Are iRobot Roombas Worth It?

People say that their robotic Roomba vacuum cleaners are awesome, but is that really the truth? Indeed, on the off -chance that you did read the post I did “I May Be Frugal, But These Things Were Worth The Splurge”, you will have realized that I spent some money on this product. This was only because I was unable keep my floors clean as I had small children and they made keeping my house clean a huge challenge.

This product would satisfy the needs for the vast majority of people that invested in them. They clean just about any type of floor (hardwood, vinyl, cover, fired, tile, and carpet) just by easily pressing a little button. Cleaning would happen while you are not even at home and everything would be clean when you return.

OK, now I have ruined the surprise that I totally think this product is awesome. However, there are some people that this product would not actually work for, and that is why you need to read through this review.

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This review will cover the following:

Who could use this product, and who should avoid it.

Things you should know before buying one.

Where you could find one at the best price.

iRobot Roomba Pros
This model is incredible in light of the fact that they:

Can clean just about any type of floor (hardwood, vinyl, and carpet).

Can move from one type of floor to the next without a hiccup.

Will do the cleaning for you and give you time to do something more enjoyable or significant.

The latest models are connectable to Amazon Alexa and even Google Assistant.

By using the iRobot Home Application, this feature would make it possible to clean the machine and even create a timetable for it from just about anywhere.

It’s a lot less expensive over the long term than finding and paying a cleaning contractor to do the work.

Small children will be entertained for quite a long time by watching it and following it everywhere. This actually has nothing to do with the cleaning, but is quite valuable to the bustling Mothers working from home!

iRobot Roomba Cons
There are however disadvantages to the robotic cleaners, like the following:

The floor space that needs to be cleaned shouldn’t have clothes and other loose items lying around, as this would cause the cleaner to get tangled up and then stop working.

Long haired carpets (shaggy) present a bit of a problem and they don’t particularly like it very much.

They can be a bit noisy and disturbing when you are trying to watch your favourite show on TV.

The docking station of the cleaner can sometimes present a problem when connecting, and at times I needed to angle the station slightly in order for the cleaner to connect to it properly and do the charging.

Who Would Enjoy A i iRobot Roomba[/caption]

iRobot Roomba
iRobot Roomba

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