AirTamer A310 Personal Rechargeable and Portable Air Purifier Review

These days, a good air purifier is an essential purchase. The air in your home is filled with germs and chemicals that do nothing but harm your body. These damages often take a number of years to occur, but some of them are far more immediate.

AirTamer A310 Personal Rechargeable and Portable Air Purifier

More often than not, there are quite a few allergens in your air, among other germs. These allergens cause you to cough and have a runny nose. They also cause you to get a cold. Nobody likes dealing with allergens, but they’re in most people’s air, and that’s because there are allergens all around us, and we’re always interacting with these allergens and germs, in one way or another.

When we shake hands with someone, when we touch a bathroom faucet, and when we touch a doorknob, we’re picking up a lot of allergens and a lot of germs. We take these allergens and germs with us, throughout the day. These germs and allergens enter our homes, and they fall into the air that we breathe in, every single day.

Most people don’t like being sick, and they don’t like having air that is so dirty and full of contaminants. Fortunately, though, there is an excellent solution that allows you to solve this problem.

AirTamer A310 Portable Air Purifier

Using a good air purifier, you can clean up your air easily and effectively. What an air purifier does is it takes in the dirty air, and then it processes that air using a series of filtration mechanisms. These filtration mechanisms remove all of the nasty stuff from your air, and then the air is sent back nice and clean.

In this buying guide, we’re going to be looking at the AirTamer A310. You’re going to learn the features and attributes of this air purifier. And then, you’re going to learn about the AirTamer A302, AirTamer A315, and the Wein Minimate AS150MM, and how they compare to the AirTamer A310.

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What Does The AirTamer A310 Offer?

The AirTamer A310 is an incredibly small air purifier. It weighs just under two ounces, and the small size and portability is what you will first notice.

AirTamer A310 Personal Rechargeable Air Purifier

This small size is quite nice, because it allows you to travel with the air purifier. You don’t need to pack a large and bulky air purifier, when you have the AirTamer A310.

Most conventional air purifiers have fairly large MACs, and an “MAC” refers to the “Maximum Area Coverage” of an air purifier. This is the amount of space that the air purifier can cover. But, with the AirTamer A310, due to its size, it can only cover three-feet of space.

Here’s the thing, though, due to its small size, you can move the AirTamer A310 from space to space, with incredible ease. You can be sitting down at a desk, and then go to your kitchen and bring the air purifier with you. This allows it to cover whatever space you happen to be in, ensuring that your air is nice and clean.

As for the method of purification, the AirTamer A310 uses a method of purification known as “ionization”. Ionization involves using negatively-charged ions to destroy the pollutants in your air. It’s a simple and effective method of purification that makes no noise, and requires no filters. Due to this, the AirTamer A310 is far more convenient than many of the other air purifiers that are on the market.

AirTamer A310 Review

Through the use of a small USB cable, you can charge the AirTamer A310. Part of the problem with most of the smaller and more mobile air purifiers is that they don’t give you a lot, in the way of battery life. More often than not, an air purifier can only give you ten-hours, or so, before it does. But, with the AirTamer A310, you have 150-hours of battery life, on a single charge. This saves a lot of time, and a lot of hassle.

Ultimately, the AirTamer A310 is a great little air purifier. It’s small, mobile, efficient, has a long battery life, and it works very well. It is quite expensive, though, so make sure to consider that.

AirTamer A310

AirTamer A310 Vs. AirTamer A302

From AirTamer, once again, we have the AirTamer A302. With the AirTamer A302, you have a very similar air purifier. But, the price is a bit cheaper, and if you want a more affordable air purifier, then this air purifier is worth considering.

You’ll notice, right off the bat, that the design is quite similar to that of the AirTamer A310. So is the size and weight. Both the AirTamer A310 and the AirTamer A302 weigh just under two ounces. Taking these air purifiers around is very easy.

AirTamer A310 Vs. AirTamer A302

Through the use of ionization technology, the AirTamer A302 can quickly and efficiently remove all of the gunk that is in your air. This is a technology that relies on generating ions, and you don’t need to use any filters in order to use this air purifier properly.

On a single charge, the AirTamer A302 provides you with around 150-hours of battery life. That’s quite a bit of battery life. But, the reason why this is a more inexpensive air purifier is that it’s harder to charge this air purifier. More often than not, you’re going to need to buy some new batteries to put in the air purifier, rather than being able to charge them simply.

In the end, though, if you don’t mind a little less convenience, and you want a simple, small, and efficient air purifier, the AirTamer A302 is an excellent choice!

AirTamer A310 Vs. AirTamer A315

With the AirTamer A315, you have an air purifier that weighs less than 1.5 ounces. That’s even smaller than both the AirTamer A310 and the AirTamer A302, and this means that you have more mobility and portability.

To aid in this mobility and portability, there’s a small clip on the back of the AirTamer A315. You can use this clip to attach the AirTamer A315 to your coat or your shirt, and then you can bring it with you, wherever you go.

AirTamer A310 Vs. AirTamer A315

As for the radius, it’s still three-feet. But, the efficiency of this air purifier is a bit better, and it’s able to remove the gunk in your air at a faster rate, thanks to the ionization technology and various improvements that have been made to it.

When it comes to the battery life, though, you only have around forty-hours. That’s not as much as the AirTamer A310, but this is due to the enhanced efficiency, and smaller size.

If you don’t mind less battery-life, and want efficiency and portability, then the AirTamer A315 is an excellent choice of air purifier!

AirTamer A310 Vs. Wein Minimate AS150MM

From Wein Minimate, we have the Wein Minimate AS150MM. This is a small and portable air purifier that’s quite similar to the AirTamer A310, but it costs less money and is slightly lighter.

Through the use of ionization technology, the Wein Minimate AS150MM removes all of the gunk in your air. And, part of this is accomplished with a tiny fan that helps to gather air, and then to blow it out, allowing the clean air to enter your space.

AirTamer A310 Vs. Wein Minimate AS150MM

Due to the small size of this air purifier, you can wear it around your pocket, and wear it on you as you walk around. You don’t need to clip it on, because you can wear it around your neck.

Ultimately, the Wein Minimate AS150MM is a great little air purifier that is more inexpensive than the AirTamer A310. If you want to save some money, then this is a fantastic choice!

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