most, if not all the best available 3000 PSI pressure washers for the money they will cost you, pretty much have all the exact features. We have also made you a short list and given you the positions of just some of the washers available depending on the individual investigation as well as some of the reviews that were given by customers.

Ultimately it will come down to your personal choice, but to get the best one for you, we recommend to analyse all the brands and compare them with others in terms of their features, the rate of the water flow and most importantly, the price od the washer.


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