Alen FIT50 Air Purifier for Mold/Bacteria Review

In this review, you are going to learn all about the Alen FIT50 Air Purifier, and the unique features and design traits that it offers. If you are looking for a good air purifier, then this might just be the right one for you!

Alen FIT50 Air Purifier for Mold/Bacteria Review

What makes the Alen FIT50 Air Purifier stand out, is the fact that it has a beautiful design. Just the aesthetic alone is truly excellent, and this is something that Alen has spent a lot of time and energy on, with all of their air purifiers.

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Most air purifiers rely on a rather tired and cliche aesthetic. There is nothing wrong with that aesthetic, but it lends itself towards not looking particularly nice, and being somewhat unattractive. But, Alen does the exact opposite.

All of their air purifiers have clean and simple designs, and they come in different colors, allowing the air purifier to go with just about any decor.

Alen FIT50 Air Purifier Review
Alen BreatheSmart FIT50

Of course, it isn’t just the aesthetic that’s nice. The overall design is elegant, and the features and settings that you can use are all highlighted and outlined. And the performance and efficiency of this air purifier is truly exceptional!

Using this air purifier, you are able to purify a space that is up to 900 square-feet. That is a lot of space, and with that Maximum Area Coverage, you can use this air purifier in a variety of different spaces and areas, even if they are bigger.

When you are using this air purifier, you have access to a few different settings, all of which allow you to control the air purifier, and what it’s doing.

One of these settings is the timer. With the timer, you are able to allow the air purifier to run for two-hours, four-hours, or twelve-hours. When the air purifier is done running for that period of time, it shuts off.

This is nice, because it allows you to automate when the air purifier is on and off.

Alen FIT50 Air Purifier
Alen BreatheSmart FIT50

Another setting that you have access to is the speed of the fan. There are four different fan speeds that you can choose from. With the highest fan speed, the fan moves very quickly, pulling in air from the outside, and then throwing it into the air purifier, and then through the filtration mechanisms. At lower speeds, this same process takes place, but at a slower rate.

The final setting that you can use is that of the ionizer. Ionization is one particular air purification mechanism that you can activate, if you press the button.

this mechanism involves using ions to destroy particles that weren’t removed in the main filtration process. So, if you need some extra air purification power, then the ionizer is very useful.

Right on the front of the air purifier, beside all of the settings, there is a power button. Outlining this power button, there is a circle of light.

This light can go from blue to orange to red, and the reason it does that is because there is a sensor that’s located within the air purifier, and this sensor can detect your current air quality.

Alen FIT50 Air Purifier for Mold
Alen BreatheSmart FIT50

When the air purifier detects the air quality, it changes the color of that ring of light. But, if you use “Auto Mode”, it also adjusts the speed of the fan, and the air purification settings that are being used, to properly accommodate that air quality.

This is one of the most convenient and useful features that the air purifier offers!

As for the filtration process that this air purifier uses, it relies on a HEPA SILVER filter. This is a fantastic HEPA filter, because it was designed by Alen and it makes use of four different layers, all of which are designed to keep dust, mold, and mildew out of your air.

The first layer traps things like pet hair and large chunks of dust. Then, the second filtration layer captures and eliminates mold spores and bacteria. With the third filtration layer, dust, dirt, and pollen are captured and removed from the air.

And then, finally, the last filtration layer absorbs bad odors and nasty stenches.

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If you are on the market for an air purifier that has a beautiful design, offers some very convenient features, and has an incredibly powerful filtration system, then you can’t go wrong with the Alen FIT50 Air Purifier! This is an excellent air purifier, and while it is rather expensive, you get so much value for the price that you pay!

Alen FIT50 Air Purifier for Bacteria

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