Best Crawl Space Dehumidifiers in 2022

Solving moisture issues should be vital for any homeowner. Crawl space dehumidifiers are devices that assist you in reaching optimal humidity levels in your home. It removes excess moisture, which often leads to foul odors, mold buildup, pest infestations, and structural damage. These unwelcome consequences can be kept away with proper crawl space care. 

If you’re unsure about whether you should purchase a crawl space dehumidifier, or you’re keen to invest in one but have no idea which models are the best, then the information in this article will be of great value. Although all dehumidifiers work by extracting moisture from the air, you should consider various factors before purchasing a crawl space dehumidifier. Read on below to learn about these valuable devices and see which model might work best for you!

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Our Recommended Best Crawl Space Dehumidifiers in 2022

5) The AlorAir LGR 85-Pint Dehumidifier with a Pump

Design: The innovative design of the AlorAir dehumidifier is on a new level for these units. Designed to combat the after-effects of leakages and floods, installed rubber strips allow this unit’s body to completely submerge underwater with no damage, helping to restore your home in no time. This dehumidifier unit is also stackable, making storage, transportation, and its setup easy.

Installation and Use: Bright LED light displays make this dehumidifier easy to use. Operating settings and humidity levels are accessible in the inlet and outlet. You can wrap the convenient power cord (of 19.6-foot) up to hang on the AlorAir model, and thanks to this power cord, generally, no extension cords are needed.

Portability and Weight: Without wheels, the AlorAir dehumidifier is challenging to move around. Since it weighs approximately 78 pounds, it’s considered a heavier dehumidifier model.

Pump: The AlorAir dehumidifier comes with a built-in condensate pump. The pump has a 20-foot lift in distance and can remove up to 85 pints of water in a day. Without this feature, manual removal of water would have been required (which could be several times a day), and you would have needed to install your dehumidifier close to a drain. A built-in pump enables drainage from anywhere.

Maintenance: Little maintenance is required with the AlorAir dehumidifier. It has epoxy-coated coils for protection against damage and leaks, and the MERV 8 filter is easy to locate and replace. When replacement is needed, you simply slide it out, rinse it in warm water and leave it to fully dry before placing it back.

Conclusion: The AlorAir LGR dehumidifier is perfect for you if you’re looking for a heavy-duty unit that can remove a significant amount of moisture within crawl spaces. The unit is available in different colors, and it comes with an impressive five-year warranty to offer you longer protection against any unforeseen defects or damages.

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4) The AlorAir 90-Pint Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Effectiveness: With the ability to remove an impressive 90-pints of water per day, this AlorAir dehumidifier unit will leave your crawl spaces mold-free and dry.

Size: Despite its ability to remove large amounts of water per day, this unit is compact and can easily fit into small crawl spaces. Its small size also makes storage a breeze.

Portability and Weight: There’s no need for you to drag this over 50-pound unit as it has four adjustable wheels, making it easy to roll across the floor.

Pump: Although the built-in condensate pump on this model can be a handy feature, some have complained that they received their AlorAir unit with the pump poorly secured. When this happens, it can cause frustration, so check the model before purchase. The built-in pump can be beneficial as it allows you to place the unit wherever.

Noise: This AlorAir dehumidifier unit is tranquil. Although not completely silent, it won’t cause annoying vibrations.

Maintenance: Possible damage is limited on this unit with great features like its built-in defrosting function. This function keeps coils frost-free during the colder months, preventing the coils’ freezing, which can lead to breakage. All coils are also epoxy-coated for protection against leakage and damage.

Conclusion: This dehumidifier has excellent features, and a five-year warranty ensures extra peace of mind. It has a high-efficiency rotary compressor, built-in pump, defrosting function, and protected coils to ensure low-cost effectiveness. Humid crawl spaces are a perfect location for this AlorAir unit, and for convenience, you can purchase a remote control.

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3) The AlorAir 55-Pint Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Effectiveness: With the ability to remove 55-pints of water per day, this AlorAir model can easily cover a 1,300 square feet area.

Convenience: When installed and set up correctly, this dehumidifier will automatically drain and turn off after a continuous run cycle once your desired humidity levels are reached.

