In this quick review, we’re taking a look at the AlorAir Basement/Crawlspace Dehumidifier, so that you can learn all about what it offers and how it works.

AlorAir Basement/Crawlspace Dehumidifier 198PPD Review

To start off, the AlorAir Basement/Crawlspace Dehumidifier is designed for basements and crawl spaces that are, at the most, 2,600 square-feet. That is a great deal of space, and because of the Maximum Area Coverage that this dehumidifier offers, you are able to dehumidify nearly any basement or crawl space.

Since this dehumidifier has been designed for basements and crawl spaces, which have a tendency to be very humid spaces, this dehumidifier offers a significant amount of dehumidification power.

Using all of this power, you are able to thoroughly and efficiently dehumidify basements and crawl spaces, without having to deal with any of the problems that arise from dehumidifiers that are less powerful and less well-built.

AlorAir Basement/Crawlspace Dehumidifier 198PPD

AlorAir Sentinel HDi90

In a single 24-hour period, this dehumidifier is able to remove 198 pints of humidity, from a space that is 2,600 square-feet. That is if you are using the “Saturation” mode that this dehumidifier offers. If you don’t intend to use the “Saturation” mode, you can use the “AHAM” mode, which allows you to remove 90 pints of moisture from a space that is the same size, within the same 24-hour span of time.

All of that dehumidification power leads to a quick and pleasant dehumidification experience. If you are dealing with a basement or crawl space that is filled with a tremendous amount of humidity, and you need that humidity to be removed as soon as possible, then this is a very good dehumidifier to use.

Along with that, you can also use this dehumidifier in spaces other than basements and crawl spaces, such as warehouses and humid work sites, as well as large bedrooms and houses.

What sets this dehumidifier apart from many of the others is the fact that it consists of an exceptionally durable and strong design. This design allows the dehumidifier to last for many years, without suffering any notable problems or issues.

AlorAir Dehumidifier 198PPD Review

AlorAir Sentinel HDi90

As for what the design it consists of, it consists of a body that is made from high quality metals. These metals allow the dehumidifier to withstand things like objects falling on it, and falling onto the ground. It won’t even dent if struck with larger objects, and this durability is very useful in basements and crawl spaces where construction work is being done.

To enhance the overall durability of this dehumidifier, it relies on a Hot Gas Valve Defrosting system. What this system does is it allows the dehumidifier to defrost itself, on its own, when it’s in spaces and areas where it’s very cold. Many dehumidifiers are unable to withstand low temperatures, but this dehumidifier is, due to its use of a Hot Gas Valve Defrosting system.

To protect against corrosion, there is Internal Corrosion Protection. What this Internal Corrosion Protection does is it prevents the internal mechanisms from becoming corroded, which is often common with other dehumidifiers that lack protection from corrosion.

AlorAir Dehumidifier 198PPD

AlorAir Sentinel HDi90

In order for you to use this dehumidifier, you’ll be relying on either the control panel that is on the dehumidifier, or the remote control that AlorAir has provided. Having those two choices enables you to access the settings very easily, so that you can adjust the amount of humidity that is being removed, and the length of time that the dehumidifier is running for.

Those are two of the most basic settings, but there are a variety of other settings and features that this dehumidifier offers, all of which allow you to tailor the overall dehumidification experience to what you need.

When it comes to the flaws that this dehumidifier offers, there aren’t any genuine flaws. This is a fantastic dehumidifier that offers durability and efficiency.

AlorAir 198PPD Review

AlorAir Sentinel HDi90

It’s quite expensive, due to the durability and efficiency that it offers. Because of that, this dehumidifier is really only for people who are in need of some serious dehumidification power, power that is often needed for especially humid basements, crawl spaces, and work sites. But, if you don’t need that power, then this dehumidifier might not be right for you.

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The AlorAir Basement/Crawlspace Dehumidifier is a fantastic dehumidifier that does a great job thoroughly dehumidifying just about any space, in a short period of time. If that is what you need, then this is an excellent dehumidifier!

AlorAir Basement/Crawlspace Dehumidifier 198PPD Review

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