ARB Portable Fridge Freezer Review (10800472 Model)

In this quick review, we’re going to be looking at the ARB Portable Fridge Freezer, and the design and features that it offers. When you’re done reading this review, you’ll know what this fridge freezer offers, and whether it’s right for you.

ARB Portable Fridge Freezer

To start off, this fridge freezer is designed for boats, trucks, cars, and RVs. Of course, you can use it in a house or an apartment, but the design is meant for vehicles, and as such, this is a nice and compact fridge freezer that can fit into many different spaces, and is incredibly easy to set up and begin using.

Using this fridge freezer, you are able to hold fifty-quarts of food and beverages. That is quite a bit of capacity, especially if you have a lot that you would like to store.

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Due to the overall design of this fridge freezer, you’ll never be lacking space to put all of your food items and beverages, because this fridge freezer is designed to accommodate the specific organization that you need.

ARB 10800472 Portable Fridge Freezer
ARB Portable Fridge Freezer

When the fridge freezer is running, it’s capable of holding an interior temperature of zero-degrees. For holding things like beverages and foods such as frozen chicken, this is the perfect temperature and it ensures that all of those items are cooled to the exact temperature they need to be at.

That way, you won’t take the item out of this fridge freezer and find that it’s far warmer than it should be.

Of course, since this is a fridge and a freezer, you can set the temperature to much higher than zero-degrees. In fact, the highest temperature that you can set this fridge freezer to is that of fifty-degrees. For certain kinds of food and beverage items, fifty-degrees is far more ideal than zero-degrees.

What should be mentioned, though, is that the entirety of this fridge freezer will be cooled to the temperature that you set it to.

ARB Portable Fridge Freezer
ARB Portable Fridge Freezer

If you intend to hold freezer and fridge items at the same time, you might find that doing so isn’t such a great idea, because none of those items will be cooled to the temperature that is right for them.

To use this fridge freezer, you need to plug it in. But, to do that, you’ll be relying on either an AC power cable, or a DC power cable.

This all depends on the power needs that you have, and where you’ll be using this fridge freezer.

If you intend to set this fridge freezer up in a vehicle, such as a car or an RV, then you’ll be relying on the DC power cable. With the DC power cable, which is included with the fridge freezer, you can connect it to the fridge freezer, and then you can connect the fridge freezer to the power outlet that is in your vehicle.

While the car is running, all of your food and beverages are being cooled.

Perhaps, though, you intend to set this fridge freezer up somewhere else, such as in your home or in a garage. To do that, you’ll need to use an AC power cable, which this fridge freezer includes. With this AC power cable, you can easily set up the fridge freezer in your home, and then connect it to any AC power outlet, which every home has.

ARB Freezer
ARB Portable Fridge Freezer

As a result of the design and the inclusion of those power cables, it’s very easy for you to set up and use this fridge freezer. But, what really makes this fridge freezer excellent is the fact that it has a very sturdy and very powerful design that allows for excellent durability.

Each one of the components that this machine relies on, including the power cables, is quite strong, and allows for the overall fridge freezer to last for a long time.

This ensures that you won’t need to purchase another fridge freezer for many years, which is nice because this is a very expensive fridge freezer.

If there is a flaw that this fridge freezer offers, it’s the fact that it’s expensive. This high-price can be quite daunting, but you must consider the fact that this is a very powerful and very durable fridge freezer that will last many years. Because of that, it may be a great value for you.


In the end, the ARB Portable Fridge Freezer is an excellent portable fridge freezer that, while expensive offers excellent value!

ARB Portable Fridge Freezer 50 Quarts Electric...
  • Can maintain an interior temperature of 0 degrees for true in-vehicle refrigeration and freezing
  • Holds up to 72 12-ounce cans, and can also accommodate a two-liter bottle of cola. Two piece injection molded...
  • Continues to actively cool contents while the vehicle is off, and features an adjustable automatic battery...

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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