Size: This AlorAir unit is compact and easy to fit in tight spaces thanks to its rectangular shape.

Pump: With no built-in pump, this unit’s installation should be done at floor level and over a drain to ensure proper drainage.

Odor Control: An additional odor-control G3 filter ensures that coarse dust particles are captured effectively. This filter is easy to clean, and you can do this by simply sliding it out of place, rinsing it, and placing it back once it’s completely dry.

Maintenance: Internal damage is minimized with epoxy-coated coils, which effectively prevents Freon leakage. The added hot gas defrost system enables this AlorAir unit to run in freezing temperatures thanks to its ability to maintain heat. With the minimization of coil damage and freeze-risk, this unit is considered low-maintenance.

Conclusion: If you have a compact crawl space or basement for installation, this AlorAir dehumidifier model will work perfectly. It can serve a vast area, and its automatic features (plus a remote control that you can purchase separately) make it extremely convenient.

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2) The Aprilaire 70-Pint Crawl Space Dehumidifier (no pump)

Size: This dehumidifier model is compact, making it perfect for crawl spaces. Its rectangular shape makes it easy to install in places that larger units will find challenging to fit.

Installation and Use: The Aprilaire dehumidifier is easy to install, and once started, you’ll notice an immediate difference. To install this unit, you need a leveled spot over a drain. Alternatively, you can attach its included hose. Once stationed, plug it into a nearby outlet and find a humidity level you’re most comfortable with.

Maintenance: With this dehumidifier, you don’t have to worry about emptying reservoirs or a tray. The unit will self-drain throughout the day via its hose. The filter is cleaned by removing it for a wash and dry when needed. In short, maintaining the Aprilaire is easy.

Conclusion: The Aprilaire dehumidifier is considered a low-maintenance unit, perfect for tight spaces. When the installation is done correctly, self-drainage will occur, and a five-year warranty on this model gives you peace of mind in the rare occurrence of a malfunction or breakage. The only downside of this unit is that you need to install it on a leveled surface near, or over, a drain since it has no pump.

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1) The Dri-Eaz Revolution LGR Commercial Dehumidifier with a Pump

Effectiveness: With the ability to extract up to 136 pints of water per day, the Dri-Eaz dehumidifier finds large areas a breeze. It can cover a massive 7,000 square feet, similar to larger models. It’s safe to say that the Dri-Eaz proves that dynamite comes in small packages.

Size: The Dri-Eaz dehumidifier is compact, making it easy to install just about anywhere. Tight crawl spaces, attics, and basements are all up this dehumidifiers’ alley, making this model perfect for hard-to-fit places where large units cannot be installed.

Humidistat: A built-in humidistat allows the Dri-Eaz dehumidifier to afford you better control over the desired humidity levels you’d like to reach. After the initial installation, you can easily set the device to the humidity level you’re most comfortable with.

Noise: The humming sound produced by the Dri-Eaz dehumidifier can be quite loud. If you plan to install it in a crawl space, prepare yourself for a noise that can sometimes prove to be bothersome.

Conclusion: Large dehumidifiers aren’t suited for crawl spaces. The Dri-Eaz unit allows you to cover large areas, as larger units would, even when you have limited space to install a dehumidifier. This units’ size makes it perfect for carrying wherever it’s needed, and its hose and power cord can easily be stored on the unit when it’s not in use.  

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The Benefits of Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

If you live in a humid area, a dehumidifier should be part of your household. Below, we list the benefits of having one.

Clean Air: The primary benefit of a dehumidifier is the quality of air you’ll experience when you have one. The air rising from your house’s lower levels (aka your crawlspace or basement) rises to the higher levels. If there’s any mold, pests, airborne particles, or a damp smell in these humid areas, it circulates to the rest of your home. In short, the air you’re breathing in the higher levels of your home is not that clean, and having a dehumidifier in these spaces helps purify the air that circulates to your living areas.

Health: If you’re keen on protecting your health, then a dehumidifier should be on your household needs list. The dry, clean air it will help create will put you at less risk for developing breathing problems. Dust mites and mold will feel less welcome, and those who suffer from allergies will start to feel more comfortable.

