Are Portable Washing Machines Worth It?

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at portable washing machines, and whether they’re worth purchasing. We’re going to be looking at what it is, exactly, that portable washing machines offer, what separates them from more traditional washing machines, and who they are designed for.

Are Portable Washing Machines Worth It?

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What Are Portable Washing Machines?

A portable washing machine is a washing machine that is designed for smaller spaces. In comparison to regular washing machines, portable washing machines are much smaller, and they take up much less space. Because of that, they are great for small apartments, RVs, and other spaces where a larger washing machine is impractical.

What Separates A Portable Washing Machine From A Regular Washing Machine?

A portable washing machine is, as mentioned, quite a bit smaller than a regular washing machine. This means that fewer laundry items can be stored in a portable washing machine, at any given time, which means that you aren’t able to wash as much clothing in a single washing cycle as you are with a regular washing machine.

Are Portable Washers Worth It?

Since portable washing machines are much smaller than regular washing machines, they also use much less water, within a single washing cycle, and they also use less electricity. This means that, if you are using a portable washing machine, you won’t have to deal with the same electricity and water bill that you would if you were using a regular washing machine.

With a portable washing machine, you are only able to wash a certain amount of laundry during any particular washing cycle. This means that if you have lots and lots of clothing to wash, you will have to break that washing up into several different cycles, due to the limited capacity of the portable washing machine.

In contrast to that, regular washing machines can handle large loads of laundry, at any particular time, and this allows you to wash large quantities of laundry within a single washing cycle. With a portable washing machine, that is, more often than not, impossible.

To go along with that, portable washing machines are often somewhat limited in the washing programs that they offer. Many of them only offer a couple of different washing programs, which isn’t always ideal if the laundry that you are washing has specific washing needs.

Regular washing machines tend to offer a wider variety of washing programs, which allows for many different kinds of laundry to be washed at the exact specifications that it needs.

What You Need to Know About Portable Washing Machines

Who Is A Portable Washing Machine Designed For?

Portable washing machines are designed for people who live in smaller homes, where there isn’t as much space for a regular washing machine. But, there are plenty of people who live in larger homes and rely on a portable washing machine, and that’s because portable washing machines are also designed for people who don’t have a lot of laundries that needs to be washed, within a single washing cycle.

For single people – or even couples – who don’t own that much clothing, a portable washing machine is perfect. And, this is especially true if there isn’t a lot of space to work with, and they want to keep the bills to a minimum.

Do Portable Washing Machines Really Work?

Are Portable Washing Machines Worth It?

The simple answer to this question is “Yes”, but that’s only if you require what a portable washing machine offers. For many people, a portable washing machine is completely worth it, since it fits into a smaller space and is great for washing smaller loads of laundry in a manner that uses as little water and electricity as possible.

For many other people, portable washing machines are inconvenient, because they are small and can only wash smaller loads of laundry at one time.

It all comes down to what your personal washing needs are. If you live alone, or with just one other person, and need a reliable washing machine, a portable washing machine is great. But, if you live with a family, then a portable washing machine is less than convenient.

Is a portable washing machine worth it?

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Are Portable Washing Machines Worth It?


In the end, a portable washing machine is more than worth it if you are someone who has access to limited space and would like to install a washing machine. These are small and compact washing machines that offer plenty of washing power for small spaces that a regular washing machine wouldn’t fit into.

However, if you are someone who lives with a large family and has the space to set up a regular washing machine, then purchasing a regular washing machine would, most likely, be a far better investment.

How to use a portable washing machine

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