For a good stick vacuum, you can’t go wrong with Aposen, Moosoo, or Tineco. That is why, in this buying guide, you are going to learn about three of the best stick vacuums that they have manufactured! By the time you are finished with this guide, you will know which of these three stick vacuums is the right one for you!

What Does The Aposen H251 Cordless Stick Vacuum Have To Offer?

To start off the buying guide, we have the Aposen H251 Cordless Stick Vacuum. Right away, it’s important to point out that this is one of the most elaborate stick vacuums in this guide. It may lack the fidelity and design quality of the two others, but it offers a variety of excellent features and fantastic suction power.

APOSEN H251 Review

Aposen H251

To use this stick vacuum, you will be relying on one of two vacuuming modes. Most of the time, you will be using this stick vacuum as you would a regular vacuum, which is to say moving it across your floors. But, you can also use this stick vacuum as a handheld vacuum, and by doing that, you can vacuum in smaller spaces and hard-to-reach spaces.

Within the box, you will find a variety of different tools and attachments. Each one of these tools and attachments allows you to vacuum in spaces and areas that the vacuum can’t normally clean. For example, there are brushes that can more effectively remove thick clumps of dust from corners and crevices.

The most notable quality this stick vacuum offers is its power. Within the stick vacuum, there is a 250W Brushless Motor. By having access to this motor, you have access to 18KPA of suction power. For a stick vacuum of this price, that is a lot of suction power. Since you have access to this much suction power, you can vacuum on hard and soft surfaces with ease, removing the dirt, dust, and debris that is on those surfaces.

In the end, if you are looking for an affordable, convenient, and very efficient stick vacuum, the Aposen H251 Cordless Stick Vacuum is a wonderful purchase!

APOSEN H251 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

What Does The Moosoo Cordless Vacuum Have To Offer?

The Moosoo Cordless Vacuum is affordable, well-designed, and quite powerful. In comparison to the Aposen – or, many other stick vacuums – it doesn’t offer too much that is particularly distinct. But, it doesn’t need to, because it performs all of the necessary functions very well.

MOOSOO K17 Review


Picking up this stick vacuum and moving it around is easy and pleasant. Most of this is due to the design of the vacuum, which is clean and simple. But, Moosoo has also built this vacuum in such a manner that it is very ergonomically pleasing. That way, while using the vacuum for a long period of time, it won’t strain your hands or wrist.

Just as you would expect from a stick vacuum, there are two main vacuuming modes. One of these vacuuming modes is similar to how you would use an upright vacuum, while the other is a handheld vacuuming mode. Both work very well, and deliver a familiar, but effective, experience. There are also several attachments that you can use, so that you can access spaces that the main vacuum can’t access very well.

Within the stick vacuum, there is a 200W Brushless Motor. By having this motor, the stick vacuum can generate 17KPA of suction. That’s plenty of suction for most vacuuming tasks but it is less than the Aposen offers. For especially intensive tasks, it may not be ideal.

At the end of the day, if you need an affordable, sleek, and very effective stick vacuum, then the Moosoo Cordless Vacuum K17 is a great choice!

MOOSOO K17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

What Does The Tineco A10 Hero Have To Offer?

The Tineco A10 is a beautiful stick vacuum! It has a lovely design that is beautifully clean, clear, and precise. Picking this vacuum cleaner up and moving it around also feels great, due to the ergonomically pleasing design.

Tineco A10 Hero Vacuum Cleaner Review

Tineco A10 Hero

As with the previous stick vacuums, you can use this vacuum as you would a standard vacuum or as a handheld vacuum. There are also a variety of different tools and attachments that you can use, all of which enhance the vacuuming process.

What sets this stick vacuum apart from the others, is its 350W motor. Having this motor allows you to vacuum on any surface and in any space, no matter how dirty. When you consider how affordable this vacuum is, and how much power it offers, it is a great purchase!

Ultimately, if you need a stick vacuum that is exceptionally powerful and efficient, while also being very well-designed and affordable, the Tineco A10 Hero is a very good choice!

Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick/Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

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