Protects Your Home’s Structure: Humidity contributes to wood rot. When the humidity levels in your home are higher than 28%, condensation can start to cause damage as it increases the chance of wood decaying. If your house has a wooden structure, the chances are good that it will begin to fail over time, causing a collapse. When you install a crawl space dehumidifier, it helps maintain optimal humidity levels and decreases the chance of wood decay occurring.

Reduces the Risk of Contamination: Humid areas are a breeding ground for humidity-loving organisms such as termites. A dehumidifier helps keep infestations at bay.

Comfort: Humid air can leave you feeling sticky, hot, and uncomfortable. When you use a dehumidifier, you can gain some control over the humidity of the air you live in. Creating drier air, paired with an air conditioner, will help you reach an ultimate level of comfort.

Energy Saving: When you install a dehumidifier, the air quality in your home changes. Keeping a humidity level below 60% at all times with the help of a dehumidifier will create more comfort without additional devices like an air conditioner. The change this makes will be noticeable in your energy bill!

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Crawl Space Dehumidifier

You should consider some important aspects before purchasing a dehumidifier. These aspects have a direct impact on the performance of dehumidifiers. Below, each aspect is explained in short.

Coverage Area

The effectiveness of a dehumidifier refers to its service capacity. How much area it can cover is dependent on its effectiveness. If a dehumidifier needs to serve a large crawl space, a larger coverage area is required. Its coverage capacity will also depend on how humid the area is, and a sealed crawl space will allow the dehumidifier to cover a larger space.


The size (weight and dimensions) of a dehumidifier impacts its convenience, although it doesn’t necessarily affect its performance. The bigger a dehumidifier is in weight and dimension, the more challenging it will be to move around and install.

Noise Production

Dependent on where you wish to install a dehumidifier, you should consider the amount of noise it produces. Some dehumidifiers can be quite noisy, leading to annoyance with the device.

Additional Features

Some dehumidifier models have additional features for convenience and durability. These features include automatic drainage, energy-saving capabilities, a corrosion-resistant built, defrosting functions, easy-to-read controls, multi-seasonal functions for dehumidifying and heating, and remote-control functions.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Crawl Spaces and Dehumidifiers

What causes a crawl space to be damp?

Damp crawlspaces are caused by water that enters these areas. Cracks in a house’s walls or foundation lead to water seeping through to the inside spaces, causing dampness and mold. Other causes include inadequate ventilation, improper drainage, irregular maintenance, and a dirt floor that hasn’t been sealed properly to avoid moisture from entering.

What are the consequences of a wet crawl space?

Wet crawl spaces can lead to structure failure, mold and mildew growth, health problems, and poor air quality.

When high humidity levels are present, the structure of a house can start to deteriorate. A weakened structure can lead to more cracks, which in turn allows more water or pests and insects to enter your home.  

Mold and mildew growth can lead to several health problems. The organic matter in moist areas created by humidity is the perfect place for these to populate. Some health problems linked to mold and mildew include headaches, fevers, and respiratory complications.

If the air in your crawl space is filled with bacteria due to mold and mildew buildup, the air you breathe inside your house will essentially be filled with this too. Air circulates from low levels (crawl spaces) to upper levels (your home) through the floor and heating or air ducts. In short, the air you breathe will be unhealthy and unsafe.

How can a crawl space dehumidifier help my home?

The consequences highlighted in the previous question can easily be reversed with a crawl space dehumidifier. Although many homeowners turn to other methods to keep their crawlspaces dry, experts believe a crawl space dehumidifier is the best option.

Vents can add more damage to impaired walls when they are installed. More cracks can develop, which will lead to more water entering your home. Gravel and vapor barriers may help keep humidity levels low, but they can’t keep excess moisture that enters through dirt floors or existing cracks at bay.

Installing a crawl space dehumidifier is best to extract all excess moisture.


A crawl space dehumidifier is an extremely valuable device. Keeping moisture levels low might not present itself as a priority for you, but once you start experiencing problems caused by high moisture levels, you’ll understand the importance of these devices.

Besides the consequences already listed, a well-installed crawl space dehumidifier will help protect your home’s future value. Investing in a crawl space dehumidifier should be a priority if you want to keep your house and family protected, healthy and comfortable.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier
Crawl Space Dehumidifier

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