AmazonBasics Rollaway Folding Guest Bed Review

Today, you are going to be learning about a product from the “AmazonBasics” product line. Now, the AmazonBasics product line is a line of products that come directly from Amazon. There are a variety of different AmazonBasics products, from things like coat hangers, computer mice, HDMI cords, and beds.

AmazonBasics Rollaway Folding Guest Bed

In this buying guide, you’re going to be learning about the AmazonBasics Rollaway Folding Guest Bed. This is a rollaway folding guest bed that comes directly from the AmazonBasics product line.

We’re going to be taking a look at the different design facets of this folding guest bed. You’re going to learn about all of those different design facets, and how they affect the overall experience of using this bed. From all of this information, you’re going to be able to determine whether or not this is the right folding guest bed for you.

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What Does The AmazonBasics Rollaway Folding Guest Bed Have To Offer?

The purpose of a rollaway folding guest bed is quite simple. Unlike a regular bed, which is often somewhat difficult to properly set up, and is designed to be in one particular space for a long period, a rollaway folding guest bed is almost the exact opposite.

AmazonBasics Rollaway Folding Guest Bed

With a rollaway folding guest bed, you can pick up that bed, and move it around to all kinds of different areas and spaces. In many ways, it’s like a cot that you would use for camping, since it’s folded up into a shape that looks kind of like a suitcase. You can bring it to any space within your home, unfold it, and you, or a guest, can have a good night’s sleep on that rollaway folding bed.

The AmazonBasics Rollaway Folding Guest Bed embodies this basic design philosophy. It’s certainly not reinventing or radically altering the design principles that a bed of this sort is built off of, and that’s great, because it doesn’t need to.

When you first take out the AmazonBasics Rollaway Folding Guest Bed, you’ll notice that it’s folded up into a “suitcase” of sorts. You can unfold the bed by opening up this suitcase, and from that, you’ll have a nice, comfortable bed to lay on.

AmazonBasics Rollaway

Unlike most of these folding beds, the mattress is provided, and it’s directly attached to the frame of the bed. This mattress, and the bed itself, is 75-inches long, and 31-inches wide. While it may not be as comfortable as the mattress on your regular bed, it’s not uncomfortable, since the mattress consists of four-inches of memory foam. With some sheets, a nice blanket, and a soft pillow, it’s just like sleeping on your regular bed.

Once you’ve set the bed up, you’ll notice that it’s 18-inches tall. That’s a pretty standard height for a folding guest bed, and it ensures that you aren’t too close to the floor.

When you’re done using the bed, it’s very easy for you to fold it back up and put it away. To do that, you just need to take one end of the bed, and push it to the other end, just as you would when you’re folding clothes.

After you’ve pushed one end of the bed to the other end, you’re then able to use the safety lock system. This is a very basic system that ensures the mattress, and the bed, are locked together. That way, they don’t accidentally spill out or break apart. Just attach one end of the lock to the other, and then that’s it.

AmazonBasics Rollaway Folding Bed

On the bottom of the bed, when it’s completely folded, there are wheels. These wheels, combined with the small handle that’s on top of the mattress, make it super easy for you to put the mattress into a closet or store room.

What the AmazonBasics Rollaway Folding Guest Bed offers, in the end, is convenience. It’s an incredibly convenient rollaway folding guest bed. There’s no setup, you don’t need to spend any time attaching a mattress of screwing things in. Instead, the bed comes pre-built, everything is attached and set up, and the only thing you need to do is open up the safety lock and lay the bed out.


If you’re in the market for a rollaway folding guest bed that is basic, but well-made and affordable, then you really can’t go wrong with the AmazonBasics Rollaway Folding Guest Bed! It’s one of the easiest rollaway folding guest beds to set up, it’s comfortable to sleep on, and it’s also very inexpensive!

AmazonBasics Rollaway Folding Guest Bed Review

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