6 Reasons Not to Buy a Stick Vacuum

No one’s going to deny that stick vacuums are very useful, very convenient devices. In comparison to other, less mobile vacuums, such as upright vacuums and canister vacuums, stick vacuums can be a blessing.

However, that doesn’t mean that stick vacuums don’t have their own share of flaws and issues. We’re going to look at six reasons why you might not want to buy a stick vacuum. Now, this doesn’t mean that stick vacuums are good. In fact, stick vacuums are very good and very useful, but they definitely aren’t for everyone. So, if these flaws stick out to you, then that’s a sign that a stick vacuum may not be the right choice for you.

With that being said, let’s dive right in!

What Are 6 Reasons Not To Buy A Stick Vacuum

The Motor Usually Isn’t That Powerful

In comparison to the motors found in upright vacuums, and canister vacuums, stick vacuums can’t really compare. They aren’t lacking in power, necessarily, but they’re far more limited when it comes to what they can clean.

For example, using a stick vacuum, there’s a pretty good chance you won’t be able to clean your carpeting. Or, you might be able to, but the cleaning itself won’t be anywhere near as thorough as it would be with an upright vacuum, or even a canister vacuum.

Along with that, cleaning bigger pieces of debris is definitely not something that most stick vacuums are able to do. That isn’t to say that all stick vacuums are unable to vacuum up bigger pieces of debris, but most of them aren’t.

You Can’t Clean Carpets With Them

Going back to the topic of “power”, cleaning a carpet with a stick vacuum is a battle, a battle that you’re better off not facing. It can be done, but you won’t be able to do it very well. Instead, you’ll be able to clean some hairs, some dust, and maybe a few pieces of debris, assuming these pieces of debris are small.

However, stick vacuums don’t produce the necessary suction needed to suck up the dirt, dust, and debris that is lodged within the folds of the carpet. So, you’ll be able to clean some of the things that are on/in your carpet, but most of it will remain there, due to the poor suction of the stick vacuum.

Despite The Weak Motor, Most Stick Vacuums Are Noisy

Most stick vacuums, as you have already learned, don’t have the strongest motors. But, despite this fact, they still produce quite a bit of noise. Much of this is due to the design, and the way the motor has been optimized for the size of the stick vacuum itself.

So, due to this design, the motor produces a lot of noise. Not as much as an upright vacuum, but usually around the same amount of noise, sometimes more, of a canister vacuum. For many people, this is surprising, given the lack of suction power that the stick vacuum possesses.

Bagless Stick Vacuums Have Less Filtration, Due To A Lack Of Space

Stick vacuums are small. This is a benefit, and one of the key design features. However, it can also prove to be a bit of a weakness. Specifically, when it comes to how the dirt, dust, and debris you are vacuuming gets filtered.

For the most part, stick vacuums lack a good filtration system. This is entirely due to the lack of space. What this means is that if you have allergies, most stick vacuums are unable to properly filter out the dust and allergens that are being sucked up, so those things might just be released into the air, rather than being properly filtered out.

Most Of The Time, The Batteries Have A Short Run-Time

You can find stick vacuums that aren’t battery-powered, but most of them do use batteries. This is to aid in the versatility and mobility of the vacuum itself, and for the most part, it works very well. However, there is one small inconvenience that often comes with owning a battery-powered stick vacuum.

Most of the time, the battery-life is quite short. As in, you’ll be lucky to get one-hour of run-time, on a single charge. This makes cleaning a larger space more difficult than it needs to be, turning this seemingly convenient feature – not needing to be plugged in – into an inconvenience.

Most Of The Batteries That These Stick Vacuums Come With Have A Short Lifetime

Not only do most of these batteries have a short run-time, but many of them also have a very short lifetime. Some of them last only a year, or two years, and others last for an even shorter period of time than that.

Much of this can be blamed on the manufacturers sourcing these batteries from cheap factories. Chances are, if you see a stick vacuum that is especially cheap, the reason for that is because the batteries were sourced from a factory where the batteries weren’t put together with much care or thought.

So, What Is A Good Alternative To A Stick Vacuum?

For as good as stick vacuums are, there are two alternatives that, in the end, may be able to better serve your purposes.

The first alternative is a standard upright vacuum. Now, upright vacuums are the most powerful vacuums you can find in today’s market. They are known for their strength and for their versatility, since they can clean any type of surface.

Upright Vacuum
Upright Vacuum

However, unlike stick vacuums, they can’t clean any type of space. Most of them only work well within spaces that are rather open. For a more narrow space, you’re not going to have much luck.

The second alternative is a canister vacuum. These are also as powerful as upright vacuums – although, the power levels do differ, so do your research – but they are smaller, more easy to store, and they can clean spaces of many different sizes, just like stick vacuums.


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