6 Mistakes People Make When Using An Air Purifier

A good air purifier is exceptionally useful. But, in order for an air purifier to be useful, you need to use it properly. By being aware of the most common mistakes that people make when using an air purifier, you will learn what not to do, why not to do it, and what you should do!

mistakes to avoid when buying an air purifier
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Mistake 01: Placing The Air Purifier In The Wrong Location

The most common mistake that people make when using an air purifier is that of placing the air purifier in the wrong location. For an air purifier to be effective, it must be placed in a space that is full of dirty air. If it is not placed in a space of that sort, though, then the air purifier is unable to do much of anything, since the dirty air isn’t flowing through the air purifier and being cleaned up.

To prevent this mistake from taking place, think about which spaces in your home have the dirtiest air. Then, place the air purifier in those spaces.

Mistake 02: Placing The Air Purifier In The Wrong Part Of A Space

Every air purifier has something known as a “Maximum Area Coverage”. A Maximum Area Coverage is, essentially, the amount of space that the air purifier can purify. If the air purifier is in a space larger than its Maximum Area Coverage, it will only be able to purify the number of feet that its Maximum Area Coverage consists of.

For an air purifier to be truly effective, it must be placed somewhere in a space where the air is dirtiest. That way, it can pull in that dirty air from all around it and clean it up. If it is too far away, though, then it may not be able to clean up that air properly.

Mistake 03: Choosing The Wrong Fan Speed

Just about every air purifier offers more than one fan speed. These fan speeds are important, because they determine the speed at which air is drawn into the air purifier. If you have a very dirty space, for example, then you can use a higher fan speed which will allow the air to be cleaned at a much quicker pace. If you have a less dirty space, though, then you can use a lower fan speed.

Common Mistakes People make while buying Air Purifier

Take the time to think about the current air quality. If the air purifier you own has an air quality sensor, then look at that. Then, choose the fan speed that’s right for your needs. If you have a lot of dirty air, for example, then choose a higher fan speed and get that air out of your space quickly and efficiently.

Mistake 04: Never Replacing The Filter

Most air purifiers rely on filters that must be replaced after a certain amount of time has passed. The exact amount of time that each filter lasts for depends on both the filter and the air purifier. But, nevertheless, they will need to be replaced at one point or another.

This is the 'biggest mistake' you can do while using air purifiers
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If you never replace the filters, though, then they won’t be anywhere near as effective as they could be. In fact, past a certain point, they won’t be effective at all, which means that running them is absolutely useless.

Since this is the case, make sure to replace the filters when you need to.

Mistake 05: Leaving The Air Purifier In The Same Place

Most air purifiers are a little heavy, which makes picking them up and moving them around slightly difficult. But, air purifiers are getting lighter, and because of this, you can move them around into different spaces.

mistakes to avoid if you want to keep the air in your home

If you have multiple rooms in your home that are full of dirty air, then you should place your air purifier in different spaces. That way, you can use your air purifier as it is meant to be used, while also clearing up all of the dirty air in your home and embracing the air purifier’s mobility!

Mistake 06: Turning The Air Purifier Off After Just A Little Time Has Passed

The air purification process is a continuous one. Because of this, if you turn the air purifier off after just one-hour or so, then that means the air purifier is no longer filtering out your air and that dirty air is still flowing around and being created.

If you leave the air purifier on for longer, though, then the air will be cleaned consistently and perpetually, ensuring that your air is as clean as it can be, even when other nasty particles are introduced.

Mistakes to Avoid While Buying an Air Purifier
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