5 Reasons Not to Buy a Dyson Stick Vacuum

For a stick vacuum, most people go with Dyson. And that’s perfectly understandable, since Dyson has consistently manufactured a variety of absolutely fantastic stick vacuums. They have done a great deal to influence the industry, as a whole, and they have transformed the way that we use and think about vacuum cleaners.

However, with that being said, the stick vacuums that Dyson has produced, they aren’t without their flaws and issues. Dyson stick vacuums may be some of the best stick vacuums, but that doesn’t mean that they are, automatically, the best choice of stick vacuum for you.

In this buying guide, we’re going to be taking a look at five reasons why you shouldn’t buy a Dyson Stick Vacuum.

Before we begin, let’s make one thing clear. We aren’t saying that Dyson Stick Vacuums are bad. They definitely aren’t bad. Far from it. However, just because a Dyson Stick Vacuum is great, doesn’t mean it’s the right stick vacuum for you.

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So, Why Shouldn’t I Buy A Dyson Stick Vacuum?

They Are Very Expensive

As one of the most popular, well-respected, and successful brands on the market, Dyson charges accordingly. You won’t, under any circumstances, be able to purchase a Dyson Stick Vacuum that is inexpensive or, in comparison to other stick vacuums, affordable.

Part of this is due to the complexity of the design and the engineering. Part of this is due to the quality of the device itself, which is exceptional. And, the other part of it is the fact that Dyson is aware of its value, and as such, they can charge some pretty extravagant prices.

For most people, spending the amount of money necessary to purchase a Dyson Stick Vacuum is both unfeasible, and kind of absurd. You may be paying for all of the excellent features that Dyson has given the vacuum, but, most people don’t really need or want those features, either.

They Aren’t As Powerful As The Average Upright/Canister Vacuum

Now, with this one, Dyson is actually working very hard on this. They are developing all kinds of new technologies to, essentially, create a stick vacuum that rivals the power of an upright vacuum.

Dyson has come very close to this, and they are continuing to work on it. However, this comes with one big caveat. Since this is a stick vacuum, you are paying a significantly higher price for the same level of power – usually less, in fact – and these prices are often very extravagant, and as such, completely unaffordable.

Since the average Dyson Stick Vacuum isn’t anywhere near as powerful as the average upright/canister vacuum, this often makes cleaning bigger pieces of debris, and things like thick carpets and really dirty floors, a challenge. It’s just not as efficient when it comes to those kinds of tasks, which really does limit your own versatility and flexibility, when it comes to what it is that you are vacuuming.

It Can Be Annoying Having To Hold The Power Trigger While Vacuuming

Every Dyson Stick Vacuum requires you to hold down a small power trigger, while you are using the vacuum.

The reason for this is because these stick vacuums run on battery-life, rather than being plugged into an outlet. By being forced to hold down a power trigger, it’s less likely that you’ll accidentally leave the vacuum on, wasting the battery life.

However, while the intention is good, in practice, it quickly becomes very annoying. It can be very tiring to constantly have your finger holding down the button, and when you’ve been vacuuming for a while and then your finger slips, and the vacuum turns off, it can be a bit frustrating, since you have to turn it on again.

You Must Charge It

None of Dyson’s Stick Vacuums rely on a power cord. Instead, they all rely on a battery, which must be charged after an hour, or less.

Now, cordless stick vacuums are by no means a bad thing. In fact, they can be very convenient and very useful devices. Especially when it comes to cleaning spaces that are a bit more cramped or narrow than others. However, with that being said, since the battery life is often quite short, you won’t be able to clean for a very long period of time.

If you intend to clean your house, for example, and you can only clean your room, and then you need to charge the vacuum for three-hours, well, you already know how annoying that can be.

While Dyson’s cordless stick vacuums come with a variety of conveniences, they also come with a few inconveniences. The long charging time and short battery-life just happens to be one of those inconveniences.

The Dust Bin/Dirt Bin Capacity Is Very Small

If you take a look at a Dyson Stick Vacuum, you’ll see that they are very small, very lightweight, devices. This makes them easy to maneuver.

However, when it comes to the dust bin/dirt bin, they really can’t hold that much. In fact, they can barely hold anything at all. There is no point in trying to vacuum up bigger pieces of debris, because the biggest things they can vacuum up are food crumbs. For the most part, you’re better served using them to vacuum up pieces of dirt, dust, and small pieces of debris, such as bread crumbs.

For that reason, if you intend to use a stick vacuum – any stick vacuum, not just a Dyson Stick Vacuum – to vacuum up bigger pieces of debris, you probably won’t have much luck with that.

What Is An Alternative Stick Vacuum That I Can Purchase?

The Tineco A10 Hero+

For a fantastic alternative to the Dyson Stick Vacuum, you can’t go wrong with the Tineco A10 Hero+>. This particular stick vacuum is very similar to the average Dyson Stick Vacuum, but it’s a lot more affordable, so you won’t need to break the bank, in order to purchase it.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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