AlorAir Sentinel HD90 Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifier Review

For a fantastic dehumidifier that you can use in a basement or crawl space, you cannot go wrong with the AlorAir Sentinel HD90 Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifer.

AlorAir Sentinel HD90 Dehumidifier

A Large Machine

Right away, let’s start off with the most noticeable design trait; the size and heft of this dehumidifier.

The total weight of this machine is 57.2-pounds.

Since this machine weighs so much, and is so large, moving it around is not particularly easy.

But, the size of this machine allows for a number of components to be contained within its interior.

All of these components allow for tremendous efficiency, ensuring that this dehumidifier can thoroughly dehumidify your basement or crawl space.

Meant For Large Spaces

The total Maximum Area Coverage this dehumidifier offers is 2,600 square-feet.

AlorAir Sentinel HD90 BasementCrawl Space Dehumidifier
AlorAir Sentinel HD90 BasementCrawl Space Dehumidifier

So, what this means is that you can use this dehumidifier to dehumidify spaces as large as 2,600 square-feet.

By doing so, you are able to thoroughly remove the humidity within those spaces, clearing up the effects of that humidity.

For large basements, this dehumidifier is a fantastic choice. For large crawl spaces, this dehumidifier is a fantastic choice.

You can also use this dehumidifier in warehouses, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, apartments, and many other spaces.

But, for the best experience, stick to basements and crawl spaces.


Within the span of just 24-hours, this dehumidifier can remove 198-pints of humidity from the space or room this dehumidifier has been placed in.

Even though that may not sound like much, if you are familiar with other dehumidifiers, this level of efficiency is very impressive.

You can harness this efficiency to thoroughly dehumidify spaces of all sorts. So much so that mold and mildew – among other effects – can be eliminated very quickly, without any issues.

Automatic Defrosting System

Unlike many other dehumidifiers, you can use this machine in cold spaces.

AlorAir Sentinel HD90 BasementCrawl Space Dehumidifier
AlorAir Sentinel HD90 BasementCrawl Space Dehumidifier

Cold spaces with a temperature as low as 36-degrees, to be specific.

For spaces with a temperature lower than that, this dehumidifier is unable to properly function and, as a result, is not ideal.

Once any semblance of frost is detected on the dehumidifier, an Automatic Defrosting system is activated.

The system works while the dehumidifier runs, ensuring that there are no disruptions.

As the system runs, the coils are cleaned off, which prevents any excess moisture from the frost, building up within the dehumidifier.

All of this keeps the dehumidifier running well, without any issues or problems.

Internal Corrosion Protection

Every coil within this dehumidifier is protected from corrosion.

Many dehumidifiers are quite vulnerable to corrosion, as a result of the chemicals they interact with, as well as the presence of moisture.

Since this internal corrosion protection is present, the dehumidifier is not susceptible to corrosion.

Due to this feature, along with the Automatic Defrosting system, the dehumidifier can last for many years, without any issues.

Fantastic Warranty

When you purchase this dehumidifier, you receive a 5-year warranty.

AlorAir Sentinel HD90 BasementCrawl Space Dehumidifier
AlorAir Sentinel HD90 BasementCrawl Space Dehumidifier

You won’t have to pay any extra money for this warranty. Rather, the warranty is included with the purchase of the dehumidifier.

Since you have access to this warranty, you have easy access to a team of professionals for that 5-year period.

If there are any problems or issues, you can contact AlorAir and figure out what the problem is and how to fix it.

You can also send in the dehumidifier, so that the machine can be fixed by those same professionals.

Conclusion: A Fantastic Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifier

In the end, if you need a powerful and efficient basement/crawl space dehumidifier, the AlorAir Sentinel HD90 is a great purchase!

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